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Making money online is easy and there are many scam websites on the internet hence finding a trusted one is hard. For that reason, we bring reviews of different platforms.

In this article of RandomWorkers Review, you will find what is Radomworkers, whether it is a legit or scam platform, how much you can earn, where they are located, and much more to know.

What Is RandomWorkers?

RandomWorkers is an online freelancing and micro-tasking platform where you can earn money by completing different tasks online.

It connects Freelancers and Employers in one place to get their aim achieved. Both can get benefits by joining the platform in one place.

There are many tasks supported o the platform including Social Networks, Writing, Reading, Sharing, Viewing, Sign up, Testing, Data entry operators, Downloading & installing, Searching, and testing mobile & desktop apps.

The website claims that it offers a high pay rate and higher quality control over the content & tasks so you can get better results & performance.

I searched for their team and location details but I didn’t find anything related to it. But it doesn’t make any website scam but for sure I am going to tell you about the platform.

How To Join The Platform: Sign Up & Log In

randomworkers sign up

With the single sign-up page you can sign up as Freelancer & Employer.

The signing-up process is very simple and easy you just need to enter a few details like Email address, Password, Country, and Captcha code.

After submitting the details and clicking on the Signup button you have to go to your mailbox and click on the verification link.

After verifying your account you can access your account and start making money online.

Methods To Make Money On RandomWorkers

There are only limited ways to make money but in these two categories, there are many available tasks that you can do.


The main source of income is the tasks that you will complete and earn free money. If you sign up on RandomWorkers as a freelancer you will be able to access all the available jobs on the website.

The website claims that it is the best source of income to make extra money online.

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On the task page, you can search jobs based on their Keywords, Category, and Regions. On the list of jobs available you can find information like Name of job, Availability, Done & left spots, Reward, and started date.

Each job has a limited number of spots so you have to claim your spot as fast as you can by completing the tasks.

The available job types are Sign Up, Watch Videos, Website, View Ads, Subscribe, and others.

You can view job details before applying for it. So it’s up to you whether you want to proceed or not.

Once you are ok with the job you can complete the task and submit the asked details. Employers will check your work and verify if you have done it correctly or not.

If you have done accordingly then you will get rewarded within a time stamp. If an employer tries to cheat then you can report it to the RandomWorkers.

Not all listed jobs are ethical or possible to do hence you can ignore them.

Referral Program

A referral is one of the best and almost available on all the websites where you can earn money. You have simply your friend or anyone using your referral link. Whenever a newly joined person makes money by using your link then you will get paid for it.

You will get sing up bonus of $0.50 by just signing up on the platform. Your referral will get a bonus of $5.00 after they will complete your first job.

You will earn a $0.01 referral commission on every $0.10 earned.

RandomWorkers Payment Methods

They have many supported payment methods that you use on a daily basis like Paypal, Skrill, Airtm, UPI, and direct bank transfer.

Available payment methods also depend on the location where you live.

The earnings will get added to your account first and then it can be withdrawable. The minimum withdrawal is only $5.00 which you can withdraw through supported payment methods.

Also, it is important to remember that before placing a withdrawal request your account must have a success rate of 60%. If your success rate is below 60% then you can’t withdraw your earned money.

RandomWorkers Is Legit Or Scam?

To be honest the website seems scam to me.

The website itself looks bad, the content is not up to date and not in proper English. The company runs a professional website but they are not capable of improving its website which is not a good sign.

Reviews on reviewing sites are also not legit, they have been active since 2020 but have only a few reviews. Posted reviews also say that the website is slow and earning is not good.

No social media profiles, the website working for more than 2 years but doesn’t have a social media profile is weird.

No active users, RandomWorkers doesn’t have many active users as you can see posted jobs are still available. Active sites never have small jobs in the pending category.

So should you use this platform or not?

At first, I do not recommend using this platform as there is nothing positive. You can find many legit alternatives where you can really get paid for it.

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