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In the digital world monetizing your content is the most important part. For many their website is the only way to make money and it is their full-time earning source.

You can find many Advertising Network sites which you can use to monetize your content most common ad network is Adsense.

But Adsense and other advertising networks come with many limitations and slow earning methods. Also, they lack in providing customer support. This is where Propeller Ads (or Monetag) enters.

Propeller Ads claims to be providing high CPM or CPC rates and easy to monetize your websites.

In this Propeller Ads Review you are going to know where Propeller Ads are located, What is Monetag, how much you can earn, and much more.

What Is Propeller Ads?

PropellerAds is an advertising network founded in 2011 providing native, video, pop-under, mobile, and display ads with some other ad types. It is one of the best CPM ads network sites in the advertising world.

It has developed its own in-house algorithms to tackle the problems that publishers and advertisers face. PropellerAds is a self-serve platform for advertisers, where you as advertisers will get access to create and design your own ad campaigns.

It is almost available in more than 190 countries and supports all major languages. They also support all major payment methods including Paypal and Skrill.

To date, they have covered more than 1 billion audiences and delivered more than 70K Ad Campaigns while tracking more than 60 million conversions each month. As of now, they have 32K advertisers.

What Is Monetag? How It Is Related To PropellerAds?

If you are new to propeller ads then you might don’t know what is Monetag but if you are an old user then you will get an idea of what it is and how it related to Propeller Ads.

Previously PropellerAds allowed publishers and advertisers to manage their accounts from one domain or website but now publishers have a different website, which is called Monetag.

Hence Monetag and PropellerAds are the same platforms the only thing that got changed is the domain names.

PropellerAds Registration Process

Sign Up As A Publisher

To sign up as a publisher you have to visit their new domain Monetag. You can sign up as an individual or as a company.

If you sign up as an Individual you have to provide the following information like Name, Country, City, Address, Email address, Number, and Messenger.

Make sure you provide your legal name and details because they will ask you for ID verification.

Sign In process is quite easy and simple.

Sign Up As A Advertiser

You can find the Sign Up button on the PropellerAds website, click here to visit the sign-up page. Here you will get two options for sign-up.

Click on Advertiser, if you click on Publisher then it will take you back to the Monetag website.

You have to provide above mentioned details like Name, Address, Email address, Number, Messenger, Country, and City and click on Continue. After clicking on continue you have to provide information like the type of advertising you are.

List Of Supported Ad Formats

PropellerAds or Monetag supports 6 different ad formats which are powered by AI. The most popular ad format on PropellerAds is Popunder Ads.

Popunder or Pop Ads

Popunder or pop ads are also known as OnClick ads which are considered one of the cheapest advertising ad formats and at the same time, it is also one of the highest income-generating ad formats as well. PropellerAds also claims the same.

This ad format is also compatible with Banner and Adsense ads as well. The Ads get open in full-screen mode when users click on your website. It pays in the CPM ad model

Push Notification

The Push Notification doesn’t hide the content of your website much. Once users subscribe to the push notification it will not show any ads on your website to them but ads will show in their mobile notification.

It doesn’t matter if a user is visiting your website again or not but if they have subscribed then they will see ads. Till they see ads you will earn money.

In-Page Push

The In-Page notification ads show the ads on the top corner side of the website. A highly customizable ad format that shows the ads at limited places.

The ads show on all devices including iOS and macOS.

Vignette Banner

Vignette Banners are shown in the middle of the website or any place. The banner will be shown along with a description, close, and CTA buttons.

The ads give you better CPM rates and a higher CTR of more than 60%. Propeller Ads Vignette Banner comes with an integrated Anti-AdBlock feature that helps you to get high revenue.


The fastest-loading ads type is a skippable ad banner overlapping part of the website content for better CTR and CPM.

Delivering high CTR and CPM ads on the website.

SmartLink or Direct Link

You will get a link that you have to share on your website. The URL is designed in such a way that it automatically redirects visitors to the target links or offer page.

How To Use PropellerAds or MoneTag?

To start using Monetag on your website you must create your account and log in first. If you are already logged in then follow below given steps.

Add Your Website

Adding your website is the first step of taking off as a publisher on PropellerAds. Click on Sites from the menu option. After clicking on Sites it will bring you to the My Sites page which looks like the below image.

Here you will find a list of sites that you added with ID, number of zones created, status, the date on which the site was added, actions, and statistics.

As you are new to PropellerAds, you have to click on the Add Site button, which will bring you to a new page.

You have to enter your domain name and click on Add Site after clicking you will find codes that you have to use to verify your website.

You can use code and paste to your HEAD to verify or download & upload verification files to the root of your site, and for the WordPress website, you can use their plugin to verify your website, after verification you can uninstall the plugin.

Create Ad Code

From the My Site page, you will find the list of sites you have added, now to create add click on “+ Add Zone”.

propellerads ads format

You can create any type of ad, suppose you want to create OnClick or Popunder ads click on the “+ Get Tag” button under Onclick.

Now give the name to your tag and click on Get Tag.

Add Ad Code

Now it is time to add code to your website.  You can add code to your website manually or if you have a WordPress site then you can use the plugin to install it.

propeller ads verification code

Check Statistics

Now check the statistics of the ad zone. You can find information or statistics like Dates, Impressions, CPM, Profit, Zones, Country, OS, Ad Formats, and Sites.

How Much You Can Make? PropellerAds CMP & CPC

It depends on the traffic you have and the type of site you have. If you have traffic from a tier 1 country then you will get high earnings but you will get less earnings if you have traffic from tier 3 or other countries

PropellerAds has a fixed minimum CPM and CPC, the minimum CPC is $0.005 and the minimum CPM is $0.01.

The traffic from top-tier countries can give you a CPM of up to $5 to $10.

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PropellerAds Payment Method & Minimum Withdrawal

PropellerAds supports different payment methods, different methods might be available in different regions.

Monetag or PropellerAds supports payment methods like PayPal, ePaymet, Wire Transfer, WebMoney, Skrill, Payoneer, Oline Banking Wire, and Wire Transfer.

The minimum withdrawal for Paypal & WebMoney is $5, For Payoneer minimum withdrawal, is $20, Wire Transfer withdrawal is $500, and for Online Banking is $500.

You can ask to add custom payment as well but for that, you need to be a bigger publisher the one who has traffic in millions or high revenue.

PropellerAds Payment Proof

Here is payment proof from my Monetag dashboard.

payoneer payment proof monetag payment proof

Why You Should Use PropellerAds or MoneTag?

There are many reasons why you should use PropellerAds or Monetag and one of those reason is that they accept every type of traffic.

No Traffic acceptance, they don’t have any limit on minimum traffic so you can apply with the website with zero traffic as well.

Apply with any type of traffic, it doesn’t matter which type of traffic you have they will accept them.

They are an Adsense-friendly ads provider, which means your website is safe from getting blacklisted from Adsense. Most of the time publishers adding pop-up ads on their sites are worrying about getting their sites blocked by Adsense.

Easy payment options, unlike any other ad network, have a variety of payment options and the lowest payment threshold as well. You can choose when and how to receive payment.

High CPM & CPC rate, the rate which you will get is quite good in comparison to other advertising networks.

Ad Block Bypass helps publishers to increase their revenue by more than 20% as it bypasses most of the ad blocks.

PropellerAds allows users to check stats of real-time, real-time monitoring features provide live data of your revenue or views.

Get 50% Of Your Earning Back

Now you can get your 2.5% or 50% from referral earnings back. With the Propeller Ads referral program, you will earn a 5% referral commission,

If you will join as a publisher on Monetag or PropellerAds using our referral link then you will get 50% of our referral earnings.

Suppose you joined using our link and made revenue of $1000 in the first month then we will get 5% of your revenue which is equal to $50. We will share 50% of the revenue with you so you will get $25 back.

PropellerAds Publisher Is Now MoneTag (propeller ads review)

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