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Joining any making money site is easy and earning depends on the time you dedicated to each site. But if you don’t have enough time to work on these websites then still you can earn money by doing almost nothing.

Yes, you can earn money for doing almost nothing. Referral links or affiliate links are the best way to earn some extra free money.

There are many people who earn money through referral programs. Few of them also generate six-figure income that I will explain to you how you can also earn more and how to promote referral link.

What Is Referral Program?

Referral programs are the part of any website that allows you to earn money percentage of your referred person. It means if you invited someone who joins the platform and earned some money then you will get some % of their earning.

Referral programs are different from platform to platform. Some sites pay 10% and some pay 20% and some also pay up to 80% or it can be any number.

Each platform has its own rules that every user must follow.

Why You Should Join Referral Programs

At first, referral earnings are free money here you don’t have to spend any money. If you have shared the referral links properly then you can easily earn a six-figure income.

Platforms like exchanges, real estate, e-commerce sites, and product links are high expected referral commission paying platforms.

For example, if you have a referral of 10 people on any exchange and any of your referred friends have exchanged $10K then you can easily earn around $10 to $100 easily.

Also if you have referred more people on any trading platform then you can earn more for free.

Referral commission is long-term income, as you refer someone he will generate revenue till he is working on site.

How I Can Earn More From Referral Programs

Most people ignore sharing referral links as they think no one will join them and it looks spam. Actually, it looks spam if you share links in a spam way. You should not just share links anywhere. You have to choose a suitable place to share links.

To earn more you need to choose high commission sites. For example, there are many PTC sites, some pay 10%, 20%, 30%, and some pay 40%. So here you have to choose the site that pays the highest referral commission.

Also, while selecting high commission sites you should not forget about long-term projects. There are many sites available but not all can survive for long hence try to join only trusted platforms.

Joining New sites can help you more, as not many people are aware of those sites they will like to join at least to check how it works. If you promote the link of any old site then most people are already connected with it hence it’s useless to share.

Where To Promote Referral Link

So where to advertise referral links?

Following are the best way to promote referral links and places to share your referral link and earn money. Also do not forget to share this article.

Social Media

Social Media are free marketing platforms. Here you can promote any type of platform as you can find every type of person on Social Media.

The most popular social media platforms to promote referral links are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, VK, and Telegram.

To promote links on Facebook you have to join the groups where people discuss things related to your niche. Once you get in those groups try to involve in those groups and share your links in that way that people don’t call you a scam or kick you out from groups.

Just don’t share try to attract towards your post and allow them to talk.

You can also find many people are asking questions related to your niche so you try to talk with them and share the referral link with them. In this way, you can easily get a few referrals daily.

Also, if you become a member of the group for a long time then try to introduce new sites with your referral link and without a referral link.

Promote Links on Forum

You have to find a forum that has many active members so you can easily promote links. Forums like BeerMoneyForum are the best way to promote earning money sites links.

Forum users like more to discuss with each other more and try to explore new sites. Sharing information about the site with your referral link can bring free referrals to you.

But you must know that most of the forums don’t like users when they share referral links. So in this case you can ask users if they want to join you with your referral link or not. You will definitely get some referrals.

Add Links To Your Profile

How to promote referral link through your profile?

Adding referral links to your public profile can attract more people. For example when you add links to your profile and post a comment somewhere then people may like to visit the link from your profile.

Suppose you add a referral link to your Telegram profile and joined some groups and there you posted comments and interacted with group members then some of those group members will visit your profile and a few of them will surely visit the link.

Reward Your Referrals

This is the surprising method that I got to know. Last year I saw someone who used this method and got more than 1200 referrals within a few months.

Surprisingly most of those referrals are active members.

What he did is that, posted in a forum where he said that he will share 100% of what he has earned from referrals with referrals. He trustly shared 100% of his referral commission with his referrals.

So how he got a profit from it? Actually, he puts the limit on sharing commission, he said he will share income for the next 6 months only and after that, he will share only 50% of his earned commission.

Now suppose, those 1200 members earned 5000 USD in the last 30 days, and the site gives 20% referral commission then the person has received 1000 USD in commission, he used to share his 100% commission with his referrals for the next 6 months. In this way, he didn’t make any profit but after 6 months he is earning 500 USD without doing anything.

Not only that he may have increased the number of referrals many times and earned as well.

Advertise To Promote Referral Link

If you got some money and knowledge regarding advertising then you must promote referral links through advertising networks and platforms like Google Ads and Facebook Ads.

You need to have knowledge of keywords, targeting the audience, setting the price, and all those things that are related to advertising so you can easily add your referral link and promote it on networks it will bring real traffic to your referral link.

But make sure you are getting profit from it sometimes people spend more on advertising and get less traffic or views.

Promote Links On Micro Job Sites

This is not a free method but an effective method for sure. There are many micro job websites where you can join and promote your referral links.

You can set a custom rate for joining through your link, so once a user will join using your link he will get paid for joining and you will get referrals.

Activity depends on users’ interest, if you are promoting money-making sites then there are more chances that you will get high active referrals. Jobboy is one of the cheapest micro job sites.