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Today I am going to review 2 Indian survey panel sites. I planned to review two survey sites in this one article because I think there is not much to write about both of them. Do you know Offernation or SayBucks are safe or scam? Let’s check out this.

First, we will cover OfferNation and then SayBucks. If you think we added any wrong information then comment below we will edit them.

OfferNation Review

What is OfferNation?

Offernation is UK based survey site where you will get paid for completing surveys. Yes, they are operating in India too. On their website, they said they are the best-paid survey site and on the same page, they are saying they are Get Paid To site.

They have two more websites and


Is OfferNation is legit or a scam?

I am not going to say that they are 100% legit but it seems they are legit. After checking their social media accounts I have doubts about them. They are not very famous like other websites like InboxPounds.

Offernation is listed on three online reviewing platform. They have a positive rating there. Trustpilot,, and Feefo.

On Trustpilot, they have a trust score of 4.5 out of 5 from 396 members. Here negative thing is that they have more than 90K members and got 396 reviews only.

On, more than 250 users reviewed and they have 4.7 ratings on there.  And on Feefo they have rated by 100 users with 4.6 ratings out of 5.


Offernation Sign Up and Login

Sign up form is a bit long in comparison to other survey sites. On most of the sites, you need to fill only email, username, and password but here you need to add many details.

You don’t need to verify the email address to start working on this website.


Offernation Sign up Bonus

After sign up, you will get a small bonus of $0.25. The sign is available in most countries.


Offernation Social Media

They are highly active on Facebook but didn’t find them anywhere else. If you know if they are on other social media or not then comment below. Offernation Facebook has 1K followers only which is very low. A site with thousands of oif users has only 1K followers.


Methods to Make Money on Offernation

Paid Surveys

There are lots of paid surveys lots means lots. When I register and check out the surveys I found the below surveys.

offernation surveys

I found total surveys worth $35 that is really good. But the time it takes around 10 minutes for surveys worth $1.00.


They have a number of offerwalls supporting. They have 15 plus offer walls. You can earn points and can convert points.


Offernation also runs a contest where users can win up to $350. The prices vary from contest to contest. For example in the current contest, they have a total $1000 cash reward. There will be 20 winners who will get rewarded. The first spot member will get $350 and the last spot will get $10.


Referral Program

Their referral program is also very high paying. You will get 25% of everything your referral does. If your referral earns $200 per month then you will get $50 for doing nothing.

You can join using my Link Here.


OfferNation Payment Method

They have only two withdrawal methods. They support PayPal and Skrill only. The minimum withdrawal with Paypal is $1 and whereas withdrawal with Skrill is $5.

If you don’t want to withdraw and want to donate then you can do that too.


OfferNation Point Rates

1 Point is worth 0.01 USD and for every $1 you will get 100 points. They call USD as Cash.

Offernation Conclusion: They are not listed in many places. Their reviews are also not satisfying. Their social media is dry. Well look they mentioned on their website that they have 90K registered members and they paid out 832K USD plus more till now. I am not calling them scam but checking these numbers and comparing them with their social media followers. Looks fishy. 

But I would suggest you give them a try. As you are already getting $0.25 as a bonus and the minimum withdrawal is $1 only. So you have to earn $0.75 only.



SayBucks Review


What is SayBucks?

According to their website, SayBucks is the fastest growing online community where everyone’s opinions matter. The site is available in India, United States, Australia, Brazil, Mexico, united kingdom country.

Also, they are paying different rewards in different countries. For example, there you can earn ₹50 to ₹500 if you are in India and if you are from the United States then you will get $2 to $10.This rate is for the average survey.


Is SayBucks is legit or a scam?

SayBucks is a legit survey panel site but it has many issues which they should fix. They are not listed on sites like Trustpilot hence calling them legit will be not fare.

But many members reported that they received payment from SayBucks. They are free to join, you should give a try if you want to try something new.


SayBucks Sign Up and Login

Like other sites sign up and log in on this survey site is also very simple and it takes around 15 seconds. You need to verify your email address in order to attempt surveys.

While the signup process you need to enter your name, email, country, passcode, and age.

After login, you have to complete 130 questions by answering them. There are profile questions, if your profile will be strong then you will get more paid surveys.

profile survey


SayBucks Sign Up Bonus

Unfortunately, there is no signup bonus.


SayBucks Social Media

They have accounts on Facebook and Twitter. But they are not quite active there. On Facebook, they have only 2.8K followers and their last post was published in Dec 2019.

On their Twitter, they have only 500 followers and their last post was published in 2016.

It means they are not active on social media but if users reported they are paying so yes they are legit.


Methods to Make Money on SayBucks

There is only one way to make money on SayBucks is Survey. There are several methods to make money on Offernation.

Paid Surveys

After signing up and completing the profile survey you will find paid surveys. I got two paid surveys after login they are worth $0.88 and $1.00.

Paid surveys


Referral Program

There are no referral programs.

SayBucks Payment Method

Minimum account balance required to request rewards: Australia: $13.60 AUD, Brazil: $10.00 USD, India: $10.00 USD, Mexico: 80.00 MXN, Russia: 300.00 RUB, United Kingdom: 6.40 GBP, United States: $10.00 USD

There are two payment methods GCodes and PayPal. The payment may take 5 to 10 days to receive your payment and reward. If you did not receive your payment then you can contact them here: