Last Updated on January 24, 2024 by Justin Su

Namecheap is getting better time by time. They started with providing domain, hosting, VPN, and now Namecheap Logo Maker.

There are many free logo makers available on the internet and Namecheap is also one of them. But without a doubt, for now, it is nowhere near Truic, Fiverr, Tailer Brands, or Wix.

If you are looking for free logo maker sites then you may like to try Namecheap for once. But before using them you should know what they actually offer, their design is cool or not, and it is worth trying?

What Is Namecheap?

Namecheap is an Australia-based company founded in 2000. As of now, they have more than 14 million domains under their management.

They have offices in 18 countries with more than 1700 employees. They have very known for domain selling but now they are becoming one of the known places to make logos.

To use NameCheap logo makers you don’t need to register on the website but to get the domain and hosting yes you need that.

How To Use Namecheap Logo Maker

First, visit the logo maker page and then enter the brand name. Then you have to choose the font style, you can choose up to 6 fonts.

They allow you to choose one from 3 fonts for 6 times. After choosing fonts you have to choose the color code of your brand.

Next, choose your slogan, this is optional. You can select up to 3 icons or can skip them. Now your logo is ready to download.

Namecheap Logo Maker Features

It doesn’t matter if they are better than Fiverr or not but they definitely have some features which are still good to try.

High-Resolution Logo

They do offer high-resolution logos you can download the logo in .png and .svg formats. To download in other formats you can use third-party apps like photoshop.

Unlimited Free Logos

You can make and download free logos without any limit. They do not put any limit on creation or on download.

Ease Of Use

As mentioned on their website, you can create a logo for free and within 5 minutes. As you can read on how to create a logo above you can create it within 5 minutes.

Saves Your Logo

They have a cookie-based saving option, your logos will be saved every time you visit the website. You can also create an account to save your logo for a lifetime.

Why Namecheap Logo Maker Is Not Best?

I personally don’t like Namecheap logo maker because they do have not much good design, requires an account to save the logo, have no resizing, Limited language support and already many people are using the same design for their logo.

Best Alternative Of Namecheap Logo Maker

There are many alternatives to the Namecheap logo makers. Following are the best but most of them are paid for high-quality designs.