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We are growing with technologies in this digital world, and the same thing is implemented in the banking system. Billions of dollars worth of currencies are getting transacted every day through contactless payment apps.

This is the time of mobile applications which helps to ease your daily life and contactless payment apps are also part of it.

You may not want to visit a bank to make payments or send money, right? No know wants and these mobile payment apps help you to transactions within a few minutes or seconds.

Every bank has its app, but they have limited features and that’s why there are alternative payment apps built by different companies.

The following are the best contactless payment apps used worldwide.

Contactless Payment Apps

It doesn’t matter where are you from if you want to make online transactions then you should have any of the following apps. It can make your life easier.

Samsung Pay

Samsung Pay is a product of Samsung. You can simply trust the security and quality of the product. Samsung never disappoints its customers, the same is true with Samsung Pay.

It is a simple and secure way to make payments. The site claims that you can use it anywhere, you can swipe or tap your card.

If you are a Samsung user then it is the best mobile payment application to use. It works in all major and newly launched versions of phones of Samsung.

You can use the wallet to pay your mobile recharge, Electricity, DTH, Broadband, Landlines, Gas, Water, and Insurance bills.

If you are Indian then good news as it supports UPI as well.

Fee:- No Fee For Using & Sending Payment

Apple Pay

Not an Apple user? Then leave this. This is not for you.

Apple Pay world is only for Apple users. Almost all Apple users use Apple Pay to make transactions with another Apple device holder.

You can also send and receive money in messages. With Apple Pay, you can make online transactions, in-shop transactions, and more.

It comes with all Apple devices hence you do not need to search and download now.

Google Pay

Google Pay is owned by Google and launched in 2018. As of now millions of people using Google Pay worldwide, yes you can find them almost in all countries.

You can send & receive payments, make bank transfers, mobile recharge, household recharges, accept mandates, and much more.

They usually run rewarding programs where you can join and earn extra money. Recently they are running a Football reward, collect 4 football cards, and get $25 for free.

Website Link:


Venmo is owned by Paypal and it is a widely used mobile payment app. It has more than 70 million users, unfortunately, it is available in the USA only.

You can send and receive directly in the bank, crypto, manage your balance, and pay using a credit or debit card through Venmo. It allows you to create your business profile, if you have a business then you should this out this feature.

Major platforms do support Venmo like Uber Eats, Hulu, Poshmark, and many more.

Website Link:


Everyone knows about PayPal if you don’t then you might be new to the Internet or money-related things.

Paypal is one of the biggest contactless payment apps worldwide. It is operating in more than 160 countries and has millions of registered active users.

It is widely used by freelancers and online shops.

Paypal is a good option to make foreign transactions but their terms and conditions are a bit tough for users.

They also have a buyers protection feature which sometimes gets misused by users. Suppose you sent someone a book and he paid you in Paypal but after receiving the book he asked for put dispute saying he never received the book, in this case, your received money will be on hold till you provide proof that you sent him a book.

Website link:


Made for the United States residents. Zelle is already supported in almost all banks that are located in the USA.

You can send money to your friends and family even if their bank is different from your bank. It is very simple to use Zelle.

You just need to install the Zelle app login using your email or mobile number. To make a payment just enter the email or mobile number of the receiver.

Website link:

Square Cash

Cash App allows its users to send, receive, spend, and invest through their app. You can invest in stocks or cryptos directly using the app.

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You can invest in any stock or coins as low as $1.

The drawback is that it is available in limited countries hence you have to check on your own if they are available in your country or not.

Website link:


In this cashless world, you need contactless payment apps that can work anywhere and anytime. You can use any of the above payment apps according to your location and requirements.

But while living in the digital world do not forget that cash is still widely used to make payments as well. So don’t just get dependent on apps.