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Are you a math student or he is highly interested in Math subject? Then you might like to utilize your knowledge to make money online. Read this MathPlus Review to know more about them.

In this article, I am going to guide you with MathPlus where you can make a good amount of money by just solving simple maths quizzes.

To start making money with MathPlus you simply need any device that is connected to the internet. Age doesn’t matter while solving the Math questions anyone can utilize their mind to use the platform to make money.

Let’s start digging more into this MathPlus review.

What Is MathPlus?

Math Plus is a mobile-based application that offers free earnings to users for completing different tasks. It is a PayPal earning app launched in the year 2022 and used by more than 100K people around the world.

The app was developed by Rayole Opinion, the aim was developing the app to allow users to check their IQ by solving simple math problems. It is quite a fun fun-loving game where you improve your IQ level.

Not only that you are also going to earn money by solving the maths problems. Don’t depend on the app for earning, it is just for side hustle that will allow you to earn some small amount of money.

How You Can Earn Money?

There are a few ways or methods you can earn money online with this app. Let’s check out these methods now.

Math Cash Duel

The simple and popular method to earn rewards from the Math Cash app is by playing their Math Cash Duel. As the name shows, Math Cash Duel, you are going to play a duel game in which you are going to play a head-to-head game.

You will meet another real member who is waiting to play the game like you do. Every member needs at least one ticket to play this duel game, and to earn these tickets you need to play other games that are listed on the app.

Once you jump into the duel game you will randomly get matched with other members. Once you get matched, both will get 20 math-related questions.

Questions will be like addition, multiplication, division, subtraction, etc. You will get 60 seconds to solve 20 questions. Winners will get 4 points.

4 points are worth 1 ticket.

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We all know surveys are the best way to earn free money online and Math Plus allows you to do that on their app. Also, surveys can also allow you to earn tickets that will lead into the Duel game.

Surveys can only provide you with tickets but not real money. So you can use your tickets to duel games to earn real money.

To start completing surveys just press any of the Collect Points options in the app on the surveys page.

Tickets depend on the number of points you earned not on the number of surveys you have completed. Suppose you have earned 100 points then it will earn you 25 tickets.


Playtime is also similar to Surveys here you will earn Tickets but not real money. Simply you have to pick any game on the app and play that for a long time, as much longer you will play, you will earn more free points.

For every 4 points, you will get 1 ticket that you can use to play a duel game. These games you have to install on your mobile. Points will be credited to your account every minute.

Referral Program

They have an attractive referral program as well which can lead you to earn free tickets for referring your friends. The more people you invite the more you will earn tickets plus other rewards.

For each successful referral, you will earn 10 tickets, also you will also get a commission of 10% of your friend’s earnings. Not only that you will also earn from your referrals referral. You will get 5% of referrals referral earnings.

Payment Methods

You will earn free points by playing the games on the app and by referring the other members, or you can by using the above-mentioned methods.

You can withdraw your earnings via Paypal only, the minimum payout is around 5000 points which you have earned from dueling and by referring to another program.

The conversation rate per 1000 points is $1 which means the minimum withdrawal is $5.

MathPlus Is Legit Or Scam?

MathPlus is a legit app but the amount you are going to earn is not what you are expecting. They are paying users for the playing game but they are more focused on improving your IQ which is beneficial and a bit better than money.

They have quite mixed reviews on Play Store, they have a rating of 3.9 out of 5 from 146K reviews. They have more than 1 million downloads on the Play Store.

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