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If you are from the USA and wants to make money online then survey sites are one of the best and free method to earn money online. You can find many survey websites on the internet and in this article, I am going to review just another American survey site.

It is a Maru Springboard America, most Americans who are making money online through these micro-earning methods are aware of Maru Springboard America,  but if you are not aware of them then you should read this review before joining them.

So, let’s start our Maru SpringBoard America review.

What Is Maru SpringBoard America?

It was started in 2009 for users who are looking to earn money online by completing simple surveys. Advertisers or global brands love to use them to get reactions and users’ reviews on different products and services.

MaruBlue is the premium data provider and SpringBoard America is the part of it. It was founded in the year 2000.

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Maru SpringBoard America Login & Sign up

The signup process is very like another website has but registrations are not always open. At the time of writing, this article registration process is closed.

But while registration they do ask some simple questions which you can give for sure. Also, users must be at least 14 years old to join them.

Once you join them and got approved by them you will start receiving emails that will contain paid survey links.

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How Much You Can Earn?

No one can predict how much you can earn, it all depends on the platform and on you. But some members reported that their earnings from each survey are somewhere between $1.00 to $3.00 on average.

Also, you can earn up to $7.00 per survey if you have enough luck with yourself. If you are thinking that you can be rich from these survey sites then you are wrong, paid survey panels are just methods to earn extra income.

Springboard America Surveys claims that they are paying around $5 to each member from each survey on average. According to their website they payout more than $30K to their members last month.

Payment Method And Minimum Withdrawal

The minimum payout is $50. And you can withdraw your earned money using any of the following methods.

  • Virtual or physical Visa card
  • Amazon gift e-card
  • iTunes credits
  • Google Play credits
  • Donation to a charity

Is Springboard America Legit or Scam

They are not legit and not a scam as well. Because of their mixed review and activeness. If you go to their website then you will find a very basic design with not updated things.

Their website is active since 2009 but they have a very low number of active followers on social media.

Many users reported that they didn’t receive payment and when they received it took several weeks. They are also active on BBB and trying to solve the queries.

So springboard America scam or legit? I can’t say they scam or legit, but I can suggest staying away from them. There are many more alternatives on the internet. On you will find lots of paid survey sites. Here is the list of the best survey panels to earn money online.