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Making money online has different methods and ways to earn online money. I already mentioned various methods to make money online you can read them later. This is a making money woodworking article that will help you with how to start.

Do you know how to make money as a woodworker? Yes, woodworkers can also earn money online.

It is also very interesting to learn different methods and I am pretty sure many of you are always finding methods to make money online even if you are not going to do that. You may not know what is woodworking. but still, wants to know how to earn money?

In this article, I am going to tell you what is woodworking, how to make money doing woodworking, money-making woodworking ideas, and many more. Just read and share if you like.

What is WoodWorking?

Woodworking is the process of creating or building products out of Wood. Anything you create using wood is called woodworking. Nothing else you need to know about it.

Woodworking works are active for many years and depend on woodworks will always increase even when we will living in a technical world.

Here we are talking about online so we would go with methods of making money online as a woodworker.

Requirements for Woodworkers

Woodworking is not for newbies it needs to have knowledge of woodworking. The followings are requirements you need to fulfill before starting working as a woodworker online.

Time and Patience

Most people want to make money fast and in that hurry, they forget to follow all steps of money-making. Woodworking work needs more time to get successful.

You may get messages from the buyer that he needs this or that type of product and unfortunately you may lose your patience. If you start losing patience then you will lose your current and upcoming customers. Accept what customer says, customers are god.

Physical Fitness

Woodworking requires hardworking. Sometimes people things women can’t work as a woodworker but they are wrong, woodworking is for everyone who believes in hard work.

But everyone needs to be fit at least they can work with an ax. And you always don’t need strength when you have money.

Woodworking Tools

Definitely, you need some of the following tools to start working. Choosing tools will depend on the work you want to start working on.

  1. Carving tools
  2. Chisels
  3. Clamps
  4. Planer
  5. Hand saw, Table saw, Band saw
  6. Knives
  7. Wood burner, Wood finish, Wood glue
  8. Router
  9. Sandpaper
  10. Jointer
  11. Nails

You can get these tools from Amazon or any other online or offline store.

Money Making Woodworking Ideas

Before we take a look at the places where you can work we need to understand the best woodworking ideas first. There are many ideas but not all are equal. Some are best performing some are easy and some are high risk.

Here is the guide on how to make money with woodworking online and offline.

Here are the money-making woodworking ideas only.

I will tell you how to promote or sell your woodworks.

Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves moneyforwallet

Floating shelves are one of the most demanded and famous woodworking designs. If you don’t know what floating shelves then check the image above or you can search on Google. This is one of the best woodworking projects to make money.

Does anyone do this one as this is one of the easiest in comparison to all other works? If you are a newbie then yes this is for you.

Picnic Table

Picnic Table moneyforwallet

Who doesn’t like to go on a picnic? The demand for picnic tables is always good so selling the best-designed tables can help you to get more leads.

Cedar Planter Boxes

Cedar Planter Boxes moneyforwallet

It is big in size hence it increases the price of product else it is one of the cheapest things you can develop using your skill. Mostly when someone buys this they used to purchase in bulk like 5 to 10 boxes once.

Rustic Ladder

Rustic ladder

This is another free work you can do with woodworking. It doesn’t need much hard work and anyone can do this.

Wooden Frames 

Wooden Frames  moneyforwallet

Another most demanded wooden work in the current era. Mostly loved by kids and families. Some symbolic designs can make it more attractive. Wooden Frames are one of those wood projects that make money.

House Numbers or Name

How to make money woodworking from home?

Nowadays it is common that people to use house numbers or name boards outside their houses. And they love to use some unique designed and well-structured boards if you can build one then sure to go with it. You can make money from woodworking from home.

Beer Caddy

Beer Caddy moneyforwallet

Not a big market to sell but yes it is still worthy to make money as side making. You can use your waste material to create Beer Caddy and sell it at a low cost.

Wooden wine bottle holders are widely used in western countries.

Wood Drink Coasters

Wood Drink Coasters moneyforwallet

If you are developing a table and her caddy then you should go and furnish wood drink coasters. You can sell wood drink coasters with a beer caddy. 

Wood Toy Truck

One of the best woodworking ideas to make money for kids.

Wood Toy Truck moneyforwallet

Big market with huge competition. You can sell wood toy cars or trucks or any vehicle made with wood. There is always a demand for such cars online and offline.

Wooden Keychains

Wooden Keychains moneyforwallet

Making and selling wooden keychains is the best money making woodworking project idea. You can use wood and draw some cartoon or superhero images so you can sell them more.

Where To Sell Your WoodWork Projects or Product

After choosing your idea, on which you are going to start working you need to understand where to sell them too. You can’t just make them and let buyers come to you. You have to visit buyers first. The following are the ways to get your product sold.


Don’t know how to sell wood projects? Etsy is here to help you. Etsy provides you a platform to sell your woodwork online. You can list up to 40 products for free and they charge 5% transaction fees.


If you can make products out of wood then I am pretty sure you have got much knowledge of woods. And you can use this knowledge on the online banner or logo design too.

On Fiverr, you can start giving your designing service for as low as $5.


eBay has more and more active users who are always looking to purchase different things. It doesn’t have much competition for woodworks so you can utilize the market on eBay now. Above I already mentioned wood projects that sell on eBay.


Amazon is also a better place, but I suggest amazon only to those who are capable of creating more designed and creative products.

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is another best place to sell your products or goods. You can list your product free of cost. There are already millions of users in locals who are always searching for such products.

Start Own Website

I recommend this, you need one website on the name of your shop or work. You can use the power of social media+ads+SEO and can get more leads but it will cost you at first.

You can sell wooden gift items on Amazon in case you want to use them.

Open Shop in Your Area

Offline business is best for a stable income. You will not know when your competitor entered online business but if someone enters the market in offline business you will get to know that before he starts.

Use Social Media

Using social media for promoting your business is always profitable (yes it depends on you how you utilize it). If you can target proper users then you can see buyers on your gate.

Price of Your Product

You can make products out of wood but you have to choose the proper price so you can earn and users get satisfied. Users’ satisfaction involves two things one is the price and another is quality. If you offer them the best quality product at fewer rates then they will come to you first.

Also, the price should be decided in such a way that it make you some profit. If your production cost is $100 then you should sell it for around $105 to $115. It depends on the cost and workforce used.

How Much You Can Earn?

According to the report, average woodworkers are earning $31,690 per year and an average of $15.72 per hour. Also, the market for wooden work is about 550 USD billion in the year 2020.

Earning from any work depends on the time you use and the workforce you use. You can start making money off of woodworking projects.

Woodworking Project Books

I strongly recommend you to read some books before starting woodworking. Even if you are already doing woodworking then still I recommend you to read some books.

Reading books can help you to understand more about woodworking and also it provides you the idea to explore your creativity.

There are already many books on woodworking but I recommend following woodworking project books from Amazon to read.

Making Money Woodworking FAQ

How To Make Money As A Woodworker?

Many people don’t know how to make money as a woodworker online and I tried to explain how to make money as a woodworker online. making money woodworking.

Making money with woodworking is Possible?

Yes, it is possible. But making money with woodworking online is a bit new for many people and this guide may help everyone to learn how to earn money.

What are profitable woodworking projects in 2024?

Picnic tables, Toys, Beer caddy, and Keychains are some of the easiest and most profitable woodworking projects.


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