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This is going to be an informational post. In this post, you will get to know about posting links from home. Are these methods are legit or fake let’s know about it.

So you can make money with google posting links? Or not?

Making money online from home is possible but I found few people are talking about making money by posting links on Google.

On, I already published many articles that can help you to earn money online easily. You can also suggest to us if you know of any new method of making money online.

Anyone Can Make Money By Posting Links On Google?

Clear, No, actually you can’t post the link on Google in any way. There are various methods of making money with Google. But to make money with Google posting links is not possible.

The various ways of making money from Google are like Adsense and many more.

You can earn by sharing links from paid URL shortener websites but not on Google. They have to get shared somewhere else like on their website, Facebook, Twitter, Telegram, direct, and any other way.

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Is This Possible To Make Money By Sharing Links?

Yes, you can by sharing links on different social sites or direct. You might hear of URL Shortener sites. If yes then you know how to make money online by sharing links.

But if you don’t know then let me tell you that you can shorten your links with the help of this URL shortener website and share them with your users. When the user passes the shortener then you will earn money, every time.

From Where I Can Start Posting Links From Home To Earn Money?

You can start with any URL shortener website. You will get your link to share which most of the publishers or users do with their website and micro-earning sites.

These methods are only for publishers or users who have a large amount of traffic. Because you can’t earn from one or two views.

I Can Promote Link and Earn Money?

Yes, you can. Read the above points to know how you can earn money by promoting links.

Make Money Posting Links For Companies

It is related to SEO, actually companies hire people to publish their links on different blogs, social media pages, and news outlets to get exposure.

Companies hire people to post and share the links in different places.

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