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Did you ever try to make money from music? Or ever heard that you can get paid to listen to music. There are sites where you can get paid to listen to music. You will not get rich from these sites but yes you can make good money.

You have to listen to music and write a quality review of it. Some site pays to just listen to music some pays for transcribing music and some of them also paying to review artists. You don’t need to do anything just Listen to music for money.

You can listen to music and can become Music listener jobs. Remember there are many scams Paid to listen to music app, so read reviews online first then join them.

Here is a review of some best sites where you can listen to music to earn money. Some sites may pay less according to region. If you are from the USA then you can get high.

Can you get paid for listening to music? Yes, you can, Musicxray earn money is the best of them.

How Much I Can Earn?

This method will not make you rich but I assure you that you will earn that much that you can pay for your coffee. If you are reading this then you really love music so why not get paid to listen to music when you are listening to them for free?

Is This a Safe Method?

Yes, it is safe and easy. You just need to download only trusted apps from trusted sources. There are fake and phishing apps roaming on the internet.

8 Best Place To Get Paid To Listen To Music

Musicxray (Music x ray)

The oldest site on our list where you can get paid to listen to music. Musicxray was founded in 2006 by Mike McCready. It is a New York City-based tech company. Before 2009 it was known as Platinum Blue Music Intelligence Inc but in 2009 it started operating as Music x ray in July 2009.

Music xray scam? No, it is not, Musix xray is a legit company that pays out to its users since 2009. Here you can listen to music and can get paid for it. You can sign up using Google, Yahoo, Soundcloud, Facebook, or using the simple email sign-up method.

Most of the music is 30 seconds long and as a fan, you can review each piece of music. Music xray artist list is available on their page from where you can check the songs of each artist. You will get $0.10 per rated song and the minimum payout is $20 using PayPal.

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HitPredictor – listen to music and get paid

At HitPredictor App Download you can review the songs before it goes to the public. You get the chance to listen to new music even before its launch. You can find hitpredictor apk which is not safe yet to use if you are using a third-party site.

You have to listen to new songs and tracks and provide your feedback to artists or composers. Users will get rewarded once you submit their feedback and it gets accepted. welocalizemusic.

The payout rates are good in comparison to Music XRay. Here you get $1 for every 3 songs you review. If you test and submit feedback for 15 songs then you will get $5. Which you can redeem for Amazon Gift Card. Kids can make money here, must be the age of 13 years.

Nielsen Market Research – Earn from music

Nielsen Market Research company is a USA-based research company that works with big brands. It is not pure Get paid to listen to music sites but it pays you to keep their app on your phone. Through which they track your activity including the songs which you listen to.

It means Nielsen pays you to listen to your own songs. Nielsen pays $50 per year means monthly you will get around $4 for just keeping their app on your mobile.


Earnably is a GPT (Get Paid To) site where you can earn not only by listing music. You can earn by watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, and many more. You must be 18 years old to join Earnably.

Users can get paid with Bitcoin, PayPal, and Amazon Gift Cards. The minimum withdrawal is $1 which is worth 1000 points. You can download the Earnably apk from their website.


FusionCash is just another GPT site that allows its users to earn money from listening to music. You must be at least 13 years old if you are from the USA and more if you are from other countries.

On signing up you will get a $5 registration bonus. Users can withdraw their earnings using PayPal or Cheque once they reach the minimum threshold of $25.


At WeLocalize you can earn money for listing music and transcribing the songs into text. This is a transcription company. WeLocalize pays $4 per song you transcribe. This is the current app get paid to listen to music.

They accept users from all over the world. The Welocalize music pays you for transcribing but not listing. Welocalize listening to music. Welocalize get paid to listen to music now.


RadioEarn is an online internet-based radio which pays for listing online radio. It depends on the ad’s revenue. RadioEarn shares a portion of the revenue generated from ads with its users.

Every 15 minutes your revenue will be funded in your account, and users can withdraw their funds using PayPal and Amazon Gift Cards.


PlaylistPush is different from all other above-mentioned sites. It allows users from Spotify, Deezer, and Apple Music to monetize their playlists. Artists pay curators to listen to their songs and review and add them to their playlists. Make money listening to music app.

As a curator, you can earn from $1 to $12 per song you listen to and review. You can withdraw funds using PayPal.

Some Scam/Close Get paid to listen to music Sites

The Get Paid to Listen to Music sites are now either Scam or Closed. Does radio earn payment proof? is now closed. It is a music research company founded in 2008 that uses your opinions to advise local radio stations about what music to play. Cash4minutes 2017.

Slice The Pie

The official site of Slice The Pie (Slicethepie com) is offline for the last 4 months. When you visit their website you can see a “403 Forbidden” error. You can check online Slice the pie reviews or Slicethepie reviews. It is said that they are closed but not sure yet. Get paid to listen to music PayPal.

Conclusion: If you are a music lover then these sites are made for you. There is some app that pays you to listen to music but check reviews before joining them. I hope you enjoy our article How to make money with music online. Music X Ray is the only most widely used site among all. Try it all and select the one you like.