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Making money online is as hard as getting Instagram followers. But it doesn’t mean you can’t get them for free, you just need to focus and find the best method for you.There are many people who are making hard money through Instagram and having followers is the main way to start earning.

If you are new and don’t have an idea of how to make dollars through Instagram online then read this article.

Instagram Followers Hack Are Safe?

If you are using hacks’ websites from unknown sources then it might not safe but if they are from official and trusted sources then you can trust them at least once.

I never suggest using such software in the first place.

What Are Best Instagram Followers Hack

The simple Instagram hacks to get followers are using proper hashtags, keep posting new posts, uploading high-quality images, tagging others, following others of the same taste, and keep sharing trending things.

Below sites that can help you to get followers are just some random hack let’s check out if they are trusted or not.

Instagram Hack Websites

To get more Instagram followers hack, the following websites can be used but use wisely. There are some scam sites too that will ask you to complete the survey in order to get free followers but most of them are scam or not worth it.

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GramFollowersFree is a Turkey-based website that claims that you can get daily up to 450 followers for free. The website is available in the Turkish language but you can change the language from the bottom of the page.

To use their platform they ask to login using your Instagram and that is the thing that is not safe. Sharing passwords is not safe.

But to get more information we did share the credentials and used them to know whether it is working or not. Unfortunately, we didn’t get any followers. You can check out our Instagram account.


Just another Instagram followers hack tool which claims that you can get 3,000 followers every 24 hours. This website also uses the same tactics to get users. They ask you to login with Instagram first and then ask you to complete the survey after completing the survey you will get nothing.

The interesting part, they have a chatbox that has no active users, and suddenly messages started arriving every second. Takipci is a scam.


InsFollow doesn’t let you get free followers only but also like, video views, and live to broadcast. They using the link which lets you choose how many followers do you want and once you enter your Instagram account ID and chosen needed followers you can proceed to the next step.

And then they will show you adding followers page which is just for show and nothing else.

Doesn’t believe me? Check out their live chat option. If you comment “Spam” then some random user (which is BOT for definitely) will reply, “Torgun:@ moneyforwallet lol stop spamming and just use the follower’s generator”.

Here Torgun is the username, as they use Instagram’s real username to let users chat. Once I searched the user on this username and found he has only 6 followers.

Should I Use Such Websites?

No, never, they are pure scams. Do you know how to get Instagram followers hack? Really, No, Right? And this the reason why most newbies get scams for free.

You don’t actually pay them but you waste your time to complete the survey for which they earn money and you get nothing.

First, they will title themselves as “free Instagram followers hack no survey or download” and later they ask you to complete surveys. There is no Instagram followers hack without human verification.

Free Instagram Followers Hack Tutorial and Guide Book

FAQ On Instagram followers hack 2021

How to increase Instagram followers hack?

The software is just used to scam people and nothing else hence you will not get anything.

What are the best Instagram followers hack app?

There are no such apps all you will find is a fake app with fake reviews.

Do these Instagram followers hack generator are trusted?

There are some are very few trusted but not all of them are trusted to use.

What are Fooig Instagram followers hack?

Fooig was one of the known names in the free industry where users can get free followers hence it is closed there are many scam websites that started promoting them using Fooig’s name.