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Do you want to make money in your free time? Or want to earn money while watching TV or Netflix? Then InboxDollars is the best option for you to make free money online.

Inbox Dollars pays you for completing tasks like answering surveys, watching videos, playing games, and reading emails. You can do all these tasks from your home and also, it doesn’t take much time.

In today’s post, we are going to share the review of Inbox Dollars 2020. Let us check out InboxDollars Review 2021 now.

What is InboxDollars?

InboxDollars is a USA-based website that pays users for completing small tasks. You can earn money for a side hustle. Inbox Dollars was founded in the year 2000 and paid out millions of dollars to its members.

InboxDollars is researching the market company, they pay for the data which they get from you and then sell this data to companies so companies can develop goods and products according to users’ needs. So do not hesitate while sharing your data but never share private data like passwords and others.

It is similar to Swagbucks which is a Get Paid To… site. Swagbucks mainly focus on Surveys but InboxDollars focus on all the methods which are mentioned on their website.

Are Inbox Dollars legitimate? Or Inbox Dollars is Scam?

Inbox Dollar is not a scam site. InboxDollars is a trusted and legit site since the year 2000. And paid out more than $59 million in cash since they started.

More than 7800 people reviewed Inbox Dollars on Trustpilot where it stands great with 4.2 out of 5 TrustScore. It is a BBB Accredited business (Rated as B).

What are some Inboxdollars complaints? The first complaint which users have is about cash-out many users reported it takes more time to receive payment than usual. Another issue users are facing is regarding minimum payout. But still, they are legit.

InboxDollars Social Media Influence

It is necessary to check the engagement of sites with their users. Which can find out only through social media. InboxDollars is very active on their social media accounts like Twitter, Inbox dollars Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

On Twitter InboxDollars has around 60K followers, On Facebook InboxDollars, they have around 2.5 Million followers, and on InboxDollars Instagram, they have 95K followers.

It shows Inbox Dollars is active on social media platforms but I didn’t find anything about them on Reddit, maybe they don’t need to be there.

Inboxdollars sign up! How to Sign Up on Inbox Dollars and Get a $5 Bonus

Sign up process is very simple as it doesn’t ask for any extra info except email and password. After filling in the email & password and clicking on Sign Me Up, you will get an email including a verification link.InboxDollars Review - Signup Page

Your account will be activated only after clicking on the verification link. Also, there is a bonus on registration of $5 but you can’t withdraw them till you reach a minimum threshold amount of $30.

You can do InboxdDollars login or InboxDollars sign in from any device at any time.

How does InboxDollars work?

InboxDollars is very simple to use and the design of the site is classic. Other sites pay in points but InboxDollars pays in the real dollar. It is one of the best-earning websites ever.

Companies and Brands pay to InboxDollars, InboxDollars recruit users like you and us, Users complete tasks like watching videos, completing surveys, coupons, and much more, Users will earn free cash rewards for completing tasks.

Inboxdollars app

Inbox Dollars app is available for PlayStore. More than 5 million people downloaded the Inboxdollars app. Inboxdollars app has 4.1 ratings on the play store from 91K users.

How to earn money fast on InboxDollars

InboxDollars Review - How You'll Earn Free Cash

There are 6 different ways to earn real money on InboxDollars. You can earn real dollars by completing all tasks, so let us check them one by one.

Paid Online Surveys

This is the best way to earn money on InboxDollars Surveys. You can call it Inbox Surveys or Dollars Surveys or InboxDollars Survey. You can earn $0.25 to $2.00 for completing surveys. The rates are very low in comparison to SurveyJunkie but it is not bad also.

The payout of each survey depends on the length of the surveys. There are many other best survey sites which you should try.

Watch Videos or Inbox Dollars TV

Mainly people love this option. You will get paid for watching videos, not only videos, the video which you like to watch. Videos are on topics like health, technology, and chef.

Read Emails and Get Paid

It is really fun, you get paid for reading an email. You have to apply for Get Paid For Email from your profile. You will get an email containing the promotion of brands and products. To get rewarded for reading emails you have to click on a confirmation link.

InboxDollars is the beast Get Paid For Email site.

Surf The Web and Earn Dollars

Similar to Swagbucks, you get paid for surfing online. This is what you like to do to make money online. You will not get a dollar for searching online but will get cents for searching online.

According to a few users, InboxDollars pays a cent for every 4 searches you do.

Play The Inboxdollars Games

You can earn while playing games online. You can play games in your free time and earn some extra money.

There are some other methods to Earn Money but they are not actually free methods. Check out them so you can get to know them.

  • Shop and Earn: Shop and get free cashback
  • Coupons: Redeem your coupons and get paid in dollars.

Payment Methods on InboxDollars

You can withdraw your earnings through eGift Cards and PayPal. Gift Cards like Amazon are supported. You also get Gold Membership after withdrawing your first payment. With gold membership your chances of getting payout to get increased.

The minimum payout is $30 but you have to $3 for a processing fee, which is not fair actually.


Conclusion: Inbox Dollars is the best option for you if you have some free time but if you want to make a big amount then you should try Toluna or SUrveyJunkie. If you like our article then share this article on Reddit with the text “InboxDollars review Reddit“. We never do clickbait like “Get free iPhone without completing offers“. Thanks for reading our inbox dollar review. index dollars.

What is inboxdollars Robux? It has nothing to do with Inbox Dollars it is a different website made for different purposes. Robux is now dead or not active.



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