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If you are a blogger or want to start a blog on YouTube, you are at the right place. In this article, I will guide you on how you can use Youtube to improve your blogging journey.

Youtube is one of the most famous video-serving platforms, where anyone can upload their videos and can earn money from views or clicks on their video.

More than 5 billion videos are watched daily on YT and there are 2 billion active users each month.

Many Bloggers are using Youtube to get views on their blog or they are using both to increase engagement plus views on Youtube and blog as well.

I know everyone knows about it already if you don’t then you should use Google first to learn about YT. And most of you know that you can make money from Youtube if you don’t then read this article on how to make money from YouTube.

Let’s understand how to start blogging on youtube.

How To Use Youtube for Blogging?

Bloggers are using YouTube to gain traffic to their website and YouTubers are using blog sites to gain subscribers and viewers.

Do you know how?

You may have seen this but didn’t catch that. Let me explain to you.

From the Bloggers side,

Bloggers with huge traffic, assume 100,000 views each month, those bloggers who are getting organic traffic start creating videos for their articles so visitors can read the article or watch the video.

Sometimes visitors like to watch the video or listen to audio rather than reading an article.

So if the blogger has 100K views each month and if 5K visitors watched the video and 1-2K visitors subscribe each month then the blogger will slowly increase his YouTube channel as well.

In this way, bloggers will start making money from the Blog site and Youtube as well.

In the same way, Youtubers do optimize their youtube videos to get traffic to their blogs.

Let’s check out how it happens.

Suppose a Youtuber has 200K views on his video then he will create a blog site that has an article related to your Youtube channel.

After having a blog you have to publish an article that is related to your video and while uploading a video you can add the link of your article in the description box or the comment box.

In this way, viewers will click on the link and read the article as well, as how to start blogging on youtube.

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What Is The Benefit of Using YouTube and Blog Site Combine?

Definitely, the first benefit of using Youtube as a blog is that you can get free traffic to your blog. And indirectly you can earn money from it as well.

The following are the benefit;

  • Free views
  • Revenue generating
  • More exposure
  • Blog growth

Conclusion: It is a really good idea to use a youtube channel for your blog. It helps you to generate revenue plus traffic to your site and channel as well. This article on how to start a blog on youtube will help you to understand more about it.