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You might don’t know but quiz sites are one of the best methods to make money online. Quizzes are one of those methods which keep visitors engaged with the website. You can start the quiz site after reading this article.

Many searches on Google for “money script quiz” or money scripts quiz but now you don’t have to go anywhere as here you can find trusted scripts and scripts full of features.

Whether you have already established a site or planning to start a new quiz site, you can easily boost your journey. Those who have already websites and views can use the following mentioned scripts or plugins to install & use.

Others who don’t have a website should follow this article till the end because you will get to know how to start a quiz site, why it is important to start a quiz site, how to monetize your website, the best quiz scripts, and much more.

Why You Should Start A Quiz Site?

The first question that comes to mind is whether you should start your own quiz site or not. In the online world, quizzes are most likely known for increasing engagement.

The main reason why you can start your own quiz site is that it generates revenue, it can generate a massive amount of income if you can monetize with all possible methods.

It also helps you to increase the engagement of your website. When users are trying to solve the quiz they take time and meanwhile, they move here & there as well.

You can collect the user’s leads like email and location. So in the future, you can use that to target your users.

Note: Running my own SMM panel website and GPT website is easier than others.

How To Start A Quiz Site?

Let’s jump on to the main part of this article, how you can make your own Quiz site. Follow the steps and you will be in a good spot at the end.

Choose The Topic Of Your Site

Before domain or hosting you should know on what topic you are going to build your site. Whether it is a blog website or quiz site you should focus on one niche like sports.

If you choose sports then you have to publish articles related to sports and Quizez related to sports.

Get Domain & Web Hosting

It doesn’t what type of business or website you are going to start, you are required to get domain and web hosting. If you are looking to go into a professional business then don’t go with cheap web hosting service providers, choose quality over price.

You can get the domain and host from BlueHost or Namecheap. I do prefer to use Bluehost because of its support, uptime, space, free domain, and service.

Note: If you have a limited budget then there is no problem with going with cheap web hosting later you can upgrade. Check out the list of website hosting here with per-annum pricing.

Install WordPress

To start your own solve quiz and earn money site you need to install WordPress.

If you have chosen Bluehost or Namecheap then you can install WordPress with one click. It is not hard to install WordPress, if you want to create your own business then you should know about this, and if you don’t know then go learn it.

Get Quiz Scripts or Theme

Nowadays there are many different types of plugins, themes, or scripts available that you can use to run your quiz site. Following are the best quiz scripts or themes that you can use. You can find more themes or plugins on Envato Market or Codester.


Bimber is a viral magazine that supports the Quiz feature. You can publish daily articles including quizzes users will love to read the articles plus attempt to solve the quiz.

It comes with more than 10 unique design themes that you can install plus it has different types of quiz options.

Click here to find the alternatives to the Bimber theme.


Quizzer’s 6 different themes will help you to create your own unique quiz site. You can use the theme to publish various content and allow users to join and share types of content like polls, quizzes, quotes lists, and others.

The leaderboard on the side of the page will show how top users are performing.


Flames are purchased by more than 350 people and they come with all the options that every quiz site requires. If you want then you can check out their demo pages.

Puerto Quizy

The Puerto Quizy script is dedicated to quizzes only. You can set pricing for membership, where users can join by paying some money for your premium quiz or normal one too.

Start Monetizing

Once you installed the script and set up your website, the next step is searching for monetizing methods and applying them.

As your website contains content you can apply for Adsense which is the highest-paying ad network for all publishers. There are many more ad networks but Adsense is one of the easy-to-get approval networks.

Also, look for other advertising networks but choose only those that seem legit and come with a low payout threshold.

Promote Your Quiz Site

You are not going to get views without promoting it. Promotion is a very important part of such websites. The following are the methods to get views on your site.

  • SEO:- Search Engine Optimization is one of the best safest and most free methods to get views. Google’s guide on SEO will teach you the basics of SEO for Google. Other methods will get you views for a limited time but SEO will be there for the long run.
  • Social Media: Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and telegrams are easy to use to promote your quiz site.
  • Promotion On Others Sites: You can promote your website on others but In my opinion, SEO will be best for you to get views.

Getting views takes time and it will hence you have to keep promoting your site through as many possible methods as you can use.