Last Updated on December 19, 2021 by Justin Su

Do you want to share your words with the whole world? Then Medium is the platform for you. If you want to know how to start a Medium blog, it is the best platform for you.

If you choose to build your own website on wordpress or any other platform to start blogging, it will give you a headache for spending money and getting views.

But with Medium content is the only thing that matters. If you can write good content then you will get viewers and can also earn money.

What Is Medium?

Medium is the platform where writers share their stories.

The Medium was founded in the year 2012 by Evan Williams and Biz Stone and no doubt it is currently one of the very popular platforms.

It becomes popular because the quality of stories or articles published on Medium is very top class and users don’t spam the platform with their useless posts.

Whether you are their free member or paid they serve everyone equally.

Medium has more than 190 million visitors every month and has more than 400K paid members who are waiting for your articles to be read.

How To Start A Medium Blog?

If you have decided to start your blogging journey with Medium then let’s start understanding how to start a Medium blog or blogging on Medium in an easy way.

Create An Account

The first and simple step is to create an account on Medium. As a visitor, you can view any content on Medium without logging but to publish an article you need to have created an account and log in.

Creating an account on Medium takes only less than one minute. Visit the website first and then click on the “Get Started” button which you can find on top of the homepage.

Pop-up will occur and here you have options to choose for sign up. You can register using Gmail, Facebook, and Emails.

If you use Facebook to sign up then your friends will start following you on Medium automatically. Later you can also connect your Twitter account and Apple.

To log in you get me options that include Twitter and Apple as well.

Set Up Your Account

After creating an account you need to set up your account. Go to your profile setting page by clicking on the profile logo that you can find on top of the Medium site.

Click here to get landed on the Setting page.

Here you have to submit your name, username, bio, photo, design, newsletters, connections, and membership. There are more settings you should look at.

Check out the MoneyForWallet account here.

Follow Others

Following others on Medium helps you to read others’ stories and it teaches more lessons to you. You can learn how to write your article and how to attract more viewers.

You can follow publications, categories, and persons from here.

Write Your Content

Now it’s time to start writing your article. You are going to write a story instead of a blogging journeys blog. Hence be ready to write a story.

To start writing an article on Medium you have to go to the page.

On this page enter your title and content. You can also add images to your content. To add images to your content you can find the Plus button on which you have to click and after clicking that button

Publish Your Article or Story

There is Publish button on top of the editing page just click on it and you will find a new page. Here you will find a preview of the article and here you can also add tags to your article.

You can add up to 5 tags only.

Check Your Stats

It’s time to know how your article is working. You can check the stats of your blog from here. Here you will find the number of views you received to your article. The responses can be also viewed on the same page.

Tools To Use On Medium

Using Medium is easy but if you are a blogger and publish an article on your blog then you don’t want to copy and paste your full article to your medium blog, right?

Import Your Content

First, go to the Import page and enter the link to your article. Import a story from anywhere on the internet to publish on your Medium account.

For example, I have used the Import tool to import this article from our site to Medium here

Connect With Your Followers

If you have a huge amount of followers on your social media platforms like Twitter or Facebook then you should immediately connect your social media account with your Medium account to get your followers from social media to Medium.

Earn Money With Medium

Not much is popular but it is ok to try. Medium has Partner Program where writers can earn money when subscribed member read their articles.

If you are focusing on making money then it’s better to start blogging on WordPress than Medium.

How To Use Medium For Blogging

If you are a blogger and have your own blog website then it is worth using Medium to get more views. Yes, you can use Medium to increase your views.

Once you publish an article on your blog site, go to Medium after a few days and post a summary of your article on Medium while including an original link to your Medium article.

Whenever someone on Medium visits your post can see the link of your original article and he will try to visit your blog site.