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Want to know how to start a blog for free with no money? Not everyone got money to spend to try new things. If you are planning to start a journey as a blogger and have no money then you are on the right page.

Starting your own blog is not as much easy as it looks it requires dedication, time, timing, patience, and most important ideas.

In this article, I will show you how you can start a blog with no money and then can make your own awesome blog that can generate revenue for you.

This is a guide article hence stay connected with every piece of content.

Choose Your Niche First

You have to choose your niche according to your thoughts, market, and time. Don’t just choose any random niche, if you don’t like sports then don’t choose to write on it, check if your chosen niche has enough traffic or not and time is most important some niche requires daily updates and some require daily posting hence calculate if you have time for your blog or not.

Need help in finding a niche then check my previous article on 11 Types Of Blogs That Make Money.

There are lots of topics on which you can article just stick with what you like and not what can generate more revenue. Generating revenue depends on your mind and traffic.

Choose Blogging Platform

Got an idea on which you have to want to write an article?

Now choose the blogging platform that you want to use.

Most bloggers are using WordPress and I would suggest the same.

WordPress is best for beginners who really want to make a good blog. Some are using Blogger for quick posting and for a simple blog.

Install WordPress

As we are talking about how to start a blog free. I am supposing that you don’t want to spend money on domain and hosting? Right?

That’s fine!

WordPress allows you to start a free blog on their domain, here is an example of our site on WordPress,

Install and Set Up Your Theme

Many things depend on Theme like speed and SEO. Choosing the best theme is the most important part for bloggers.

There are many free themes available on the WordPress theme directory. On MoneyForWallet we are using the Divi theme by ElegantThemes.

After installing the theme set up your theme according to your need and install plugins. Plugins like social media plugins, contact form plugins, and other plugins.

You don’t need to spend on paid plugins if you don’t have money instead of that you can use free plugins.

Write & Publish Article

After setting up your site you can start publishing articles. But while writing an article you should take care of SEO. Also do not forget to add images in your article and proper headlines.

Try to write an article of a minimum of 500 words and if possible then write an article for more than 1000 to 1500 words.

What Next?

After publishing an article you need to keep writing articles, at least one article a day, and keep SEO in your mind.

Once you publish an article check how it is performing through google analytics.

Don’t think about monetization in starting, first build your audience and then think about views or traffic.

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