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I have a question in mind, how to start a blog on Facebook and earn money from it?

But it is possible to start a blog on Facebook? I saw many people talking about having a blog on Facebook.

In this article, I will guide you on how to start a blog on Facebook and earn money from it. Also, you will get to know if starting a blog on Facebook is possible or not.

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Let’s start with some basic questions first.

It Is Possible To Start A Blog On Facebook?

Directly? No there is no such way to start a blog on Facebook.

So there is no way to start a blog site on Facebook but you can use your website to promote on Facebook. And can get views from it.

But don’t worry there is a method to start a blog on Facebook. Continue your reading.

How To Start A Blog On Facebook

Everyone has the same question how do I start a blog on Facebook?

As above I said there is no direct way to start a blogging website on Facebook but there is a method through which you can start a blog and earn money from it as well.

Let’s check out the method that you can use to start a blog. I will guide you step by step so hang on with me till the end of this article.

Step #1: Create a Facebook Account and Login

I am pretty sure you have a Facebook account already, right? If not then create an account on Facebook now.

After creating an account log in on Facebook.

Step #2: Create a Facebook page

The second step is to create an FB page, creating a Facebook page is not tough at all.

Click here to visit Facebook Pages, and click on Create New Page. Here you have to enter your Page name, category, and description.

Must enter the correct and proper name and description to attract more visitors.

Step #3: Set Up Your Page

After creating a page you have to set up your page. Here you have to add page images, cover pictures, page details, and other details that are asked to submit.

Try to provide all details including tags and keywords. Also, use the proper username for your page. Sometimes new pages are not allowed to add usernames.

Step #4: Publish Your Post

Now you have to publish your post. The post should be on-topic and on the niche. You can grow your page in this manner. If your followers find something interesting in your project then they will love to read and follow your page.

Later you can also connect your website or YouTube channel and can promote them using your page.

How You Can Earn

The simplest method you can use to earn money from your Facebook page is by promoting Affiliate Networks. Another method of earning money from Facebook is video ads or Ad Breaks.

Conclusion: It is better to start your blog than work on Facebook as a blogger. You can create your blog and later you can use Facebook to monetize and receive traffic to your blog. If you liked this article “How to start a blog on Facebook and earn money” then do not forget to share it with your friends.