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I was not about to write an article on how to make money on Camsoda but after receiving lots of messages from you guys I thought I should write one guide article and a small review on how you can make money online on Camsoda.

Many of you are messaging me after reading how to get paid for pictures, sexting jobs, and make money by selling photos of yourself article hence I planned to write this one so you can understand how you can earn by selling out your videos, pictures, and anything else on Camsoda.

This article is mainly for girls who want to be cam models and wants to earn money online. If you are not well with adult content then you can stop reading here.

So let’s start with the basics first.

What Is CamSoda?

CamSoda is an online adult webcam platform that was founded by Daron Lundeen in the year 2014. It is a USA-based website that offers a live streaming service and also allows anyone to join as a model and earn money.

There is not much public information regarding registered users hence I am not able to provide that information but in case you know something about their stats then share it with us through the comment section.

How To Join CamSoda

To join Camsoda as a model you just need to visit their website first. The signup process is a bit long for models and it is quick to process for just visitors.

You have to visit their model page first (here: then enter your name, email, and password. In the next step, you have to sign the agreement and then upload your profile picture on just the next step and at last set up payment info.

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You can also block any country or state by using their advanced geographical blocking system. Your known can also get blocked.

How Much Can You Make On Camsoda?

According to some reports, normal web cam models are earning $80/ hour at an average rate and around $100,000 annually but actual earning depends on the following things.

  • The time you spend on-site
  • How creative you are
  • Bonuses and offers you claim
  • Other services you do offer

The models who just started can earn around $1000 to 1500 each month. If you spend around 5 to 8 hours a day then you can earn more than that.

Every time you upload the video and the user watches by purchasing it you earn tokens/money.

What Are The Requirements?

There are some basic requirements that you need to fulfill. You need to have a computer or laptop, a high-quality camera, and a bank account.

You also need to have a good background so viewers can enjoy what you show them. Having other stuff can also help you to increase the interest of viewers.

CamSoda Payment Methods and Token

They have 4 different payment methods which are as below. Currently, there is no fee on withdrawal so you will get your full earnings.

Camsoda pay;

  • Bank Transfer – $20 minimum withdrawal
  • WIRE – $500 minimum withdrawal
  • Paxum – $20 minimum withdrawal
  • Check –  $20 minimum withdrawal

About Token

Users have to use tokens instead of direct money. The current token rate is $0.05 to $0.055 per token. Models can set their own rates for their videos. You can also make money on CamSoda as a bonus.

CamSoda Bonuses

They have three types of bonuses which you can get for free.

  • Daily bonus
  • Weekly bonus and
  • Monthly bonus

In the daily bonus, you have to chance to earn up to $200. Models who have the highest Tokens/Hour earnings daily will get the following bonus.

  • 1st place gets $200
  • 2nd place gets $125
  • 3rd place gets $75

Most token models will get $2,000 in their account.

And in monthly bonuses, models with the highest token will get $3,000 in their pay.

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