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Do you want to know how to make money from blogging as a beginner? Yes? Then here are the 10 best ways to generate revenue from blogging.

There are various methods through which you can monetize your blog and earn money from your blog. I already published many articles on how to make money online and today I am going to show you how you can earn money from your blog.

If you don’t have started your own blog yet then you should do that first.

How Much I Can Earn From Blogging?

There are different methods of making money online as a blogger. And different types of blogs generate different revenue.

In 2021, professional bloggers are generating up to six-figure income. Hence a good blogger can earn around $10,000 to $40,000 each month.

Blogging is still a profitable profession. It cost you around $15 to $100 to start your own attractive and good website.

9 Best Ways To Make Money From Blogging

There are lots of different methods through which users can make money from their blogs.  Choosing the best method depends on your thoughts, blog type, and traffic you have.

Let’s check out the methods of how to make money from blogging for beginners.

  1. Ad Networks
  2. Direct Advertisements
  3. Affiliate marketing
  4. Native Advertising
  5. Paid reviews/Sponsored posts
  6. Sell Digital products (eBooks, Blueprints)
  7. Launch an Online Course
  8. Offer Online consulting
  9. Offer Services based on your skills

These are the top methods and now let’s understand each of them in brief.

Advertising Networks

I am sure you already know about this method. There are already many ads network which you can choose from.

Most people are aware of networks like Adsense and Media.Net. But many other advertising networks are far better than Adsense like Mediavine.

In Adsense, blogs that have fewer views but have quality content get approval. But do not apply with less content. You should have at least 10 to 20 articles.

On average RPM or CPM rates are between $0.80 to $1.50. CPM stands for Cost per Mile, your earn every 1000 views.

Advertising Networks are for every type of blogger except adult blogs.

Sell Private Banner Ads

This way will only work for bloggers with huge traffic. It depends on the blog-type you have. You can contact directly with projects and ask them to advertise their project on your website directly using banner ads.

You can set your own rate in this method. In this, there is no middle man or platform.

Most bloggers do try to advertise companies’ products also referral links through banners as well. Sometimes they earn more through referral promotion in comparison to banner advertising.

You can also place banner advertising on your Email Newsletters.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is one of the fastest-growing methods of making money online through your blog. It can generate more revenue than advertising networks in some ways.

One good sale can give you hundreds of dollars within a day but at the same time ads network will take time and need huge views to earn hundreds of dollars daily.

But every day is not the same, someday you make a sale but another day you get no buyer.

Sell Online Course

Do you know any specific thing or product or topic?

Then why not share that with others? Or should I say Sell it? Bloggers do make money by selling their courses through their blog

But to sell your course you must have buyers for that at first. Not all visitors are your buyers. Hence you need to convert your visitors into daily readers who will become your buyer.

You can sell your course in the form of text or video or also in images like infographics.

Your course should be on-topic and simple to understand so your users will love to read that. And they will suggest others to buy your course.

Allow Sponsored Post

Whether you are new or old, once your blog starts receiving traffic other bloggers will contact you to publish their article on your blog. But do not accept them all, most of them are coming to you just from the backlinking service providers and they will use your blog as PBN.

But there are real people, I mean website owners, projects, companies, bloggers, and sometimes brands like to publish their articles for awareness.

You mustn’t choose spammers’ articles.

It is your blog so you have the right to decide the price for the sponsored post but do not set your price too high it should be OK with your blog size.

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Publish Review Post

Do you have a Review website? Then you should stop searching for how to make money from blogging for beginners because review posts are the best way to generate revenue.

Once your blog gain popularity people will contact you to review their product, you charge them to publish your honest review.

You can also add your referral link to each review post in this way you will earn extra money. You can easily make money by blogging online with this method.

Provide Coupon Code

If you are a blogger then you might be writing an article on such a topic that includes products and that products must have a referral commission.

You can either create a separate page where you add coupon codes for separate products or add your referral link under those coupon codes. You can also write a review article on that product in this way you will earn referral commission and your review post will get the view.

Become A Teacher

You don’t need a degree to teach someone what you know.

In the blogging world, you can teach your customers for money. Helping others for free is OK at some limit, but when you know something, why can you build your online coaching school?

If you are a good blogger then you can teach others as well, and they will love to learn from you.

For example, you have knowledge of how to decorate a home, and one of your visitors want to know how to decorate his house but he is not able to do that so he asks for your help and here you tell him that you will charge for teaching and helping him to decorate his house.

In this way, your visitor will enjoy your work and blog and you will get paid.

Sell Merchandise

You can print a t-shirt using different online websites and promote it using your blog. This method is very simple and easy to follow but not very successful. Most Youtubers try this method and yeah they are successful.

Can You Make Money From Blogging

The main question that everyone wants to know is can you make money from blogging or do you make money from blogging or not? Blogging can generate revenue but it is not much easy as it looks.

In starting you need to do spend more time on the blog and publish as much as the article you can.

Your blog will start generating revenue after a few months or a year. As blogging is a long-term job where you can generate a good amount of income but it just takes time.

So yes you can make money from blogging.

How Much Does A Blogger Earn In USA & India

Without any doubt earnings of the average blogger in the USA is high in comparison to Indian bloggers. It’s all about niche, traffic, and the method used to monetize your blog.

Can I Make Money Blogging About My Life

If you are a simple person then No, but if some influencer or celebrity starts blogging about his life then he can make money from blogging from his My Life blog.

Because people want to learn more about celebrities whom they follow. No one wants to know what a simple person does in his life.

Fastest Way To Make Money Blogging

The fastest method to make money from your blog is Affiliate Marketing and Sponsered Posts. In Affiliate, you earn commission instantly on every sale and on sponsored posts you earn when you publish any sponsored posts.

There are many ways from which one can make money through blogging.