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In this online world, there are opportunities to make money for everyone, it doesn’t matter who you are and what are your skills. You can find side hustles to make money according to your skills.

Pharmacists are making limited money which they are getting from their salary but it doesn’t mean there is no scope of making more money.

If you are a pharmacist then you have lots of opportunities to grab through different channels.

Becoming a pharmacist is not an easy task as you have to work hard in your studies to get a degree and sharpen your skills in the field. You also increase your knowledge by doing different local jobs.

After getting the job you stick with a fixed income which is not what you are happy with and it is not enough to survive your life according to your needs. Not all pharmacists are making less income, many experienced pharmacists are making a good amount of money from their job.

But who doesn’t like to explore opportunities? Everyone likes it, right? I am sure you are here to know how to make more money as a pharmacist.

In this article, you will learn how to make money as a pharmacist online and a list of the best side hustles for pharmacists. Go with only those methods which suit you well.

10 Ways To Make Money As A Pharmacist In 2024

There are multiple methods of making money as a Pharmacist and the following are the best of them. Do not forget to share your thoughts on this website.

Start Your Own Blog

There is a huge scope in starting your own blog or website related to pharmacy. Also, there are a limited number of blogs or sites in this niche hence you will not struggle in getting traffic but to get started as a blogger in the pharmacy niche you need to post articles or content actively.

The important part of blogging in this niche is to keep yourself stuck with one topic.

What types of articles you can publish? articles like new medical experiments, news, medicines, prescriptions, symptoms, etc. You are a pharmacist hence you might know what people want to know or use platforms like Semrush to know about keywords.

You can make money through affiliate programs, links, displaying ads, and press releases. Here is the perfect article on how to start a blog and make money online as a blogger.

Start Youtube Channel

YouTube has given chance to many to become what they want and show their real skill. Hence you have a chance to make money as well.

You can post-create your voice-over videos, face cam videos, animated videos, etc type of videos. The new feature “Shorts” will help you to reach more viewers easily.

You can share details on innovations, research,  facts, medicines, cures, etc. There are many different methods to monetize your YouTube channel you can get in with AdSense, brand promotion, affiliate links, etc.

Become A Medical Virtual Assistant

The demand for Virtual Assistants has increased in recent times. Virtual Assistants help companies and platforms to talk with their clients and solve their problems. You can work as a VA from anywhere and at any time that suits you.

The pay rate for a Virtual Assistant is not very high or low, it is enough to survive. You can find many platforms offering VA jobs and here is the article on how to become a Virtual Assistant with the list of sites where you can find VA jobs online.

Become A Chat Support

There are many websites related to medicine, by using your Pharmacist experience and knowledge you can join those websites as a Chat Support and make money as a Pharmacist.

The websites do need someone who knows products, medicines, or anything related to the pharmacy so visitors visiting their website can get answers to any question that they have.

To search for a job as a Chat Support you can use job portal sites or contact sites personally through their contact page.


Telepharmacy job can be done anywhere it is the process of reviewing prescriptions and other medical-related written terms. The work can be done from anywhere and you can make a good amount of money by spending a few hours online.

Platforms like PipelineRx are one of the best platforms to search for Telepharmacy jobs. Indeed and LinkedIn are also other places to make money.

Your jobs will include counseling, checking medicine use, reviewing, prescription reading, etc.

Medical Transcription

Becoming medical transcription is easy and it is also the best way to make money online for Pharmacists. Medical Transcriptionists do jobs like keeping medical records by transcribing, transcribing audio files related to medicine, and checking audio.

To become a medical transcriptionist you simply need to have a good internet connection, medical-related knowledge or degree, a computer, and a list of sites where you can find medical transcriptionist jobs.

On average you can earn around $20 per hour.

Write Your E-book

The online reading market is growing rapidly, more people are starting to love reading E-books. People want to read more books but in this online world, people prefer to read books in online format rather than getting physical books.

You can use your knowledge and expertise to write courses related to pharma, health, medicines, remedies, homemade remedies, etc it can be the best way to start making money online as a pharmacist.

There are many platforms you use to sell your course online like Skillshare.

Complete Medical Surveys

If you don’t have enough free time but still get some extra time but don’t have much to do then you must try to complete medical surveys.

It will take only a few minutes to complete each survey. The surveys will be related to medical or pharma which means you are going to use your skill and knowledge to complete these surveys easily.

This method will help you to make a good amount of money from paid surveys, this method doesn’t charge you anything else you just need your mobile or laptop and internet with good speed to start completing surveys.

You can use paid surveys platform like Survey Junkie, YouGov, Toluna, ZoomRx, Reckner Healthcare, M3GlobalResearch, and MoBrog.

Teach Online – Become A Pharmaceutical Teacher

Tutoring is the best way to make full-time earnings. You can become a tutor and earn more money than normal teachers. You have a degree in the pharma field and hence you can use this knowledge to enhance your earning.

There are tutoring jobs for college students and teachers where you can start teaching in the medical field. On you can find the list of websites where you can start your journey as a Pharmaceutical teacher or tutor.

Become A Content Writer

If you have good writing skills or typing speed then you must try this way of making money in pharmaceutics. There is a huge scope in this career field.

You can find content writing jobs or work through freelancing websites like Upwork, Freelancer, Peopleperhour, etc.

And if you have a bit of experience in writing in the pharma field or any other niche then you can become find internship jobs as a freelance content writer.

How Can A Pharmacist Make Money Online?

There are lots of methods that can be used to make money as a Pharmacist online. You can choose the best-suited method and start making money online. You can find jobs according to your skills and knowledge.

What Is The Highest Paying Field In Pharmacy?

The field of Pharmacy itself is the highest-paying job but if you are going to make money online then above the top 10 best methods we have mentioned you can join to go through.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the richest pharmacist?

According to some reports, Jean Coutu is the richest pharmacist in the world.

How do pharmacists make money?

Pharmacists make money online through different methods and you can do as well.  Pharmacists make money by doing almost more than 20 different jobs.

What is the future of pharmacy in the next 10 years?

The medical field is already growing and hence pharmacy field is also growing yes definitely in the next 10 years pharmacy will also go rapidly.

How a pharmacist can work from home?

Yes, pharmacists can work from home or anywhere but it depends on the job they choose to do. So let’s bring your skill to a platform that will pay you.

Can a pharmacist work two jobs?

Yes, pharmacists can work two jobs, doing offline jobs depends on the local authorities or laws. The online job can be done without any problem.