Last Updated on March 13, 2023 by Justin Su

Want to know how to get 10k followers on Instagram in 5 minutes? But before that, you should know whether it is possible or not.

There are many websites that claim that you can get thousands of followers for free on Instagram but still people keep checking for such websites even after trying them and knowing the reality.

In this article, I am going to tell you whether it is possible to gain free 10K Insta followers within 5 minutes or not.

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How To Get 10K Followers on Instagram In 5 Minutes

There are methods through which you can get 10K followers on Instagram within 5 minutes but it is not as easy as it looks. For that, you can follow the below methods.

Do Mass Promotion

How much promotion you can do within 5 minutes? Well I know some of you can do it but it requires lots of money. When I say a lot then it means lots of money.

I know this is the method that you are looking for.

Use Platforms

There are many websites that you can use to get thousands of followers within a minute or hours. Platforms like EasyGetInsta are some of the best platforms.

Using these methods to get 1k, 10k, and more followers on Instagram in 5 minutes is not possible if you’re not an influencer. Then third-party tools give you a shortcut to get as many followers in the least effort and time.

Use SMM Platforms

There are many SMM platforms that offer Instagram followers but it is not free. SMM stands for Social Media Marketing.

Use Survey Apps

There are many websites and apps that promise that users can get followers for free for just doing some surveys.

Some apps need a pre-survey to collect your personal info and some users are trying to keep away from using the Instagram followers app. So we select one app to help you get 1000 IG followers in 1 minute.

But believe me, those are scam websites and apps. I suggest staying away from those websites and apps.

These Methods Are Safe Or Not?

Some of them are safe and some are not. Paid and legit methods are safe but easy and free methods are not safe.

Survey sites are almost fake, 99% of them are scams. Sites like LnkmeUp are one of them.

Get 10k Instagram Followers Free No Survey

No, you can’t get the most of them are scam sites it’s better to follow a hard work path. You can focus on growing your Instagram profile.