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Nowadays every one of us is using Google Drive to store our images and other files. It is one of the best and free places to store files for a long time and share it with others.

Even when Google Drive is free it comes up with some limits. Every google account has a limit of 15 GB of storage, you can store files of up to 15 GB.

You can increase this limit to 100 GB to 30 TB but for that, you have to pay, see rates below.

  • 100 GB: $2 a month or $20 annually
  • 200 GB: $3 a month or $30 annually
  • 2 TB: $10 a month or $100 annually
  • 10 TB: $100 a month
  • 20 TB: $200 a month
  • 30 TB: $300 a month

WHile keep using Google Drive you may have faced an issue of Quota Limit, today in this article we are going to see how to fix Google Drive download quota exceeded error.

There can be multiple reasons to face this error but to solve this error there are the following methods only, as of now. But things may get change and we will try to update that here as well, also if you know any other reasons then you can suggest us through the comment box.

How Does This Error Occur?

As Google offers free storage and free sharing of files it also imposes some limitations as well. Following are the limitations that you should not cross.

  • 750 GB daily upload limit.
  • 5 TB individual file upload limit.

Almost nil percentage of users cross these limits. But still, if you have uploaded and shared a large size file and it got downloaded many times then Google may block the download for some time.

This is where you can see the Download quota is exceeded error. You should aware that this error is for that specific file and not on your account.

How To Fix Google Drive Download Quota Exceeded Error

Definitely, you are here to find out a solution for your account so let’s check them out.

Make Copy Of Original File

You can’t download that file but still, you can make copies of that file.

  • Login To your Google Drive account.
  • Open the link to the file that you want to download.
  • Right-click on that specific file and click on the Make A Copy option.
  • Within a second you will find a new file starting with “A copy of (name of the original file)”.

You have got an old file but as a new version, the file has just got the new link. Now you can download the file without facing any Quota Exceeded Error.

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To make the file public and share just walk through the following steps.

  • Right-click on the file & click on the Share option.
  • “Share with people and groups” pop up will be shown,
  • Click on Change under Get Link.
  • There are two options Restricted & Anyone with this link.
  • Choose any one option as you like.
  • Click on Done and you’ve got your link.

Conclusion: Making a copy of your own file is the best way to ignore the Google Drive download quota exceeded error. If you are the one who is sharing a file then you should make multiple copies of that file and then should share the link.

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