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Knowing when the website was last published or updated is all about fun. It helps visitors and developers in both ways.

Visitors can get to know when the last website updated which tells them that the information provided on the website is up to date or not.

The blog owner can understand when he or she updated his article last. It helps them to update their article or web page accordingly.

For example, if you visit any article on suppose the article is “”, here you can see two dates below the title.

The first date is about when an article was published and the second date is showing when the article was last updated. I am using the plugin to show the last updated dates and published dates are used by default.

But how to find out when the website was last updated? Here we are going to check using different methods.

5 Ways To Find Out Website Last Updated

There are a few websites where you can check the website was last updated. But most of these date checker websites are not accurate.

Use Sitemap

A sitemap is being used by almost all websites. You can find a sitemap example here at also (

Sitemap XML is used by bloggers to let Google know about their websites. It contains links to all website pages in a structural format.

It contains the date also, which shows when the link was updated exactly. So search engines can update them in search results.

To check the last updated date visit the website XML sitemap page for example if you want to check the last updated dates of moneyforwallet then visit here you can find dates and timestamps.

By Using HTTP Header Checker

If you are a blogger or want to become a blogger then you must know what is HTTP and how it works.

I don’t mean bloggers must know about HTTP but you should know of it. HTTP is used to send and receive data, do a Google for more details.

There is a tool I used is WebNots to check website details. Here is a link for direct visits

Check Through Source Code

Do you know you can check the code of any page of any website (almost all)? Yes, you can and you can get to know the latest updates or published dates.

If you are using Google Chrome then click CTRL+U. It will show you a new tab that has the source code. Now click CTRL+F and search for “update” or “modify”.

The result will show you when the website was last updated or modified.

Use Google Search

Google search can be used to check when a website was last updated. Go to Google and enter your domain in the following format “” (change domain name). Then click on URL Bar put &as_qdr=y15 next to your domain name and click enter. For example “………..”

Scroll down on the search page and you can find the last updated dates under every URL.

What to do if, &as_qdr=y15 not working? You should first check if you are tying the correct words or not because mostly it works. But if it is not working then do try other methods.

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Google Cache Checker

Some online tools claim to be the best Google Cache checker but most of them are not working properly ATM.

If these tools are not working then nothing to worry about you can check the last update using Google Cache itself manually.

Go to Google and search for the domain you want to know about. In the search result, you can find 3 dots next to the domain names. Click on those 3 dots and a pop-up will open where you can find an option of Cached, just click on that, and you can find a cached version here.