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Planning to start your own micro jobs websites like Fiverr or UpWork? Then you are at the right place. In this article, we are going to talk about how one can create a micro job website and the best micro jobs script & plugins.

Micro job sites are easy to attract users as more and more people are looking for online jobs. But it is not easy to run such websites because you have to attract more users which requires funds. To advertise your website.

Once it starts growing you will generate enough revenue to promote your website more.


In this article you are going to learn how you can create a micro job website, this article will include buying domain & hosting, installing WordPress as we are going to run micro job sites on WordPress, buying themes or scripts, integrating add-ons, and promoting your website.

Also, check out the list of Freelancing Websites to get ideas from them.

Who Can Create Micro Job Website

It does not taste for everyone to start a micro job site and run it because it requires huge funds to get success on your site, but if you don’t have enough money then you need to have 100% dedication plus 15+ hours daily.

Marketing takes a huge chunk of your fund. There are already many new sites but only a few can survive and perform. Read the Marketing part of the article to understand how much funds are required to run such websites.

Get Domain & Hosting

The easiest and fastest step you can perform in this guide. You have to get the domain and hosting to run any website online. While purchasing a domain remember to choose a small and easy-to-say domain name.

You can get the domain and host from BlueHost or HostingerTo run micro job sites you require more resources which Bluehost offers at the best rate.

Setup WordPress

We are going to set up a micro job site using WordPress as most of the themes or scripts are available for WordPress. It is also very easy to manage and safe to use.

Install Your Micro Jobs Themes

It’s time to get your micro job script or theme and install it on your website. To install the theme you need to purchase the theme, never use nulled themes because they are not 100% safe to use. Hackers used to add viruses to the script.

Following are the best and trusted micro job scripts or themes you can use.

Theme By SiteSmile

SiteSmile is a notable place to get WordPress-based themes for freelancing websites. They have more than 15 themes available and 3 themes dedicated to micro job sites.

Pricerr, ProjectTheme, and JobMiner are three themes developed by SiteSmile that can be used to run a micro job or freelancing websites.

Pricerr Theme is most suitable for new users and it is full of features that every freelancing site has.


  • Task Post
  • Fully Responsive Layout
  • Plug & Play
  • Email Notification
  • Facebook & Twitter Integration
  • Cryptocurrency Supported
  • Blog Posts
  • Paypal Integrated
  • Lifetime Support (depends on the plan)
  • Multi-Currency
  • Credit System
  • Private Messaging
  • Google Support

Click here to check out all available themes on SiteSmile.

Pricing Starts: at 299 USD

MicroJobEngine (Best Micro Job Script)

MicroJobEngine theme will work for those who are looking for a method to build their own Fiverr-like website. The initial theme is built by focusing on Fiverr in mind, the look of the theme is almost the same as Fiverr but with different functionalities and features.

The theme has been purchased more than 1190+ times with 92% of satisfaction. The theme includes the following things.


  • Job Verification
  • Bookmark
  • PayPal Express Checkout
  • Basic child themes
  • Full PSD Package
  • Documentation
  • 12 months of free updates
  • 12 months of official support
  • Stripe
  • Discount
  • Job Verification
  • Bookmark
  • Stripe
  • Discount
  • Featured jobs
  • Withdrawal
  • Recruit
  • Paystack
  • Authorize.Net
  • Extra Fees

Pricing: Basic for $89, Plus $189, Pro for $329

MicroJob Theme

MicroJob theme is available on CodeCanyon. The theme was released & published in Feb 2022 it was developed by a developer who has sold more than 5,000 themes or scripts to date.

The theme is very beautifully built, and the design of the theme is very attractive and should be there. Following are the features of the theme.

  • Category Management
  • Subcategory Management
  • Files Management
  • Manage Jobs
  • Manage Users
  • Payment Gateways
  • Deposits
  • Withdrawals
  • Support Ticket
  • Report Management
  • General Setting
  • Extensions
  • Language
  • SEO Manager
  • Email Manager
  • SMS Manager
  • Manage Templates
  • Manage Pages
  • Manage Section
  • FAQ Section Management

Pricing: $49

Taskerr – Micro Jobs Site Script

Taskerr is also one of the known Micro Job scripts that have been used widely by the community. It was first released in 2014 and since then it has come up with many upgrades.

The theme will cost you $69.

Custom MicroJob Script

Didn’t like any of the above Microjob themes or scripts? To create a microjob site you can also create a custom microjob script. You can find developers on freelancer websites like Upwork. Or you can also contact us, we have developers who are well experienced and can create the script like you want.

Customize Your Site or Theme

Once you purchase your theme and install it on your site you need to customize it according to your need and to make look unique.

If you are not a developer then I would suggest hiring someone from freelancing websites like Fiverr or the best way is to ask the Theme seller if he can customize it for you.

Freelancers with less rating or zero rating are not much trusted in comparison to freelancers with established profiles.

Test Your Website

You should not blindly trust any developer you should ask your friends to test your website and get their feedback. How does the site work and what do they feel?

Try to solve the problems on an immediate basis. Your site must be 100% working before launch.

Establishing a Social Media Presence

Now it’s time to make your presence online by creating an account on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Telegram, Pinterest, and others.

Keep posting on social media accounts is important to look legit and active.

How To Monetize Micro Job Sites

If you can’t properly monetize your website then it will become a lose-making site and in the end, you have to close your website.

Hence it is important to know how to monetize your website before it goes live. You should have a proper plan for it.

The following are the best methods you can use to monetize your micro job website.

Members Only Page

You can add membership plans where you can add different memberships, and depending on membership users can see the content. You can add a free membership with a paid one those who want a free membership can get that and those who want to utilize extra features can purchase a membership plan.

If you go with only a membership plan then you need to behave an established company or list of professional members/tasks. Because no one wants to pay what they can get for free.

Promote Gigs or Tasks

If you have more users then there will be more people coming to post their tasks when there are more tasks than advertisers would like to get their tasks seen by more people. Here you can offer them additional services in which their tasks will be top of the list.

Add Fees

The basic method to generate revenue you can simply to add withdrawal fees or you can also put fees on task creation.

Promote Your Site – Marketing

This is a crucial part of any business. Marketing is where most businesses fail.

In my opinion, only those micro job sites can survive which have funds in their hands or those whose owners can spend 15+ hours daily with 100% dedication for the first 1-2 months.

How to promote your site with no budget? It is hard to promote the site with no budget but it doesn’t mean it is impossible. What you have to do is create multiple accounts on social media and start promoting your site in different groups or pages of social media platforms.

Also, you can ask small micro-earning sites to do partnerships with you. You can ask them to create tasks on your website and tell them that you have real users.

At first, you also need to add some tasks to do so that when you promote your site on social media users find tasks to do.

But when you have funds to promote then you can go to any site and ask them to advertise your website and you can add tasks simplest task that you can add is to add referral links. And ask users to sign up and complete tasks.

I would suggest starting an SMM Panel Website instead of creating a micro job website.

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