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Yoast and Rankmath, both is one of the best SEO plugins. What is a Yoast Facebook App ID?

More than 5 million WordPress based websites are currently using the Yoast plugin.

And more than 700K WordPress websites actively using Rank Math SEO plugin on their websites.

So let’s start understanding how you can add Facebook app ID in Yoast. First, find out Facebook App ID.

Create Facebook App ID

To create a Facebook ID you have to register as a developer. Click here to visit the page and click on Get Started. Here you have to enter some details like number and other details.

When they ask you, “Which of the following best describes you?” choose Developer.

Click on “Create First App”.

On the next page, Enter any name and email address.

Now you will get a proper dashboard. Here you have to click on Basic and here submit details they do ask.

Under “Add Platform” choose “Website”.

Click on Save Changes.

Now you can find App ID and Secret ID.

Yoast Facebook App Id

Here how you can add Facebook App Id on your Yoast plugin.

Go to Yoast, You can search for SEO.

Go to Social > Facebook tab

Paste your Facebook FB id here.

This guide is for the current time, features may get changed later on the Yoast plugin hence in this case you can contact the Yoast team.

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Add Facebook APP ID To Rank Math Plugin

Adding FB app ID to the rank math plugin is very simple and easy. Just follow the below steps.

First, log in to your WordPress website dashboard.

Go to Rank Math plugin dashboard.

Now, go to the Titles and Metas page from where you have to visit the Social Meta tab.

Here you will find the option of adding Facebook App and Facebook Secret Box.

Here you have to copy and paste your Facebook APP ID and Secret ID and click on Save Changes.

Validate Facebook App ID

Sometimes users may face errors like “Warnings That Should Be Fixed”. To fix this issue go to your Facebook developer page and follow the below steps.

  • Enter your website link
  • Click on Debug
  • That’s all.


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