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You are a newbie and wants to change your blogger theme according to your need? Then you are at the right place. Today in this article you will get to know how to change themes in bloggers.

Most of the users don’t like default themes because it doesn’t look good and the design it has is not pure quality.

Blogger allows you to access limited numbers of themes to use but it also allows you to upload the custom themes to your website.

If you already found the theme but don’t know how to upload them to your website then follow the below-given methods.

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Step By Step Guide To Change Theme in Blogger

  • Login to blogger
  • Choose the website on which you want to get the theme changed
  • Click on Theme
  • Click on the dropdown option next to Customize button
  • (Make sure to take a backup of your Theme)
  • Click on Restore
  • Click on upload to upload your theme (Uploading file should be in XML format)
  • That’s it and nothing else you have to do.

This is the simplest method you can follow to upload your theme. Another method which you can use is coding. You can edit the theme and change the code according to yourself but for that, you must know coding to do.

Others Details

The uploading file should be in .XML format if you are trying to upload a ZIP or RAR file then it will not work. When you download the blogger theme from somewhere then first you need to extract .XML file from it and then upload that to your blogger website.

How to add a custom theme in blogger?

Follow the above methods to add custom themes in blogger easily.

How to customize a blogger theme?

You can customize the blogger theme by clicking on the EDIT HTML option.