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Are you a blogger? and wants to add a Facebook page to the blogger’s website? Then you are in the right place. Today in this article I will show you a tutorial on how you can add a Facebook page to the blogger website.

Note: Things get updated quickly on Internet if you found that this tutorial is outdated then comment down I will check out and will try to update with a new tutorial. Add Facebook page to website.

Why You Should Add Facebook Page?

If you are a blogger then you know how hard is it to get views. You don’t want to miss any visitors, right? FB page helps you to say connected with your daily visitors.

Most people use FB by following your page they will get updated with the latest news and articles that are published on your website and link on FB page.

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How To Add Facebook Page Box

Facebook provides a simple guide on adding the FB page plugin but it is a bit new. First of all, you need to take a link to your Facebook page and the follow steps.

  • Copy your FB page link
  • Go to Facebook developers page (
  • You will find below page
  • You must enter the FB page URL, Width, Height, and other details here.


Facebook developer

  • After that click on Get Code
  • You will code in IFrame and Javascript SDK

code fb developer

Now you can copy this code or codes and paste them to your website. You can add this code to the header.

If you are not sure then follow this.

  • Go to the layout page
  • Click on an Add a Widget
  • Choose the option HTML/JavaScript
  • Click on save now
  • That’s all

This should work now but it doesn’t then let me know by commenting down here.

How To Add Facebook Like Button

  • Go to
  • And now follow all the above steps

How To Add Facebook Page and Like Page To Your Site

Adding social plugins of any type that are related to

  • Comments
  • Embedded Comments
  • Embedded Posts
  • Embedded Videos
  • Group Plugin
  • Like Button
  • Page Plugin
  • Quote Plugin
  • Save Button
  • Share Button
  • Embed

Then visit here ( and copy & paste the code to your site. It will be working fine for sure. Either it is a Facebook page blogger or WordPress, you can use this code.