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Yes, you read it correctly. Today we are going to evaluate how much you can earn from survey sites. We are evaluating only so there are higher chances that we may be wrong.

Every survey site’s payout depends on where you are living and how many surveys you are getting. If you are from the USA, Canada or UK then you will get higher rewards but if you are from countries like India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, or any other 3rd country then you may get lower rewards.

We assume that each user spends two hours on all sites. You can do surveys while chatting, playing, or watching movies. So do not worry 2 hours is not much more. Let’s start and find out how much you can earn from each survey site.

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1. Survey Junkie: On Survey Junkie users can earn around 50$ to 200$ each month.  The more complete the profile you have the more surveys you will get. Each survey is paying 1$-5$.

2. Swag Bucks: I usually get surveys worth of total 5-10$ daily. You can also earn more by doing other tasks too. If you do all survey plus tasks then you can earn around 100$-400$ each month.

3. Vindale Research: The average reward here is 5$ and mainly users get daily 3-4 surveys. Sometimes it pays $15 or more for each survey. Here you can earn around 100$ to 600$.

4. Valued OpinionIt is paying 1 to 5$ for each survey and users can get up to 2 surveys daily. They are not accepting users from the USA. Monthly you can make 70-200$.

5. TolunaNot many surveys but with available surveys users can earn around 100$ to 300$ each month.

6LifePoints: It pays up to 1$ per survey and the survey size is also small. Users can make 50-100$ each month.

7. MyPoints: On MyPoints surveys are less in numbers for me. In my opinion, users can earn 30-150$ per month.

8. Opinion OutpostUsers can earn around 50-150$ each month.

9. PineCoin Research: One of the finest survey sites here you can earn around 100-600$ per month.

10. Inbox DollarDaily earning is something 5$ by doing a survey and completing other tasks. And monthly you can earn 150-300$.

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How Much You Can Earn From Each Survey Sites

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Conclusion:- On each survey site, we have one minimum reward users can earn and one maximum reward users can earn. If we count all minimum rewards for all sites then you can make  800$ each month and if we take the maximum for all sites then you can make 20,000$ each month.  Yes, you can earn this much, but only if you are eligible for those sites. You may qualify for one survey but can’t qualify for other so it also affects your earnings. But it doesn’t matter because still, you can make a good amount of money.