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Do you know you can get paid to wear clothes? Yes, you can earn money online to wear clothes.

There are many methods to make money online and this is one of them.

You might be thinking that brands pay only stars to wear branded clothes. So how you can get paid to wear clothes?  In this article, I will show you the top best ways to make money online by wearing clothes.

This method is not going to make you rich but for sure you will enjoy these methods and making some side money while learning new things is always good and satisfactory.

Let’s check out them with a simple guide.

Take A Part In Aday’s Campaign

Aday is a fashion clothing brand located in the USA. If you are from the USA then you have might be heard about them or even used their clothes.

Aday launches campaign where you can join and can get a chance to wear clothes. Recently on the occasion of the new year, they invited 600 customers to wear their purchased outfits.

Customers will get paid around $25 to $75, depending on how many times they wear it.

A similar offer was served by Woold & Prince, where customers have to wear the same dress for 100 days straight and get a chance to get a $100 gift card.

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Research & Survey Sites That Pays You For Wearing Clothes

Following are the survey and research-based websites which let you get a chance to wear clothes and earn money in exchange for it. These offers are available in rare cases but it is worth trying.

Survey Junkie

Survey Junkie doesn’t pay you directly for wearing clothes but it asks for your opinions. Big brands like Adidas and Nike host surveys where you can join and can get paid for it.

Vindale Research

Vindale Research is another paid survey site where you can submit your opinion for different brands that you might use or going to use or something that they have to ask. They also do have partnered with big brands for you to get paid surveys.

Earning may vary from user to user and country to country.


If you have ever tried to earn money through paid survey sites then you may have heard of them or most probable you may have used them to make money online.

Toluna has partnered with giant firms like Nike, Levis, Samsung, and many more. You will find more paid surveys in comparison to other websites, specifically if you are from the USA.

Advertise companies on Your T-Shirt

Yes, you can wear companies logo or tagline on your cloth and can get paid for it.

This is the creative way to promote any brands and there are some companies who are always looking for creative ways to promote their brand.

If you or your group is interested then you may contact big brands or companies for this. It is not easy to get brands but I am sure, the ability to communicate can help you to get brands.

You can littery get paid to promote brands on your T-shirt.

Get Paid To Model Clothes on Instagram

If you have read an article on how to make money on Instagram then you may aware of different methods of making money through Instagram and this is one of them.

Do you know how to get paid for wearing clothes on Instagram? Definitely no. Don’t worry here I will tell you how you can start your journey.

First, you need to have an Instagram account and make it popular. Once you become popular and get thousands of followers on your profile you can contact brands or they will contact you.

Models on Instagram are making more easy money in comparison to similar jobs.

But this method is not easy as it looks because to become a model on Instagram you need to do very much hard work and it needs time plus patience.

How Much You Can Earn?

Earning depends on various methods.

For simple people like you and me can earn limited money by promoting brands but the person who is a model or famous person can make huge money from it.

Some say you can earn up to six-figure income by wearing brands’ clothes and promoting them. It is better to become a model on Instagram than try contacting brands with nothing.

Frequently Asked Question

I can get paid to review clothing?

There are some offers or surveys and some sites that allow you to review clothing brands and get paid for them. You can get paid to wear clothes plus sharing your thoughts too.

Is there are any jobs that give you free clothes?

Sometimes companies do launch giveaways where you can get free clothes but it happens rarely and at any time.

Companies that send you clothes to model?

This can happen to Instagram models only with a huge number of followers. New companies contact them personally. And gives you free clothes to promote.

Get Paid To Wear Clothes Online