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In the modern world, advertising is the first step in profit. Companies are spending thousands of dollars on marketing to make sure they reach more customers.

Let’s check out the companies that pay for tattoo advertising 2021.

Marketing experts are always finding new unique methods to promote their products. You can also make money if you have a car.

Do you love Tattoos? And planning to get Tattoo on your body? Then you have to spend money, right? But not always. There are some methods through which you can get paid to get tattoos on your body.

Many people have a question in their minds that how to get free tattoos then I would like to tell them that yes some of these methods will let you get free tattoos on your body.

Now let us talk about getting paid to get tattoos on your body.

Advantage Of Getting Tattoo On Your Body

The first benefit of getting a tattoo on your body is that you will get paid for it.

You will get a free tattoo.

People will interact with you, not often.

Temporary tattoos are best so if you get a deal for temporary tattoos then it will be a good deal.

Disadvantage Of Tatto On Your Body

It looks vague. Covering your body with a tattoo for one-time money is not really a good idea.

You will get a tattoo on your body according to the deal but removing it will take time and money.

Permanent tattoos are a bad idea and temporary is good but it depends on the advertiser.

Some companies may not hire you because of your Tatto.

How Much You Can Earn?

It totally depends on the advertiser’s will. If you show some unique design to the advertiser and he got his interest in it then he will pay you a huge amount.

Just a few years back one casino company paid $10,000 to a lady for adding the company logo on her forehead. One cigarette company paid $1500 to few people for companies tattoo.

Sites Where You Can Get Paid To Get Tattoos On Your Body

Currently, there is no specific site for such work. There was a site but it is not active now. Hence I picked some best places where you can get paid for tattoos.

eBay – Auction Your Body

eBay was one of the best sites where most of the companies were actively looking for demanded auctions but nowadays it is not much profitable.

You can put your body space on auction.

But now you have to share that on social media so you can reach more people.

If someone notices you then most definitely you will get contacted by someone. There are many people who got a tattoo on forehead for money.


Craigslist is similar to eBay. If you are not getting much appreciation on eBay then you should try it at least once.

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You can set up your service on Craigslist and wait for someone to contact you.


Fiverr is the marketplace where you can create your simple Gig for a minimum of $5 to any amount. It requires some time to promote your gig to get more customers.

Contact Brand and Companies

If you are really interested then this will might a tough task for you. You have to visit each company and share your idea with them. If they are interested then they might use it else you have to visit another company.

With this method, you might get a high price in comparison to other methods.

Check Advertising

The last method which I would tell is advertising. Some time companies publish news regarding such campaigns. You have to keep eye on google for such news.

In 2018, Dominos started such a campaign, and around the same time, Air New Zealand also start a similar campaign.