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Just came up with another interesting method to make money online. Today we are going to talk about how to get paid to be a virtual friend of someone.

Yes, it is possible to get paid to be a virtual friend online. Most of you maybe not know of this method and might some of you know this way to make money online.

If you have no friends in the real world then the online world is open for you. You can get paid to be a friend online

Finding and meeting new friends is a really interesting thing and earning at the same time makes it more interesting. I already shared various other methods to make money online like making money by selling feet pics and teaching online.

There are various websites where you can make friends and can earn money as well. But before checking out these websites let’s dive into and understand what actually virtual friend is and other details.

What Is Virtual Friend?

Virtual friend means the friendship that does work on the Internet instead of in real life. In real life you meet people, go outside, share things, watching movies, and doing lots of fun but with virtual friends you talk with some lonely person, random and stranger, and make friends.

It is up to you either you want to meet him in real life or not. Till you did not meet that friend he or she is your virtual friend only.

How Much Does It Cost To Find a Virtual Friend?

At first, you can find a virtual friend for free. Not only that but also you can get paid to be a virtual friend. It depends on the platform you are using there were some free platforms where you can find a free virtual friend but there are also some platforms where you have to pay some fee.

How Much I Can Earn By Becoming a Virtual Friend?

Some site says you can earn up to $20,000 each month and some say that you can earn around $30,000 each year. Actually, it is not like that, it all depends on how many friends you make.

Most people charge $10 to $30 for each friend for each day or hour. So if you manage to make 30 friends in a month by charging $30 for a day from each friend then you can make $900 per month. This is not a bad amount right? You can earn more or less.

Why Someone Will Pay You To His or Her Friend?

You might have good and trusted friends in your real life but it is not the same with everyone. There are people who have no friends in their life even though they have money. Such people use these platforms to find friends and make good relationships so they can’t feel lonely.

Is This Safe Method TO Earn Money?

No matter what you are doing or what method you are using but there is always one question that comes to mind, it is safety. The method, “get paid to be a friend“, is not new. There is always concern about people which you will meet.

On this platform, you will find different types of people and you don’t know who is a scammer. For your safety, you can follow the given tips.

  • Never share your real name.
  • Never share your mobile number or email.
  • If possible, avoid sharing ID cards.
  • If possible, do not do a video call.
  • Avoid meeting them in real life.
  • Most important, do not fall in love.

These are some tips that can help you in your journey to get paid for companionship.

Best Get Paid To Be A Friend Websites

Now, let’s find out the best get paid to be an online companion website. On the following sites, you can become a virtual friend of someone and can earn money at the same time.

Rent A Friend is one of the oldest platforms on our list. This platform was launched in the year 2009 and since then they got more than 620K registered members.

You will find different types of people on their websites.

To join their platform you have to sign up using email, Facebook, or Twitter. While registration you have to submit details like age, sex, looking for, place, interest, and a small description about yourself.

How much does rent a friend cost? In case you are looking to hire a friend then it will cost you around $80 for a month or maybe vary.

After registration, you have to wait for getting approval from the platform, and then only you can use their features. You can find rent a friend jobs.

Is rent a friend legit? Yes, it is a legit and 100% trusted platform.
You can earn $10 to $50 each hour.

Click Here to join.


Believe me or not but Fiverr is one of the awesome places to sell your digital service. Here you can create your own gig and sell it on Fiverr.

To get buyers you need to add attractive images, bio, and price. You can also share your gigs on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram.

But the pros of this platform are their fee, which is a bit high. You can create a Gig for a minimum of $5 and there is a fee of 20% from each sale you made.


RentALocalFriend is the best Rent A Friend alternatives. But, unfortunately, their website is not much active. Also, they support a limited number of cities only.

I suggest staying away from this website for now.

Click here to join.


The site was once hacked and has not been active since then. Since there is not much activity you may not find friends. I am adding this site to this list because this was considered one of the best sites to get paid to be an online companion.

Check it out here if it is working or not.

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