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Here on moneyforwallet, we have seen many different ways to make money online and today we are going to review Gamehag which allows you to earn money while playing games.

There are very few platforms that are very active and let their users earn real money for playing games online. Gamehag is one of them

Game lovers have a good chance to make money and not only game lovers but it is also best for others who just want to spend their free time somewhere.

In this Gamehag Review article, you will get to know more about Gamehag, the platform, legit or not, different supported games, gamehag coupon codes, and much more.

What Is Gamehag?

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Gamehag is an online platform where anyone can join and earn free money or rewards in exchange for playing games or completing tasks.

It is a Get Paid To Play site that rewards its users for playing games and completing tasks.

It was founded in 2018 and till now they have more than 9.01 Million registered users and 10 million monthly views.

The design of the website is awesome and looks very attractive, it seems they have worked a lot on their website. You will find all basic information regarding task updates, profiles, upcoming rewards, and quests on your homepage.

What Is Soul Gems? How To Earn Soul Gems

Soul Gems are like points that you earn while playing different games and completing tasks on GameHag. You can later convert these Gems for rewards through your account.

Following are the methods through which you can earn free Soul Gems or we can say you can earn free money.

Play Gamehag Games

If you are a game lover then you will love to play games here as you get a chance to earn as well. You can earn free Soul Gems

They have a limited number of games but all of the available games are high-paying.

  • World of Warships
  • Eternal Fury
  • Opera GX

Above three games available to play, you can easily earn 105 to 500 gems by playing these games.

Complete Surveys

complete surveys

Completing surveys and earning money is one of the most known methods of earning free money online.

If you want to receive more surveys then you have to complete your profile properly by adding birthdate, location, and other details.

Once you complete your profile details you can visit their survey page and can find available surveys. Rewards will get credited to your account once you complete your surveys.

Also, check out EurekaSurveys and ZapSurveys if you want to earn more free money by completing surveys.

Wall Of Offers

Paid surveys are part of Wall of Offers, but when there are no surveys then you can use other methods of earning like Wall of Terror or Wall of Shadows.

Check the below image to find Wall of Terror & Shadows options.

Wall of Terror and Shadows

 Wall Of Terror: Here you will find tasks related to the mobile app download, and earn free Soul Gems by downloading mobile apps.

Wall Of Shadows: As of now there are tasks available through which you can earn up to 5000 Gems for free.

Free Chests

To claim free chests, click on the “Collect The Rewards” button and then choose the Chests option. There are two ways to get Chests one is free chests and another one is paid. The free method allows you to get free and another one is for free.


Every day you log in you will find many Quests to do, as of now some rewards can help you earn up to 2500 GS per task you complete.

Create Article

Yes, you can earn by writing articles as well.

The article must have its own written and contain at least or more than 2500 characters.

How much you can earn it doesn’t mention there but some users reported that they got around 80 to 350 SG

Roblox GameHag

Do you know about Roblox? Or used that platform before?

Then you may know what Robux (R$) is as well, it is a virtual currency used on the Roblox platform. Which you can use to buy items in the catalog.

How To Join?

There are four ways to register on the platform, you can join using the email addresses, Steam, Facebook, and Google.

Sign up using our link and get the sign-up bonus.

gamehag sign up

Click here to visit their homepage, and here you will find the Sign-Up button on the top of the website. Click on that to register on GameHag and next to the sign-up button you can find the Login button which you can use to log in.

Benefits Of VIP Membership?

They do have a membership plan where you can get extra benefits and more chances of earning money.

VIP membership will cost you  $4 per month and the following are the benefits that you will receive.

  • 10% Extra SG on your earnings.
  • Free chests every month for VIP members.
  • Cheaper rewards.
  • Quicker support.

GameHag Coupon Code

Use Referral Code To Get Sign Up Bonus: GH8514207

To get the latest coupon codes you have to join their Discord channel and search for “Code for Gamehage” or “gamehag codes” and you will find coupon codes are shared in their channel.

Multiple websites claim that they have the latest GameHag coupon codes but most of them are lying, as there are no codes shared with third parties, you can find codes in their official channels only.

What Is GameHag Misty?

Once you register on the platform you will find that you have one person on your friend list, called “Misty”.

It is an official chat assistant on GameHag, you can ask questions to Misty, it is your helpful assistant.

GameHag Is Legit Or Scam?

Let’s be on the main topic now, is GameHag legit or it is just another scam platform?

On the internet, you will find mixed ratings regarding them but as usual, we are going to check what users don’t like about them and check that by ourselves if it is correct or not.

  • On TrustPilot they have a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from more than 8.4k reviews.
  • On FoxyRating they have a rating of 2.1 out of 5 from 21 reviews.

While reading reviews I found that most of the users are frustrated because of their Bad Customer Support and No Rewarding. As per users, they take up to 5 to 10 days to reply, and sometimes they reject to pay some users.

In my opinion, it is worth giving a try, as they seem legit for more users, but if still some users are complaining then you should use them with caution.

Calling gamehag scam or legit is not possible with such reviews hence you have to try them out.

Download GameHag

Apps are available on the Play Store and App Store for Android & iOS devices.

It already has more than 1 million downloads and has a rating of 4.1 out of 5 from 77K users. On the App Store, they have a rating of 4.4 out of 5 from 490 reviews.

GameHag Support

The only way to contact support is to create a Ticket, which replies to you within 24 hours. While creating a Ticket, Misty will be there to help you, choose the third option and you will be able to create a Ticket.

GameHag Payment Methods

As it is a platform where users can earn rewards that are equal to money in some sense. But it is only suggested for gamers or ones who want to sell the following rewards.

You can use it to withdraw your earnings in the following methods Game Recharge, Game Keys, CS: GO Skins, Gift Cards, Premium Licenses, Gaming Gear, and Others.

Following are some famous supported games & ways skins you can get, GTA V, PUBG, Among Us, Uber Eats, Uber, Obucks, Twitch, Steam, Counter-Strike, Free Fire, and many more.

You are not going to withdraw this money in your Paypal or bank but definitely, you are going to get free skins or can sell them for cash.

FAQ – Frequently Asked Question

It is possible to get the GameHag hack version?

No, even if you try to do that then you will get banned and in the end, you will not receive any reward. Gamehag hack is a scam.

What is the GameHag website?

They only have one website that has the domain name gamehag com.

On which device I can use the platform?

You can use it to earn through your mobile (android or iPhone) and web browser devices.

How fast does it take to get the reward credited?

It depends on the task you completed and usually, it takes around 2 minutes to 1 hour.

How to level up in Gamehag?

To level up in Gamehag you have to play games, daily, complete tasks, and complete surveys daily so you can get rewarded more points and it will help you to level up in Gamehag.