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Designing a logo is an important part of any business and website. If you hire any pro designer to make a logo for you then it will cost you around $50 to $500 or maybe more.

Most of the time projects with a small budget don’t go for paid logo makers they usually go with a free logo maker.

There are many paid and free logo makers on the internet and each of them has its unique designs and features. Even, has used a free logo maker to create logos for the site.

Who Should Not Use Free Logo Makers and Why?

If you are a blogger, marketing expert, tea, businessman, or project owner then you should not use them at first.


Because you are not alone here in finding free logo makers, right?

There are thousands of people using these sites daily and believe me, it looks odd when you and many others are using the same logo with bit differences.

There is a problem with copyrights, if you are a small influencer then no one will sue you but if your competitor is already using the same logo such you are, and if you start growing then your competitor can sue you. In this case, you can’t do anything.

That’s why it is recommended to hire a freelancer who can create a unique logo for you.

Who Should Use Free Logo Makers

Anyone who is running a small business can use the free logo generators.

There is no problem when you are not noticeable once your website or business becomes popular you can afford to hire freelancers to create logos for you.

Competitors are always trying to pull you down so that they can sit on top.

10 Best Free Logo Maker

Logos can be considered as a first impression also of any brand or website. Hence making an awesome logo should be a priority of yours. On Google, you may find a huge list of Free Logo Makers but here I am going to show you only the top 10 best free logo makers.


Don’t be surprised. It allows you to create a free logo within 5 minutes.

Namecheap is one of the best hosting service providers but it has started allowing its users to make logos for free. Namecheap’s logo maker tool allows you to create free logos with endless templates.

It is an AI-based logo maker that works automatically and you just need to choose a variety of fonts, icons, and colors that you feel will best represent your brand.

You don’t need to register on their website to make free logos or to download the logos.

Tailor Brands

Tailor Brands is an AI-powered logo maker and they are purely logo makers only. Just visit their website and enter your title & tagline.

It will bring you to a new page where you have to select your category. Next, you have to enter your industry and a small description of your website or product so AI can create a better-designed logo for you.

You can choose the type of logo you want Icon icon-based, Text-based, or Initial and you can skip this option as well.

It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to create a logo with Tailor Brands.  After generating logos for you it will ask you to register to view and download your logo.

Free Logo Design

FreeLogoDesign was founded in the year 2015 and till now it is used by people from almost every country. As per the website, more than 2 million logos have been created.

You can create a logo within a few minutes and it allows you to add text, logo, shape, and icon. It is not an automated tool hence you can do your creativity easily.

It has more than 2000 templates to choose from. If you don’t know where to start then you can use their logo idea tool to understand how you can create a logo for free using FreeLogoDesign.


Looka was previously known as LogoJoy, it was launched or founded by Dawson Whitfield in 2016. Till now it served in more than 180 countries to more than 5 million people and generated 5 billion logos.

The working style is very similar to Trailor Brand but you may find differences between them easily. It is always best to try more than one platform to get more outputs.

Smashing Logo

You can create a logo with SmashingLogo within a minute. Here you just need to enter your title and slogan and you can find that logos are generated.

You can either edit them, add new ones, or download them. I like their preview feature which shows you many examples of your logo with just one click.

The logo package you will receive with print-ready files, social media kits, branding guidelines, and different logo animations.


Canva? Haven’t heard about them yet? Not possible.

Canva was founded in 2013 and has generated more than 5 billion designs now in more than 190 countries.

Whether you are a blogger, vlogger, business, marketing expert, or doing anything digital promotions you may find your needs on Canva, free or paid.

The only thing I don’t like about them is that their free bag is very small and paid bags are full & big as well.


Wix is famous for website creation but most people don’t know that Wix also has a free logo maker feature as well.

It is as simple as using Tinder, you just need to enter a few details like the title, and see different designs that you can add to your list by doing like or dislike.

You can either create a free logo by yourself or can hire a logo maker freelancer.

Fiverr Logo Design

Fiverr is not free but it will not cost you more too. You can find a logo maker freelancer for just $5.

To find a freelancer just type “Logo” in the Fiverr’s widget that you can find below the search option here on

You can also find YouTube logo makers on Fiverr.

I always suggest Fiverr for any small-level digital marketing needs.

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Design Hill

DesignHill’s free logo maker is AI-powered and you can use it to generate logos from more than 100 templates. They are very easy to generate free logos with a limited number of templates.

To be honest their free logos are not much attractive in comparison to paid templates.

Giving them a try is not a bad idea as they have millions of active and happy customers worldwide.


If you are looking for simply designed logos then LogoGenie is best for you. LogoGenie has more than 1000 self-claimed premium templates.

You can customize your logo in just a few clicks with their easy-to-use logo generator and they mentioned that all the designs are made on their own.


PlaceIt is owned by Envato. It is very easy to create the logo, you just need to enter your title and tagline if you want. You can find the list of logos created already.

PlaceIt allows you to edit those logos, you can change icons, text, color, and place.


OnlineLogoMaker allows you to edit your logo as you want. You can easily move icons, change icons, change & move texts, in short, you can easily manage your logo as you want.

There is no need to register to download your logos.


DesignEvo is a logo maker that can be used for any purpose they have designs or templates for almost all types of categories.

Registration is required to download your logo, they have paid plans as well. In the paid plan quality of the logo will be high.

We are giving away a premium account of DesignEvo for free, to get it contact us through the Contact Us page here.