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Are you looking for fake pictures for your profile? Yes? Then you don’t need to search for it. In this article, I am going to share a list of places where you can get free fake profile pictures.

Using these pictures is free but using them for any unlawful act is up to you. If you are using them for any legal thing then it is fine but do not misuse these pictures.

I am here just sharing the places from where you can get fake pictures for a profile of anyone. We have already published many articles on how to make money online and now it’s time to share some free stuff here.

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Get Fake Profile Pictures


RandomUser is the platform where you can find pictures for your profile. Here you will find a list of 200 random users’ photos for your profile. You will find fake profile pictures male and female both.

The random photos are all in the same size. It has photos of Girls and Boys. You can choose any of them and they do also have the Lego logo.

To download the photo you need to visit their website from here and click on the photo. You can use your mouse to right-click on the photo and download the image for free.


It is the best place to find stock photos of any type. The quality of images available on Unsplash is very good and high resolution. Fake female profile pictures are easy to find on Unsplash.

Here you can find Fake Woman profile pictures. Pictures are available in every format and size. All these pictures are available for free but you can also find paid images as well.

The website of Unsplash is You can find a fine fake girl photo on Instagram.

Use Social Media

If you don’t want to use any images from other sites then you can use social media itself.

Sites like Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, and other platform has many profiles and you can simply go to any profile and download images from their profile and use them on your profile.

If you use the same image on a different account then you may get a ban so use profile images from other social media to put on another one.

Other Source

I found the list of links where someone shared a list of fake profile images on the internet. This file includes thousands of images that you can use.

Use the above files at your own risk, I suggest scanning these files before downloading them.


Generated photos allow you to create custom images according to your needs. It allows you to add emotions, glasses, ethnicity, colors, mood, and much more.

Click here to visit their website This is the best fake profile picture generator.