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Did you purchase Earpods from an online store but are not sure if it is legit or not? Then here in this article, I will guide you on how to know the difference between the original Airpod and fake Earpods. Are earpods real vs fake?

In this article, I am going to take the example of Apple Earpods. Because most people get ripped off on Apple products because they are high-value products.

You will get to know the benefits of fake AirPods vs real ones. But before knowing the difference let’s check out other details.

Apple Airpods Features and Benefits

You can use Apple AirPods in most Apple products. If you have any apple products then having apple AirPods or earbuds is very useful to use.

Below are the features:

  • No wires
  • Easy to use
  • Near 5-hour usage battery life
  • 1 tap setup with any Apple device
  • Fast charging
  • Easy to switch between iOS & Mac devices and vice versa
  • Double-tap to access Siri
  • Microphone for calls & Siri
  • Hey Siri supported
  • Automatic music starts right when you put the AirPods in your ears
  • Automatic music stops right when you put out the AirPods from your ears
  • Hold upcoming calls
  • And many more

There are many more new and upcoming features for Apple earphones.

Where To Buy Real Apple Headphones?

How to find apple earphones or AirPods?

Definitely, you can purchase real Headphones or authentic apple Earpods from the official Apple store or from the Apple website. But if you want to save some money on your Apple AirPods purchase then go to other retailers.

You can buy Apple Airpods Pro from Amazon at $209 and the same thing you will get at Apple’s official website at $249. You can easily save $40.

Or you can purchase simple Apple AirPods for $159 on Amazon and at the official website, you will get at $199. You will get real apple headphones on Amazon just click here apple headphones.

Before purchasing on Amazon do check reviews first for apple earphones genuine.

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How To Spot Fake Airpods Pro?

If I put real AirPods and fake ones then you will not able to choose real ones on the first side. Because we are not making them, right? No, because we are not aware of those AirPods and their looks.

Or I can say we never noticed how it really looks.

It will be interesting to know the main differences between real and fake AirPods. It can help you and others to save money. Let’s understand how to tell if AirPods are fake or not.

#1: Check The Package

If you have ever seen the original Earpod package then you might be aware of how it looks and you can even know how it feels.

Below are the best ways to find out the fake and real packages of Earpods

  • Real packages have a smooth and flat surface, light reflection can tell you the difference between real and fake.
  • Color of the package, you can find extra furnishing on fake boxes but in the original, it will be simple, clean white, and nicely designed.
  • Information on a box, you can find less readable contents on the fake box but you can easily read well-written information on the real AirPods box.
  • Tempering with the box, if you find any unusual activity happening on the box then there are chances that you are dealing with a fake box.

#2 Real Airpods Prices

If you are getting AirPods from somewhere at a very cheap rate then double-check the source correctly. Mostly fake AirPods are sold at a very low rate.

The real AirPods rate can be checked on the official Apple website only for a better rate.

The original price is between $230 to $260, the different rates for different countries. But if someone selling it for $80 or $100 then do not purchase it.

#3 Control Button

If the control button on your Airpod is hard then definitely you have got scammed. Because the original AirPods buttons are very smooth, you barely hear any voice from a button click.

Button clicks are also softer than the original one. When you click on any button from your Apple Earphones then you will feel that it is very soft.

#4 Base Hole

Did you ever notice any holes in your earphones or AirPods? If yes then do you know why they are there? If you don’t know then you are really missing out on something.

These holes are for Base, in original Apply Airpods you can feel that but in fake ones, you will not able to feel anything. Play the song and feel the base if you don’t feel anything then you are dealing with the fake one.

#5 Wire (For Earphone)

If you are purchasing any Apple earphones then must check its wire first. Airpod Pro is wireless but earphones are not wireless.

Check if it has written “Designed by Apple in California Assembled in China” and the serial number. Original apple earphones have written this thing.

If you touch both fake and real earphones on your hands then you will understand the difference.

#6 Check Sound Quality

There is a huge difference between real and fake apple Earpods’ sound quality. If you have used real apple products in past then you can easily catch the difference in sound quality.

For simple users, it is hard to find out the difference at first but those who listen to the music most and used the real one before can find out the difference easily.

#7 Apple Earpods Serial Number Check

If someone will ask me how to check if your airpods are authentic or not then I will suggest them to check apple AirPods serial number. You will find the serial number on any apple device.

You may even find fake ear pods with serial numbers but they are not unique and real. To know that you can visit the Apple website and enter the serial number.

Apple AirPods serial number check:- Apple Coverage Check.

Benefits Of Fake Airpods Vs Real

Well if you are spending money for real then you should get real. You can’t just satisfy yourself that what I can do if the seller sold me that.

There is a big difference between the benefits of fake and real AirPods.

Quality: The original Apple AirPods or earbuds or any other products are high-quality products. You can enjoy music without any harm.

Money: Not everyone has $200 to spend on just one Airpods, hence they go with fake AirPods. They get it at a cheap rate. The person who uses Airpods very little can purchase fake AirPods.

Warranty: In fake products you will not get any warranty or guarantee, right? What if you purchase fake AirPods and it stops working after a few weeks or days? You can’t do anything with your fake one.

But if you have purchased a real one then you can visit the store and can ask for a repair or something.

Health Affective: Not 100% sure, but I heard that fake or low-quality earphones are not safe for your health specifically for ears.

What Are the Best Fake Airpods Pro?

Even though original Airpods are useful and good but still people choose fake Airpods because of their budget and usage style. Click here to find out the list of all fake AirPods on Amazon.

So, what are the best fake AirPods? I collected some information from other tech websites and listed some best fake apple AirPods below.

  • Bose Sport Earbuds
  • TaoTronics Airpods
  • AUKEY 
  • QCY
  • Tranya

From where best fake AirPods to buy? I would suggest going with Amazon. As you will find both original sellers and fake sellers and you can easily read reviews that are legit.

Best fake AirPods on Wish or best fake AirPods on eBay? I don’t suggest any one of them. There are many scammers on eBay and wish is not much popular outside the USA.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Airpod pro serial number and how to find AirPods serial number?

Airpods serial numbers are the unique numbers on each original product which can help you to know the difference between real and fake products.

How to check if AirPods are real by serial number?

The official Apple website lets us know everything about apple products. You can check if your Airpod is real or fake by serial number from their website. Click here to go apple Airpod serial number check website.

How to know if AirPods are real or not?

Read the article and you will get your answer. I covered all the simple ways to catch real and fake earphones.

Should I purchase fake Apple Airpods?

Yes, if you have a budget issue. If you do not have a budget problem then go for the original products.

Original apple wireless AirPods vs fake, which is best?

Both are best and good for a short time and a long time. It all depends know your need and budget.

Do fake AirPods work?

Yes, they do. But they don’t have a long life. It can stop working at any time. There are more chances that it stops working from one side.

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