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So guys today we are going to write the 25 best methods through which you can earn free Amazon gift cards. Or you can suggest to us the best ways to earn free amazon gift cards online methods.

I am pretty sure you all know about Amazon Gift cards but don’t know how to get them for free. Do not worry here we are to help you.

Want to know how to get free amazon gift cards? Then you are at the right place here you will get an amazon free gift card.

The methods which we are going to mention are easy and less time-consuming. You can use these Amazon Gift Cards at the Amazon shop to purchase anything almost anything. Also, there are some shops that accept Amazon Gift cards, where you can sell your Gift Cards for real money.

Must read an online safety guide once before starting.

So let’s start without wasting time.

Earn Free Amazon Gift Card for Downloading Apps

There are sites and apps that give you free gift cards for just downloading apps. There are also some scam sites in the market that don’t pay you so read reviews before starting to work on any site. Sites or apps ask you to download the given app and they reward you with points that you can easily convert into Amazon Gift Card.

Sometimes you may earn 2-10$ for downloading each app. Check out some trusted app that pays you for downloading apps.


AppNana has 10M plus install on the play store alone. It is one of the highly active and highest-paying apps. The APP size is 15MB and registration takes only 10 seconds. On registration, you will get 10,400 Nanas (in sort points) and by using the referral code (131258821) under “Get Nanas” you will get 2500 points extra.

On having 30,000 Points or Nanas you can get an Amazon Gift Card of 1$.


CashForApps has 10 million-plus installs on the play store. Sign-up takes 10 seconds only and after signing up, you can use my invitation code (9aee94d) to get 20 points more.

On having 1800 Points you can get a free Amazon Gift Card of 5$.

Earn Free Amazon Gift Card for Completing Surveys

If you read our previous article then you know how much you can earn by taking surveys only. By taking surveys you don’t only earn PayPal cash you also can earn Free Amazon Gift Card. The more surveys you do the more chances increase in earning.

Survey Junkie

It is paying since 2011 with 4 million active users. You can earn free gift cards from Amazon and others and it also pays in PayPal. Only a few countries are supported so check if your country is supported or not. The average reward for each survey is 1$ to 5$.


PineCone Research is a very exclusive site and it is backed by Nielsen. Only one member from one House is allowed to sign up. To sign up on PineCoin you need an invitation from someone don’t panic. It is not hard to get an invitation. You can find the invitation from various methods like Pinecoin advertising on various sites from time to time. You can earn 3$ on every survey you do.

Earn Free Amazon Gift for Using Your Phone (Browsing Habit Research)

Do you know your data is very important? Yes, data like what you do on your phone. Companies sell users’ data without their user’s consent. But there are some apps that pay you for your data. Did you ever notice the ads you see on visiting any site? All this happens only when companies have such data.

There are many websites to earn free amazon gift cards.

Let us see some sites which pay you for your data.


You just need to install the mobile app and keep it on your phone till you want. For US users it pays around 5$ every week and while for the UK it pays around 10-15$ each week. The app size is small and also it doesn’t affect your device speed. They also give a signup bonus for some countries.

Deals and Misc Sources

Miscellaneous ways to earn free amazon gift cards online.


You can also test Amazon products by joining Elite Deal Club. There are a couple of ways that you can win using this program. You get to test products for a fraction of their regular price and the reviews that you post will earn you an Amazon gift card. More than 390, 000 product testers use this program to test products and earn rewards from Amazon.

Get Free Amazon Gift Card from Amazon Itself

Yes, you read it correctly Amazon gives gift cards for your loyalty. Amazon is the only main source of Amazon Gift Cards. There are only a few methods available here but all of them are trusted.

Amazon Trade-In

You don’t only purchase goods from Amazon, you can also sell your used products. It doesn’t matter if you purchased them from Amazon or not. You can either earn free amazon gift card codes 2023 or cash.

Amazon can buy back these items:

  • Gaming platforms and video games
  • Kindle E-readers
  • Books
  • Wireless devices
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • DVDs
  • Music

Mostly for such sales, you can get Amazon Gift Card or sometimes it gives credits too. There are some other online shops too that accept used things we will discuss them later.

Amazon Coupons

Here on Amazon Coupons, you can get free Amazon Gift Cards for shopping online. For shopping anything from the Amazon Coupons page you can get free gift card. You can get these offers mostly on grocery products.

Check out the amazon coupon page regularly for better offers.

Amazon MTurk

Amazon MTurk stands for Amazon Mechanical Turk which is a crowdsourcing marketplace. MTurk is an easy and free way to earn money and gift cards. You need to complete small tasks which don’t take more than 1-2 minutes.

Tasks include surveys, web research, data entry, and other small workers’ task.

Get Free Amazon Gift Cards for Doing Multiple Tasks

There are different sites for different purposes but there are some sites that are made for multipurpose. On these sites, you can earn free amazon gift cards and cash for doing tasks like watching videos, playing games, completing surveys, viewing sites, and much more.


InboxDollars is the oldest and most trusted site on this list. It is highly active since 2000. Mostly you can earn 0.3$ to 5$ for each survey you complete. There are also some surveys that pay 10$, 20$, or more it depending on your profile and their requirements.

There are a few other ways to get rewarded are watching videos, playing games, reading emails, and cashback for online shopping. InboxDollars also gives 5$ as a bonus to new users.


Swagbucks is one of the oldest “get paid to” sites. They paid more than 250 million USD in total. Swagbucks is there since 2005.

Users can earn by doing a survey, watching videos, shopping online, doing online searches, testing new products, playing games, completing tasks, viewing sponsored ads, and doing daily tasks. The minimum redemption amount is 3$ for gift cards.


If you know what is the meaning of GC in InstaGC then good you are learning something. GC stands for Gift Card. InstaGC is active since 2011. Activities available to do are watching videos, completing the survey, and playing games.

You can also earn for listing music and the minimum withdrawal is 1$ which is very best.

Microsoft Reward

You can earn reward points for using bing search and shopping online. Don’t expect much from Microsoft Rewards but yeah it is better than nothing. You can’t earn from google search but Bing search can make money for your searches.

Users can earn more by taking daily quizzes on bing. You can earn 5 points on each search and on 5000 points you can get an Amazon gift card.


You can earn points for watching videos, taking quizzes, shopping on the web, completing offers, searching, and more. You can also win in giveaways which are absolutely free.

Checkpoints have an app available on both APP Store and Play Store. On play store app has 10M downloads and the size of the app is 34 MB.


Earn points and convert them into Amazon gift cards by watching videos and shopping online. You can win gifts too like PlayStation. They run contests for 10, 20, and 30 days where you can earn dollars and are withdrawable in gift cards.


There are 3 different ways to earn rewards on Shopkick.

  1.  Scanning bar codes in various stores and uploading them to the site.
  2.  Viewing online stores and recording the prices at which their products are offered.
  3.  By watching videos.

You earn a bonus point for making a purchase, but it is not required in order to earn rewards. If you like shopping and/or watching videos, this is an easy way to start earning points toward free Amazon gift cards rather quickly.

Shopkick app has a 10M install and the size is 26MB.


The app where you can play match games, other games, lottery, and contests to win Amazon Gift cards. It is one of the trusted apps in such an area.

It holds sweepstakes too there you can earn up to $1 million. The app is available on both stores with 10M downloads on the play store.


It is similar to other sites listed above, iRazoo offers you gift cards and cash for completing surveys, playing games, watching videos, downloading apps, and completing offers. This platform allows you to get your free amazon gift card instantly.

Once you earn 3000 points you can withdraw with a 5$ amazon gift card. There is 100 points bonus for new users.

Earn Free Amazon Gift Card by Doing Shopping Online

You can earn even when you spend. There are some sites that pay you for shopping online. It is a great way to get Gift Cards but before getting that you must read the terms of sites that offer Gift Cards.


Rakuten is an online shopping portal that pays up to 40% cash back on every purchase. There is a registration bonus of 10$ for every new user. You may like to install the Rakuten extension it helps to find good deals.

Payouts are done using PayPal and check and different gift cards like Amazon. Rakuten is the best place to earn a gift card for shopping if you are from the USA.

You can get up to a free $100 amazon gift card from Rakuten.


It is one of the best sites to do the shopping and earn cashback. Earn up to 10% cash back on every purchase from 50 stores. You can shop and submit your receipt to Ibotta to get cashback. You can convert your cashback into a gift card.

Your receipts can be from:

  • Convenience stores
  • Restaurants
  • Grocery stores
  • Pharmacies
  • Mobile device shopping with major retailers online

To use Ibotta you need to download the application.


Honey gives cashback on every purchase. You can get up to 15% off on every purchase. Actually, it is a Chrome extension that shows the best deal on stores. It has a total of 17 million members.


The TopCashback offers up to 40% cashback and is supported in more than 3500 stores. It has a browser extension that helps users in finding hot deals and track rewards earned till now. More than that it offers a 3% bonus on redeeming points through Amazon Gift Card.

The minimum payout is not mentioned which means you can withdraw a minimum of 1$ of the gift card.


It is known as a secret shopper app. You can earn in 4 easy steps, download the app, find a mission near, complete the mission, and redeem rewards. When you visit any shop you will have to answer 10 questions about your visit.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog is a fun and rewarding way to turn receipts from everyday shopping into cash – no matter where you shop or what you buy.  You just need to download the app and scan your payment receipt.

Also, the bonuses win at the Hog Slots, take paid surveys, win free shopping trips, and more. You can redeem coins for your gift card, magazines, and PayPal.


Download the Drop app on your device and link your credit card or debit card. After that, you have to choose the store you want to use first. Options include Starbucks, Target, Sephora, and other major retailers.

When you shop online at your chosen store you earn points, 5000 points for 5$. You can cash out for free gift card to amazon or uber.

Frequently Asked Question 

Is there any trusted free amazon gift card generator?

If you find any such site that claims you can get and earn a free amazon gift card generator then stay away from them. They are just scammers. Still using those sites go up and read so you can earn amazon gift cards instantly.

How to get free Amazon gift cards?

Above are the websites and platforms from where you can get free Amazon Gift Cards.

How to earn free amazon gift cards online?

You can earn free Amazon gift cards by completing various tasks and jobs online like downloading the app, completing surveys, attending to questions, and much more.

Does amazon give you free gift cards?

Yes, Amazon directly doesn’t give you gift cards but there are many other websites where you can earn free Amazon gift cards.

How to get free amazon gift cards by playing games?

InstaGC and Swagbucks are some known sources of getting free amazon gift cards by playing games.

Where can I get free amazon gift cards?

Here are the top 25 websites to get free Amazon gift cards.

How to earn an amazon gift card for free?

You can earn an Amazon gift card online for free by completing different tasks, surveys, games, and much more.


These are some of the best ways to earn a free amazon gift card but this will not make you rich. Online earning is a game of patience and hard work. If you want to be rich in the online world then you need to keep learning daily and keep doing hard work. If you stick to one source of earning then mate you are going to lose many things including dollars.