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Are you a crypto blogger? Or planning to start your own new crypto blog? If yes then you may like to know how to rank your blog using crypto backlinks.

Ranking blogs or websites in Google or any other search engine is not easy without having backlinks. Hence it is one of the important factors for any website.

In this article, we are going to know how to get crypto backlinks and the best place to buy cryptocurrency backlinks with free and paid methods.

Free Crypto Backlinks Are Safe and Useful?

Free backlinks are not always useful and safe. Because most of the free crypto backlink generators are using normal generators which provide links from all types of niche sites.

This basically doesn’t help you at all to rank in Google or in any search engine. In order to get valuable backlinks, I always choose paid methods over free ones. But it doesn’t mean free methods are useless. It works at some level when you have more quality backlinks.

10 Best Places To Get Crypto Backlinks

This list includes the best free and paid methods of getting crypto backlinks. If you can afford then focus more on paid backlinks while choosing quality backlinks.


Forums are the best and free way to get backlinks there are many popular forums in the crypto world like Bitcointalk. Most of these forums have high DA and Pa which will increase your rank. Sometimes you can also target specific keywords using forums.

But do not spam forums if you start spamming you will get banned from forums. So try to be polite and cooperate with their rules.

Following are the forums that you can start with.


Quora is the place where people get answers to their questions and it doesn’t matter which topic it is. It is also widely used by bloggers to get free traffic.

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To get backlinks and traffic on Quora you have to register there and add your website link to your profile. After adding a link to your profile and other details you will find questions asked on your dashboard related to your taste.

Answer the questions asked there and add links to your site. Do not spam here else your answers will get removed and you will be banned.

Disqus Comments

Comments are free and the fastest way to get backlinks. There are many crypto blogs where you can comment and can get backlinks.

Comments can get indexed in Google only if it is properly implemented on the website. Still, you will get your website rank in google because of backlinks.


Fiverr is a place where you get different digital services at cheap rates including crypto backlinks. Pricing starts from $5 on Fiverr.

But hire freelancers after checking their reviews and previous works because there are some resellers and freelancers who don’t work well or are time wasters.


Upwork is a freelancing platform and it is active for the last many years. It covers all aspects of digital marketing like Fiverr but at Upwork, they focus more on quality rather than quantity.


This is a profile linking method where you can add links to your website to your profile. BitTubeTV is a site where users do earn money while watching videos.

Links are indexed in Google as well and you will get high-authority links.


Adsy is a marketplace for guest post buyers and sellers. You can buy post articles or mini-post using this platform. You can get it for a minimum of $10 or vary from authority.

You can start buying quality cryptocurrency backlinks from Adsy within a few minutes and they work very well.

Link Management

Want to get crypto backlinks? Then LinkManagement is a to get backlinks for crypto websites. There you can find backlinks from DA 40 for $9.99 per link.

Already more than millions of bloggers registered with them. It is one of the best places for buying high quality cryptocurrency backlinks.


PRPosting has more than 44K blogs where you can publish your guest post to get backlinks from high DA PA sites. You can get backlinks for a minimum of $2.00 only.

You can start buying cryptocurrency backlinks with PrPosting.

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