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Creating a youtube channel account takes less than a minute of time but creating a youtube channel with proper ideas takes time.

If you want to start your own youtube channel then you may need to know about the topic on which you can work. You can’t just record random stuff and upload it. It will not work unless you have something serious content.

In this article, you will find the best youtube channel ideas for beginners. Those who are absolute beginners and don’t know where to start should this article and others don’t need to.

Here beginners mean the person who doesn’t know much about the niche, general ideas, youtube channels, how things do work, and other kinds of stuff.

Best Youtube Equipment For Beginners

To start any youtube channel you need to have some tools that are mandatory to make your channel more user-relevant.

The first and most important thing that you have is a Camera, this is what decides the quality of your video. If you have a low budget & have a mobile with a high-resolution camera then you can get Youtube Starter Kit.

How To Be A Good Youtuber For Beginners

To become a good YouTuber you should not compromise the quality of your videos. Always try to make high-quality videos so viewers will enjoy them and they will stay with your videos.

Also, it is important to be friendly with your subscribers or viewers, the customer is god. And here your customers are your viewers & subscriber so be nice to them.

10 Best Youtube Channel Ideas For Beginners

This list will contain only the 10 best ideas and on the basis of growth, easiness, & income. This is what beginners want, right?

If you want to start a channel without showing your face then you can read an article on Youtube Channel Ideas Without Showing Face.


Vlogging is one of the best ideas for beginners. There is no age to start vlogging, anyone can start anytime. You just need to have vlogging cameras and some money to travel around.

There are two main types of vlogging, one is daily vlogging where you show what you do daily and another one is vlogging on specific things like traveling.

The first one will not work for beginners, because for this you need to have a huge fan base, and no one will watch random vlogging channels. But the second one has scope to grow. You can take a camera and move around and do vlogging.

Follow the below step to start & grow your channel.

  • Start youtube channel
  • Get the best and cheap camera
  • Plan places to visit
  • Get out of the house and start traveling
  • Explain things that you saw and what users like to see
  • Upload videos with a one or two-day break with proper editing
  • To grow (1) contact other bloggers and ask them to promote your channels (2) travel with other vloggers.

What Can affect your engagement & channel?

  • Your nature, the most important is how you behave.
  • Your voice, sometimes I love to watch specific youtube because of vloggers’ voices.
  • Realistic, more and more people nowadays like to watch realistic videos.
  • Quality, you should record videos with a high-quality camera and the places you visit must also be good.

Vlogging videos are widely followed daily, and with the vlogging channel, you can keep your subscribers in touch with you. They become your fan because of your nature. So you can monetize as well. But keep in mind vlogging can take time like a year or two.

Educational Channel Idea

The online Educational market is growing rapidly hence youtube channels that teach online are also growing. There are many educational channels that teach different topics.

You can create an educational channel and teach any subject you think you are good at. Suppose you are good at Maths then you can start a channel and teach maths-related things.

But there is competition in this field hence you have to think a bit differently about how to teach and how to engage with your viewers.

If your teaching style is boring then you will not get views, and even if you get views then they will be not your subscriber. You have to teach in style while keeping content on top.

Educational videos mostly contain lengthy discussions or classes on specific subjects or topics.

Education is like a weapon and teachers should use that in a good way.

Q&A Channel Idea

This is a very unpopular idea. There are many educational channels but Q&A? There are rarely some.

When someone searches for an answer to a specific question then he wants only that and not 10 to 20-minute-long videos. Educational channels provide answers but those are in detail and they are mostly classes not for answers.

There are many websites where people do join to get answers but most of them are paid hence most people do move to Youtube for their Questions.

Here you don’t need to target any specific topic, you can choose any subject and upload answers in your real voice. For example, you can take Questions from one subject at a time from the standard (or class) 10 and prepare the answers of it and share that on your channel.

This way you can make hundreds of videos on different subjects, topics, classes, courses, and others.

Those who are searching for Mathematics answers from class 10 will watch your video. But make sure you are targeting YT keywords.

Youtube Channel Ideas For Gaming

Like to play games? Then you should try to record your gameplay and upload it on Youtube. Not only is good gameplay requires but also if you have a good sense of humor then you can add your comedy to videos.

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The gaming industry is also one of the fastest-growing online areas. More and more new gamers are emerging and you can be one of them.

Big games like Free Fire & different companies do host gaming competitions where winners and participants can earn thousands of dollars.

How to start off a gaming youtube channel? Well, this is something that one can rarely get an answer to. Starting a gaming channel is not easy. There are many channels but are they all getting enough views? No.

To grow your gaming channel you can do the following things (This is a youtube channel idea for beginners)

  • Keep uploading videos daily.
  • Make videos of 5 to 10 minutes full of action or funny content.
  • Create youtube shorts and try to add funny content.
  • Try to do a collab with other gamers
  • Not suggested but best: Do controversies
  • Challenge other players
  • Participate in tournaments

News Channel

There is no lack of news, you can find new news daily and every minute. It is one of those youtube channel ideas that will go viral, you can expose government scams, companies scams, environmentalist scams, mafias, and anything that can create noise.

Also, there are many new news channels that are getting opened daily, some of them get views because of their proper news.

Starting a new news channel is easy to get success, even beginners can get a hand at it, you can follow the below steps.

  • Choose a hot topic.
  • Express news in an actionable way.
  • Also, report topics that can attract viewers.
  • React to events.

Comedy Channels

Who doesn’t like to watch comedy clips? Well everyone, right?

Comedy niche or topic is one of the hottest topics of every time you can crack jokes on anything (make sure it is not offensive to the majority) like politicians, celebrities, news, places, or anything.

But comedy is not everyone gets success, comedy channels grow slowly based on content. In this, you have to maintain content quality in every video.

Mix Funny Videos

This idea can even work for 13 years old kids as well.

The easiest work that beginners can do is publish mixed funny videos. What you have to do is take clips from other funny videos and mix them to make one.

Try to add different kinds of music, images, and stickers. Like thug life videos are the best example of mixed funny videos. Those videos have nothing new just added some extra things are added to them.

  • Thug life video
  • Sigma rule video
  • Take a comedy show and mix the best part of it
  • Politicians funny video

Experiment Channels

Fun to do and easy to attract views.

Experiments videos do get views mostly from kids and semi-adults. Beginners who love to do different things can work on this youtube channel idea.

There are many science-related experiment channels that are getting millions of views on every video. A similar case with tech experiment channels also gets an awesome number of views.

Reaction Videos

If you are watching videos on Youtube then I am sure you have seen reaction videos at least once.

If you have watched then you may aware that youtube doesn’t anything except react to the videos, which you and I do on every video.

If you watch any funny video then you react differently and when you watch a sad video song then you react differently this is what they do and get views.

What you have to do is just choose any video from a different country, not from yours. And then react to it watch the video and give your comments on it.

Youtube Channel Ideas For Housewives

Cooking Channel

Cooking is one of the many expertise that housewives hold. If you are one of those who knows the variety of foods to cook then you can utilize it to share with others and make money for yourself.

There are many foods that everyone doesn’t know and it will be surprising for them to know more about new dishes.

People even watch videos of how to make Maggie, that’s insane, right? Cooking is one of the best youtube channel ideas at home.

As a housewife, there are many methods to make money want to explore more than read out this article on how to make money as a housewife.

Best Youtube Channel Ideas For Students

For students, youtube channel idea depends on their field and class. If you are one who loves Math then you can share your mathematics idea through youtube.

Above mentioned methods apply all even to students. If you are a kid then check out the article 25 Methods To Make Money As Kid.

Some students are good at sports then they can create channels for sports where he or they can talk about a specific sport.

How To Get Content For Youtube Channel?

I always suggest being an original content creator try to add original content only. Taking inspiration from others is okay but copying them fully is not a good idea.

In this article on the youtube channel ideas list, we do not suggest doing a copy of any other channels.

But if you have a channel that posts cover mixed videos then you can take videos from Facebook, Twitter, VK, and any other platform.

How To Famous Your Youtube Channel?

There are two simple methods to make your channel famous, one is to make quality content and make more subscribers. And another method is to create controversy or make something outstanding.

Those channels which create controversy attract more views and become famous easily. It depends on you how you utilize the situation.

Conclusion Of YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners

The above ideas are the best youtube channel ideas to make money for beginners. If you are a newbie and don’t have much knowledge regarding how to make money on Youtube or start a channel then this article will help you a lot.

YouTube Channel Ideas For Beginners