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Not every blogger or YouTuber can generate traffic, most of the new websites do have less traffic than expected. Traffic exchange websites do help you to get free traffic to your website or video.

Get started with the best traffic exchange today!

We have made a list of high-quality, paid, and free traffic exchange websites that you can use to increase your traffic or views.

But before using any traffic exchange websites you should aware of their benefits and cons, in this article, you will know what the are pros, what is Traffic Exchange Websites, and whether you should use such websites or not.

What Are Traffic Exchange Websites

Traffic Exchange Websites are working on a simple model, where one user visits another user’s website and another user does the same.

Suppose you have a website and you are not getting traffic, then you visit a random traffic exchange site, here you enter your website link and start traffic exchange websites software or surfer, you will start visiting the random website and once you visit any website you will earn a point which you can allot to your website.

Whenever anyone visits your website points will get deducted from your account.

Who Should Use Traffic Exchange Websites?

Let’s know the pros of traffic exchange sites.

Some suggest using such a website and some don’t, it depends on individuals’ choice. Mainly following sites use Traffic exchanges sites.

  • New sites to gain Alexa rank.
  • Video sites to get free views.
  • Youtube channels to get subscribers and views.
  • Earning sites.
  • To get Adsense approval (sometimes it doesn’t work).

Exchange sites do have humans who view your site, they will simply view your site and do nothing if they don’t find anything interesting. But if your site is profitable or helpful for them then they will surf more. If they surf more then it will not harm your SEO. It will eventually help you in getting AdSense approval as well.

Cons Of Using Traffic Exchange Websites

If something comes into the market with pros then there are cons as well, which you should be aware of.

We all are trying to get traffic to put our website on the top of Google Search, right? But what if we don’t follow Google’s rules? They will harm you.

Google doesn’t accept illegal traffics, bot traffics are an illegal way of getting traffic that can penalize your website Google.

Only a few Traffic Exchange Websites are there which has real human and bypass googles strike, at least they say this.

Note: We do not suggest using any Traffic Exchange Websites on Adsense-Enabled websites, you may lose Adsense.

10 Best Traffic Exchange Websites List

Making the list of top traffic exchange websites is not tough as there are lots of such websites but choosing them and adding them here was a bit tough. But I made a decision and added the best of all.


CustomHits provides high-quality targeted traffic for everyone. There are no limits on the number of websites you can add, so feel free to add as many as you want!

Earn traffic minutes by surfing others’ websites which you can use to assign traffic time to your pages! You can choose to assign a flat view time or a range for more organic hits.

New users get a full hour of traffic for free and there are daily bonus incentives as well as coupons for free minutes and VIP.

They even have a fantastic affiliate program that pays 20% commission on all your referral purchases forever!

EasyHits4U (Recommended)

EasyHits4U is one of the oldest and best free traffic exchange websites. It is a manual surf-based website, founded in the year 2003.

They have more than 1,796,492 registered members, on average they have 250K views daily,

You can use their platform for free or can upgrade your account. With the free plan, you will get a 2:1 or 1:1 traffic system. The timer is roaming around 5 to 20 seconds.

You can upgrade your account for $7.95 or $19.95 per month. With upgrades, you will receive 2500 or 5000 credits, 500 & 1000 monthly bonus credits, and much more. Check out their upgrade page.

RankBoostUp (Recommended)

RankBoostUp was founded in the year 2008, initially, it was started as AlexaBoostUp but the first owner stopped the website for some reason, while the domain was used by someone, and later it got a new owner and launched a new site called RankBoostUp.

You can use them on Firefox or Chrome browser only. To start surfing you need to download their extensions. Free members can add up to 3 websites only.

They allow you to purchase Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, and Instagram accounts and services as well.

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10KHits is a simple and easy way to get free website traffic, launched in 2011. You just simply need to register on their website and start surfing.

If you are looking for quality traffic then this site may not work for you as users can start surfing the tab and can surf on another tab as well.

It is a browser-based and app-based exchanger. You can surf and earn points by running surf on the browser or you can download a 10KHits exchanger to your desktop. It is also one of the best youtube traffic exchange sites.


TrafficG offers a 1:1 exchange ratio. They don’t put limits on adding websites, so you can promote any number of websites there.

Surf others’ websites and your site will get visited by others. They do have their directory, where you can list your website for free.

They have more than 619K registered users.


eBusucher is the only Germany-based top traffic exchange website. It is the site where you earn points for surfing and for reading emails. You can use points to get traffic to your websites.

It works on the addon, you have to download their browser extension, and then you can start surfing. It is one of the best German auto-surf traffic exchange websites.


TrafficSwarm has more than 1612044 registered members. It is a manual surf platform hence you will find real users on your website or link.

Hence it makes its place in the list of top traffic exchanges websites. The main cons here is that there is very less number of traffic for free users.

But there are other pros that free users will love, they give bonuses of 10 to 1000 credits after 100, 200, and 250 clicks.


AutoWebSurf is a Windows-based free traffic exchange application that allows you to surf others’ sites and get hits on yours.

Download their windows app to run and start traffic exchanges. It is the best traffic exchange network for those who want real human traffic on their website.


FeelingSurf was launched in the year 2007 and has more than 76K registered users. There are three different traffic sources you can use to get traffic to your website, Organic, Anonymous, and Social Media.

It has an auto-click link feature that makes FeelingSurf better than others. It reduces bounce rate and also helps in getting ads to click.

You have to download their desktop app, the FeelingSurfViewer application on your device. New users will get 100 credits on signing up.


Looking online for the list of top ten traffic exchanges? Then you will find OtoHits in them for sure.

Otohits was launched on 25 May 2013 and currently has more than 234K registered members. You can download their application on your Windows, Linux, Mac, or Docker devices.

It is an auto-traffic exchange website hence you will not find AdSense-safe traffic, if you are looking for traffic that suits Adsense then I would suggest going with EasyHits4U.


Organic Hits

Organichits was founded in 2016, it is a new free website traffic exchange on our list. It has features like geo-targeting and allows its users to choose a source of traffic, Google, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, or Blogger. Or you can create your own traffic source or want to get direct traffic.

Some Other Website

Following are some other traffic exchanger websites that you might like to use.