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Looking for the best sites from where you can get free office supplies? Then you are in the right place. This article will guide you with 7 proven methods or sites through which you can get office supplies for free.

Some sites also provide office supplies to nonoffice workers as well. But there are some sites that get out of stock as soon as they add new freebies. So you have to be fast to get your free office supplies.

My personal suggestion, if you can afford then buy supplies instead of getting them for free because there are really needy peoples who are looking for such freebies.

7 Best Ways To Get Free Office Supplies

Some of these methods or sites may not work or maybe not be updated on original source, let us know if you found any outdated or new platforms.


TVGist is one of the active websites to find the latest free office supplies. To Get office supplies for free from TVGist, you just need to visit their website from here.

After visiting their website or the link above you can find a list of the latest stuff available to claim. There you can find various free items like Glass Board and Business Card.

TeachersClub Staedtler

Staedtler is the best place to get students stuff. If you are looking for free pens from the UK then you should try out this platform.

As they are giving away free pens to the teachers and others.

Click here to visit them.

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MunchKin Freebies

From its name you can understand what do they are. As per their website anyone from the following countries the USA, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand can order free products.

They have listed products depending on the categories and country-wise. As of now, they have more than 10 free samples of office supplies.

Click here to visit them.


FreebiePanda is the platform where you can find out the list of different freebie products that you can get for free. Anyone can get supplies for their office from here.

As of now, they have listed more than 50 free products including calendars, pens, and chairs. FreebiePanda personally doesn’t send out products but those are promoted by them.

Click here to visit them.

Free Sample Party

FreeSampleParty is one of the best place to get free office supplies samples. To get your samples you have to simply visit their webpage and choose the sample you want to get.

After choosing the sample it will ask you to go on sample product page where you can find the form to apply. Here fill out the form and you will get mail regarding your sample delivery.

To visit them click here.

Looking for free office supplies by mail method? Then here is the answer.

You will get the latest updates related to samples or freebies in your mailbox directly. These freebies mostly come in form of free samples of products but they also offer discounts and coupons at a large amount.


ClosetSamples is one of the actions among all the above-mentioned sites. If you want to get free Business & Office Supplies then you should try them out.

They also have an event widget to check the latest and upcoming events. In January alone they have announced 7 freebies. So you can expect more freebies from them.