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There are lots of websites where you can earn money online and micro jobs sites are of them. You might use sites like PTC, GPT, and others to earn a small amount of money.

You may not earn much from one PTC site but with Micro jobs sites, you can easily earn enough money to get a cup of coffee.

On Google, you can find many Micro Tasks sites but do all of them are paying? No, there are some scam sites too. So you have to choose wisely, here you can find the list of best Micro Jobs Sites.

What Is Micro Jobs Sites?

So what is micro task?

Micro Jobs Sites are websites where you can earn money by completing tasks online. Tasks can be any type, it includes tasks like downloading the app, surveys, playing games, registering, watching videos, pit sitter, tweeting, signing up, making posts, assisting, or any other.

Micro Jobs are not stable jobs hence don’t think that you will get a salary but you can earn money by completing tasks. Your earning will depend on the task you completed and the time you have given.

How Much You Can Earn?

Everyone wants to know how much they can earn in what work they do.

Earning depends on the websites and individuals, how the website does work & the types of jobs they have, and how individual works & how much they work.

Most of the micro-jobs tasks pay around $0.01 to $1.00 but sometimes they have high-paying jobs too through which you can earn $5.00 to $20.00.

Earning also depends on the country you are living in, if you are living in countries like the USA, UK, or Australia then you may earn x2 or x4 more. It means if you are from the USA then you will earn $10 for any task and for the same task people from countries like Bangladesh, India, and Sri Lanka will earn less.

How You Will Receive Payment

Almost all website pays in US dollars, but some sites also pay in Rubles and Euro as well.

You need to have an account on online payment platforms like Paypal, Payza, and Payeer. As most of the Micro Tasks sites accept this payment method.

Sites pay once you reach the minimum payout and payment may include fees for some countries or sites. Some sites may you in gift cards instead of in dollars.

List of Best Micro Jobs Websites

There are lots of sites that you can use to earn money but I did research and found the following high-paying and trusted Micro Task jobs sites.

You can report any site through the comment box if it is a scam or legit, so we can add that to the list. All mentioned sites offers free micro jobs,

Amazon Mechanical Turk

Amazon MTurk is one of the known names in the field of Micro Jobs field. It is owned & operated by Amazon. Jobs available on MTurk are known as HITs (Human Intelligence Tasks).

Joining the platform is very easy and you just have to register on the platform. But there is a twist after registration approving your account or not depends on Amazon.

They mostly accept users from tier 1 countries and rarely accept users from tier 3 countries.

Task Availability: 100%

Estimate Earning: $0.01 to $20.00


Fiverr is not a micro jobs site but it can be used as a Micro job site as you can create gigs where hirers can hire you for complete jobs for them like banner creation, small video making, writing small articles, sharing content, and any type of other tasks.

You can start posting gigs for at least $5 and can increase up to any amount that you want. You can withdraw your payment through Paypal. But the fees on Fiverr are a bit high, it is 20%.

Task Availability: 100%

Estimate Earning: Depends on your tasks

RapidWorkers (Seems Scam)

Rapidworkers is micro jobs site where you can earn money by completing tasks like signing up, marketing, viewing sites, Reddit votes, votes, joining email wishlists, and other tasks.

You can withdraw your earnings through Paypal only when you reach your minimum payout of $8. As of now, the highest paying task is where you can earn $11 and the lowest paying job is for $0.03.

Task Availability: 100%

Estimate Earning: $3.00


If you are not getting into any of the micro-tasks websites then you should go with MicroWorkers here you will find lots of tasks to do. While writing this article there are more than 1100 tasks available to do.

After registration, they ask a few assessment questions which are very easy and you have to pass them to get into jobs. If you fail to do any tasks then you may lose some points (accuracy) which decides if you can take further tasks or not.

They have tasks according to region, most of the tasks are available for international users which means anyone can join.

Task Availability: 100%

Estimate Earning: $1.00 to $3.00

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If you like to do offline micro tasks then TaskRabbit is for you. Here you can complete tasks like moving furniture, cleaning the house, and other house tasks.

For now, it supports only a few countries like the USA, UK, Canada, France, Germany, Spain, Portugal, and Italy.

As a user, you must be a 21-year-old and have FB or LinkedIn profile. If you can do the following tasks then you will earn money online. This is the best home-based micro jobs sites.


SEOClerk is a known marketplace for digital products. If you don’t have any skill then you can resell someone else’s business.

What you can do is find some sellers who are not on SEOClerk and resell that service to someone through SEOClerk. You can sell any type of online services like digital marketing, keyword, writer, designer, and many more.

Zeerk – Microtasks For Money

Zeerk is similar to any other micro-tasking platform like SEOClerk. Here you can create your service and someone who buys your service will let you earn money.

You can set your own price you want to do. There are many sellers on the platform so you have to create your own status amongst them.


Clickworker is an online micro-tasking marketplace founded in Germany in 2005 as Humangrid GmbH and renamed Clickworker GmbH 2013, at this time they have more than 500K clickworkers, and in 2020 they grow to 2 million clickworkers.

The minimum withdrawal is only $10 which you can withdraw using Paypal. Read Clickworker review here. It is one of the best micro job websites.

OneSpace – Get Paid To Complete Tasks

Onespace is looking for freelancers for different tasks like Image & Graphic Designer, English & International Language Transcriptionist, Small Business & Accounting Writer, and Small Business & Accounting Editor, and they have many more open positions.


Neevo is a micro-tasking site where you let earn some free money by completing tasks like signing up. But in order to use the platform, you need to have a Paypal account. You have to connect your Paypal account before using the platform.

Check the below sites which are sites like neevo. Is neevo legit? Yes, it is legit and highly trusted.


Picoworkers is a micro-tasking online marketplace where freelancers get an option to complete micro-tasks provided by business owners, in exchange for that they earn money online. Most businesses need to get their task completed and they use this platform for such platform for this purpose.

Hive Micro

Hive Micro is a Bitcoin-based micro-tasking platform. You can receive payment in Bitcoin and PayPal. You can easily earn dollars for each task you complete.

In the leaderboard, you can find how much top earners had earned in the last day, week, or all time.

Is hivemicro scam? Or It is legit? Let’s check out the Hive Micro Review.


JobBoy is another cryptocurrency-based micro-tasking platform where you can earn money by completing tasks like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Signup, Click or Searching, Bookmark, Forums, Blog, Writing Article, Install, Downloading, and many more.

You can withdraw your earnings through Litecoin.