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Looking for Slideshow software? There are many paid and free slideshow maker software that you can try but trying all of them is a waste of time hence here we picked the 10 best free slideshow maker software and app that can be used on mobile, windows, or desktop.

Choosing the best slideshow makers is not an easy task, you have to think of the features of each software before using it and knowing if they are safe or not.

Many times users don’t check the legitimacy of software before using it and hackers do utilize that to promote their malware-added software in the name of free slideshow maker.

What Is Slideshow Maker Software or App?

Slideshow makers are software that allows users or video editors to develop presentation videos, marketing, promoting, explaining, or any other type of videos.

Such software allows editors to use features like customizable shapes, templates, texts, highlights, effects, sounds, videos, sharing videos, etc.

These apps or software can be used on your Android, iOS, PAD, or computer and can be saved in different formats like MPEG, MOV, AVI, MP4, etc. You can combine images and videos to make new presentations.

What You Should Not Do?

Here is a warning for newbies or beginners who mostly fall into “Free” scams.

Most beginners are always looking for free slideshow maker software or apps because they don’t have money to purchase paid versions or premium plans.

Using free versions of apps from trusted companies may not put you at risk but it has some limitations which can beavoidable.

But when you use random free software you may become a victim of scams. Hackers do release free software with well-designed sites and platforms but it contains malware that can steal your data.

So do not download any software from any random sites. Do check if everyone is talking about the app or software that you are going to download or not.

You will find here a list of the top 10 free slideshow software that are hell-trusted.

10 Best Free Slideshow Software

Choosing the 10 best free slideshow software was a bit hard for us too. But our readers we have picked slideshow makers that can be used in the long term, are safe to use, trusted, have lots of features, are used on different devices or platforms,

Canva – Free Slideshow Software For Beginners

Canva is not professional software or app but it is best for beginners who just started their journey. It is a free and paid platform that can be used in the browser or mobile app.

Canva was founded in 2013 and has generated more than 5 billion designs now in more than 190 countries.

It has lots of templates that you can use for free. Or you can upgrade your account to get paid templates or items to use. Free stock photos, videos, and elements are available easily from the sidebar.

It is one of the best free slideshow maker apps for beginners. Following are the features of the Canva.

Canva Features

  • Free to use
  • Beginners friendly
  • Free stock photos, videos, music, elements, etc.
  • Templates are for every program and festival
  • Drag & Drop
  • 5+ GB Cloud storage

Canva Price

They have 3 different plans which include one free plan, the Canva Pro plan costs $50 annually, and Canva For Teams costs $80 per year and can be used by 5 people.

Movavi Slideshow Maker

Movavi slideshow software is one of the most popular video makers and it is giving tough competition to Filmora software. It can be used to edit your pictures, videos, and slideshows with the help of more than 150 supported filters.

It supports direct publishing of slideshows on different social media platforms like Vimeo, Google Drive, Instagram, and more.

You can use 105+ transitions, 100+ titles, 165+ visual effects & filters, and stickers. You can use a ready-made template or build your own from scratch. You can download the software from Windows or Mac devices only.

Movavi Features

  • Easy to use
  • Lots of free effects, transactions, title styles
  • Add music to your slideshows
  • Easy to preview
  • Support different languages
  • Attractive transitions
  • Crop & zoom, enhance quality, and microphone recording
  • Capture screens
  • map compatible

Movavi Pricing

You can use the free version with limited use cases or can buy their paid plan. You can either buy a 1-year plan or a lifetime plan. The yearly plan will cost you around $24 and the lifetime plan will cost $27.


Wondershare Filmora is an online software for video editors and video makers. It allows you to edit your video very smoothly and easily. You will fall in love with Filmora once you start using them.

Filmora Video Editor is one of the highly used and professional video slideshow maker apps. Even when it is a professional app it is also user-friendly.

They have free stocks of videos, photos, images, music, audio, etc. You can also add background images, music, stories, transitions, effects, overlays, etc.

You can download Wondershare Filmora X v10.1.20.16 + Effects Packs [v10.5] from here.

Filmora Features

  • No Watermark
  • Stock media
  • New Blue FX
  • Boris FX
  • AI Portrait
  • Drive 1 GB
  • Speech Text of 30 min
  • Technical support
  • Best free slideshow maker without a watermark

Filmora Pricing

The free version comes with limited features. Along with the free version they have 3 different plans, Monthly, Perpetual, and Annual plan. The monthly plan will cost $9.99 per month, the Perpetual plan will cost $79.99, and the annual plan will cost $49.99 per year.

SlideLab – Best Free Slideshow Make App For Android

SlideLab was one of the best apps for mobile devices but for the last few days, it is not active. So what happened to Slidelab? The website is gone, Twitter is not active, and apps are not accessible.

It seems they are not able to continue their development. But the app is still available on App Store which you can use for slideshow making. That’s why we added them to this list.

SlideLab Features

  • Mobile based app
  • Basic and easy to use
  • Lots of user-friendly features
  • PPTX and PDF download
  • Social media uploading
  • Share in one click
  • Real-time cloud sync

SlideLab Pricing

It is a free-to-use platform.

PowerDirector – Best Free Slideshow Maker No Watermark

PowerDirector is owned by Cyberlink a very well-known multimedia application provider since 1996. It can be used on Mobile, Windows, or macOS devices.

Already more than 10 million users are there on the mobile app. It is one of the fastest Windows 11 compatible video maker apps that can be used to create your slideshow videos within a few minutes. PowerDirector is also powered by AI which makes most of the tasks easy and simple for you.

They have more than 3000 effects and templates, more than 2.4 million photos & videos from iStock, and 6.4 million videos, music, & photos from Shutterstock.

PowerDirector Features

  • User friendly – Beginner
  • Useful to pro users as well
  • AI tool supported
  • Motion tracking
  • Screen Recorder
  • Ulta HD 4K supported
  • Green screen effects
  • Mask & blend

PowerDirector Pricing

The free version is available for everyone and the device. A lifetime license will cost you $99.99 or $139.99, a Monthly subscription will cost you $4.08 or $7.50 per month, and you can also choose PowerDirector 20 Ultimate & 13 Ultra for $169.99

PixTeller – Best Free Slideshow Maker With Music

Do not want to download any app or software? Then go with PixTeller a web browser-compatible site where you can edit and make slideshow videos within a few minutes.

They have more than 100K paid members on PixTeller. 2.5 million and more well-designed templates are available to use.

PixTeller Features

  • PixBot
  • Pick and Use templates
  • 5K+ video animations
  • 1.5+ million photos
  • 100K shapes
  • Different gradient colors
  • Animation timeline
  • Clipping crop
  • Folders
  • Smart resize

PixTeller Pricing

The monthly plan will cost you $9.00 per month or $19.00 per month and the Annual plan will cost you $84.00 per month or $144.00 per month

SmartSHOW – Best Free Slideshow Maker For Windows

SmartShow is suggested for beginners but I believe it is more suitable for advanced users. It offers a simple and easy-to-use app but some of its uses of its can be understood by advanced users more properly.

It has more than 700 professional templates & effects, you can use to add voice comments, captions, title clips, and 3D collages.

SmartShow Features

  • 200+ music tracks
  • Convert photo movies
  • Image editors
  • HD quality
  • 30+ video formats
  • 700+ transitions, effects, and templates.
  • For both beginners and pro users.

SmartShow Pricing

They have two 1 year plans which will cost you $29.95 and $49.95. You can also go with a lifetime license which will cost you $69.95 with their current offer.

Animoto – Best Free Slideshow Maker Online

Animoto is the best free slideshow video maker that is best for party-type videos. It is easy to create slideshow videos on Animoto, choose templates, upload effects, personalize, and be done.

I personally like them, because they are a very well-designed platform. They have more than 3000 licensed songs.

You don’t need to download any software or app, just simply sign up and start editing templates the one you like. It is one of the best photo slideshow makers with music.

Animoto Features

  • Free stock library of music, images, and videos
  • Voice over
  • Lots of themes
  • Supports animation, text, video
  • Cropping and trimming
  • Export to CD / DVD / Dropbox / YT / Drive
  • Preview

Animoto Pricing

The free version is not useful. The premium plan costs $8 per month, $15 per month for a professional plan, and $39 per month for a professional plus.

IceCream Slideshow Maker – Best Free Slideshow Maker For Mac?

No, not at all. It is not the best and not good in comparison to the above-mentioned platforms. But still, we added it here because it is one of the oldest and most widely used slideshow makers by professionals.

No offense they have got some good features but the overall design of their app is not good and it gives the feel of very classic apps another reason is that they offer very limited features to access to free users.

IceCream Features

  • Resume Project
  • Sort Slides
  • Share to upload on YT, Dropbox, Google Drive, and link
  • 4k Slideshows
  • Different formats like MP4, AVI
  • MOV or WEBM
  • Transition effects: fade to black, pixelate, mosaic, zoom in and zoom out, flip over, and more

IceCreame Pricing

The free version has very limited use. They have only one paid plan for IceCream Slideshow Maker which will cost you $19.95 for a lifetime.

Kizoa Owned By InVideo

Kizoa is serving in more than 190 countries and has more than 7 million users. They have more than 5000 templates that you can use to create slideshow ads, promos, YouTube videos, intros, and much more.

Do not forget to visit and read what is InVideo in our previous article InVideo Review.

Kizoa is an online slideshow maker hence you don’t need to download any software or app. Simply choose the template & size and start editing your template.

Kizoa Features

  • No Watermark with paid plans
  • Unlimited HD video exports
  • Up to 120 iStock media
  • Up to 40 background remove
  • 1M+ premium media library
  • 3M+ standard media library
  • 5000 video templates

Kizoa Pricing

The free plan is enough for newbies or beginners, Business plan will cost $15 per month, Unlimited plan will cost $30 per month.