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Heard of Atlas VPN? Want to know more about them? Then you are in the right place. In this Atlas VPN review, you will get to know everything about Atlas VPN, including features, pricing, customer support, user experience, and more.

This is an honest review based on the use and users’ review. Do not forget to share your review using the comment box below.

Let’s start with the basics.

What Is Atlas VPN?

Atlas VPN was founded in the year 2019 by Dainius Vanagas, whose founders are living in Lithuania. It is not confirmed where Atlas VPN is registered.

atlas vpn offers

It is one of those VPN service providers that offer VPNs for free and paid plans.

It has become part of Nord Security a leading digital security and privacy solution. Atlas VPN has more than 6 million users worldwide, so having new in the industry with a massive number of users is impressive.

They have started the service with their motto of serving privacy and control over users’ digital lives.

Atlas VPN Features

They have features that make them one of the best VPN service providers in comparison to others but what features they are? Let’s check them out.

SafeSwap Servers

Safeswap is one of the major Atlas VPN features.

VPNs are used to hide users’ details while allowing them to access blocked sites but while using the same IP to access a single platform it is more possible to get discovered here SafeSwap feature plays an important role. It allows you to have many rotating IP addresses without changing VPN servers.

Atlas VPN claims to be the first and only VPN provider that supports this feature.

Ad & Malware Blockers

Like most VPNs have this feature Atlas also offers an Ad blocker with Malware blockers plus you can allow stock trackers.

Tracker blockers are useful in hiding you from advertisers and marketers so you can get more privacy by keeping them away. This feature also keeps phishing sites blocked from you so you don’t fall into any scams but I am sure they are not 100% accurate.

So while surfing any site make sure you are visiting a legit place.

WireGuard Protocol

Protocols in VPN apps create a safe connection between your device and VPN servers and hide your online activity. It ensures to provide secure and seamless streaming, gaming, browsing, and overall surfing.

Split Tunneling

The Split Tunneling feature is best for those who want to use some apps without a VPN. Suppose you enabled Split Tunneling on the Airbnb App and not on WhatsApp. Then when you access the Airbnb app it will stop the VPN and while using WhatsApp internet will go through an encrypted VPN tunnel.

Advanced Leak Protection (IPv6)

Atlas VPN saves you from IP leaks where it protects with IPv4 and IPv6 connections. This feature is available in every VPN service provider so nothing is new in this.

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Unlimited Use

This allows you to get connected with an unlimited number of devices. If you have more than one device and want to get safe with VPN then you are on the perfect VPN.

Atlas VPN Pricing

Top VPNs

Pricing Per Month

Pricing Per Year


9.99 USD

2.49 USD


12.95 USD

8.32 USD


10.95 USD

2.99 USD


7.49 USD

3.89 USD


11.95 USD

4.92 USD


12.95 USD

2.30 USD (24 Months)


5.00 USD

4.00 USD


10.99 USD

3.75 USD

Atlas offers a free VPN but it has different plans. Each plan comes with its benefits. To use the Free version of  VPN you just need to download the app and can access the free version.

As a new member, you will get a discount on their normal prices. A monthly VPN will cost you $9.99 per month. With an annual plan, you can save 75% by paying $2.49 per month, and with a year plan, you have to pay only $1.39 per month.

Atlas VPN Pricing

Payment Methods

You can purchase any plan with your VISA, Master Card, Amex, JCB, & Discover Credit Cards, Google Pay, and Paypal. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Atlas VPN Servers

Atlas VPN Servers are available in more than 27 different countries, there are more than 750 servers available. Most of their servers are available in the European region and then in Asia.

But their feature Safeswap is only available for Netherlands and Singapore servers.

If there are more servers then the speed will get high. They do not have thousands of servers like Nord and Express VPN have, they are new and growing as well.

Atlas VPN Free servers are available in three locations only, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, and New York. The free version doesn’t include Safeswap and Streaming on any server.

There is another limitation of the free plan is of 10 GB monthly traffic.

Atlas VPN Customer Support

If you are a premium user then you will get live chat support which is good and active as well. Another method to get help is email support, which the site claims active 24/7.

Previously they didn’t have live support and were offering only email support, but now Live Chat support is available for premium users.

Before looking for live support help one should check out their knowledgebase in our FAQ section, you may get your answer over there.

Atlas VPN Download

You can download Atlas VPN apps from the official website. The app is available for Windows, macOS, Android, iOS, and Android TV.

It works the same on all devices. For the free version, you have to do the same, go to their download page and download the app for your device. If you have purchased their plans then you can find more servers plus paid features enabled.


As of 19th Jan 2020, you can find the latest APK file on APKPure, UptoDown, and APKMonk. Following are the links.

Atlas VPN Speed

Many users reported their speed while using a VPN and while not using it.

Let’s check out what the actual Atlas VPN speed is.

The average download speed is 243 Mbps and 270 Upload speed on the New York server while it flows between 240 to 255 download speeds and 280 to 300 upload speeds for Germany, the UK, and Sweden

Another user reported the following speed,

68 downloads & 91 upload speeds for the USA, 75 downloads & 90 uploads for the UK, and 60 downloads and 40 upload speeds on the Australia server.

Atlas VPN’s User Review

While checking Atlas VPN Review, one must check what other users speak about the product first.

In any review, it is most important to know what other users think about the product. If you go for a positive review then you will never get to know where they lack so it is good to know what most of the users say negatively.

On TrustPilot it has a rating of 3.5 out of 5 from 91 reviews. Here most people are not happy with their support reply and a refund promise.

On App Store, they have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 4K reviews. They have more than 61K reviews on the Play Store with a rating of 4.3 out of 5.

Here also users are not happy with the customer support and refund policy. Also, some users reported that Kill Switch features hang up their devices.

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Atlas VPN is new and trying to improve but from users’ reviews, it seems they are not good at customer support and also they don’t want to lose their customers that’s why they are not refunding easily. This is not good for both customers and users.

I am sure this is not the case with every user hence I would suggest trying their service for free first then trying their Monthly plan and letter going with their big plans.