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Want to start your journey with work-from-home jobs? Then Appen can be your best friend. In this Appen Jobs Review article, we will cover everything related to Appen Jobs.

Finding translation, writing, and transcription types of jobs is easy with Appen and it is a reputed company as well. It is suitable for everyone who has a desktop and high-speed Internet connection.

Remember getting selected by Appen depends on the quality of skills and knowledge you have. Let’s start our Appen Jobs Review.

What Is Appen?

Appen is a tech company founded in 1996in Sydney, Australia. Currently operates in more than 170 countries with around 1120 employees and more than 1 million freelancers working with them worldwide.

It works with big giant tech companies by helping them in improving their AI and machine systems. It hires freelancers to improve the AI that it provides to other giant companies.

What Is Appen Job?

Appen Jobs is a place where freelancers get jobs related to data processing, translators, transcriptionists, data collection, surveys, etc.

There are millions of freelancers working with them and you can be one you don’t need any degree to work on Appen Jobs. What you require is to have a Paypal account to withdraw your earned money.

Requirements & Qualification

There are no special requirements and qualifications but you still need to have the following things.

  • Good internet connection
  • Computer
  • Mobile
  • Good in English
  • Must have basic knowledge of computer
  • Must be 18 years or above

Appen Jobs Is Legit or Scam?

It doesn’t matter how big the company is or whom they partnered with knowing the legitimacy of the website is important, hence in this Appen jobs review you will get to understand how they impact their employees/freelancers.

Doing a job or working on the Appen jobs platform is quite good as you get jobs occasionally and there is no guarantee of jobs hence you have to wait till you get one.

Appen is a registered company and they have offices in many countries that make them legit and trustworthy but still, some issues make it useless for freelancers.

Note: I registered and found 16 active jobs.

Freelancers or their employees provided mixed reviews on Appen Jobs. They have a rating of 4.8 out of 5 from 4000 reviews on Glassdoor. 3.5 out of 5 from 755 reviews. On TrustPilot 1.5 out of 5 reviews.

Reported that jobs available for new employees are fewer and pay rates are mixed. Some jobs are hard and some are easy to complete.

I suggest reading reviews on Trustpilot.

How To Join Appen Jobs

You have to simply register on their website first which you can find here. Once you complete your registration and login you will have to complete a small test which will take around 30 to 40 seconds.

Once you complete this test you need to connect your Paypal account with Appen so you can receive your payment directly to your Paypal account.

Usually, they have 10 to 15 available jobs for new users as well, depending on location and your account.

On this page you will find available jobs “” In case there are no jobs you will find a button “Show Potential Jobs” On the same page click on that and you will find some small pay jobs. This will help you to increase your level.

The more you level up your account the more chance you get more jobs to do.

Work from home Appen jobs are not easy to receive as lots of freelancers are already applying for them.

Types Of Appen Jobs

They have different types of jobs and you can choose any of them. Different type of projects gives different incomes let’s see each of them.

Projects (Appen Search Engine Evaluator)

Here you will find long-term and short-term jobs related to the data collection and search engine evaluator. Pay rates are around $5 per hour to $10 per hour.

Before applying for such jobs you need to complete your KYC and provide some information that they ask for.

Micro Tasks

Micro tasks like social media, transcribing audio, moderating content, and drawing boxes are required to do. These tasks are a bit easy to do but it doesn’t allow you to earn more as pay rates are less here.

Surveys & Data Collection

Appen remote jobs contain jobs like Surveys and Data collection These types of jobs also fall in the first one, projects. Click on the Apply button from the Jobs page and you will be on the sign-up page if you are already registered then scroll down and log in or sign up if you are not registered.

Appen Jobs KYC & Account Verification

For Micro tasks, you might not be required to submit more information but for project jobs, you need to complete KYC. Here KYC or account verification is a bit hard as you need to spend at least 20 minutes to complete your KYC and submit your ID.

They do accept different IDs depending on the country, in some countries, they do accept a Driver’s License, National ID, and Passport as common.

Account Verification may not take extra time.

Their official email IDs used to ask for verification details are

If anyone claims to be an Appen employee and asks for private information then do not share it, do not share with anyone.

Appen Jobs Salary

How much you can earn each month on Appen Jobs? If you are from the US, UK, Canada India, and Australia then you will find more jobs to do so you have more salary or income.

According to some users they can earn up to $1000 per month and on average they are making $6 per month with an average earning of $400 to $600 per month. These rates are for countries like the US, UK, Canada, and Australia.

Appen Payment Proof

We didn’t work on Appen but we asked some of our readers to share their Payment Proof and here is what we received.

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