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I was searching in google “how to make money online” while looking for different methods to make money online I found the AOJ aka American Online Jobs. Which (AOJ jobs) claims it is paying users for completing surveys online.

At first, it looks like a trusted and legit site to me but when I started using it I was surprised by the way they work and scam people. Also, I found many people are using them even though it is a scams. And that’s why I decided to write the AOJ Online Jobs Review.

Read the full article to know how they scam and why they are still active. You will be surprised to know that. And it is not limited, the main question raised in my mind that why they are still running this website?

So, let’s start AOJ Online Jobs Reviews aka American online jobs review

What Is AOJ Online Jobs?

First of all AOJ online jobs are not any jobs type like Transcription Jobs. AOJ online jobs are a website that says they help people to earn money for completing surveys.

American Online Jobs Website or AOJ Jobs

While surfing on google I found the website “” and while checking this website I found it is redirecting users to another website.

Check the below sites and you will get to know why I am saying that.


All these websites are related to each other either they are operated by one person or different people are trying to run scams.

Why AOJ Online Jobs is Scam & Why we call them Planned Scam

I am sure you google “aojonlinejobs reviews” to know if they are scams or not. In this AOJ online jobs reviews (or american online jobs reviews) , you gotta know that AOJ Online Jobs is a scam and in our title, we said “planned scam”.

First, let’s have to look at their website domains

The first website is, most trusted and legit websites use an SSL certificate  (SSL means Secure Sockets Layer). The websites which are not using encryption are easy to hack and hackers can steal your data like password and email or credit card details. and are also some of them which is not using an SSL certificate. See the below image, when you click on “Not Secure” given in the URL bar you will get to know more details about site security. AOJ jobs

americanonlinejobs review

Other above-mentioned sites are using an SSL certificate on their website that is a good sign of being legitimate.

Second, welcome and profile question

When you do register on trusted survey panel sites like Swagbucks and survey junkie they ask you to complete a profile and ask you to complete a small survey which mostly profiles surveys, pre-screening questions, and common questions through which survey sites come to know your taste and they deliver surveys accordingly.

work from home aoj jobs

Check the above image, it looks legal? yes, it may be, but do you know mostly survey sites never asks such question at this stage.

You have to give an answer to these questions, I tried to fill that form. To check them I fill the form with the wrong information see there is one question, ” Are you at least 18 years of age?”, marked “NO”, I thought they will not allow me to go on the next step but they allowed me.

Even after I answered all the questions negatively they let me go to the next step, really? Why this site allows me even though I am not 18 years old.

Why They Redirect its Users

That’s really weird when I clicked on their website they redirect me to another website which is a gambling website. Also, AOJ jobs sites are using a PTP rotator.

When I clicked on “Click Here To Apply” it redirects me to some random PTP site ( (For you information PTP means Paid To Promote, sites are used to advertise the website, publisher earns for adding PTP links to their website). So definitely they are earning from this PTP site.

They Tried to Scam You Here in Step 2

After completing and submitting the form you will be here on the next page, which is Part 2 ( The surprising thing is you can access this page without completing step-1.

aoj online jobs step 2

In the above image, they say it is a Bonus Accounts, in the first two images or sites they are using Referral Link. Adding a referral link means they are promoting someone’s site why I will promote my competitor’s website instead of my own.

In below first two banners they added banners of some famous Survey Sites but they added the fake links. Which redirects me to another fake website.  When I clicked on the button “Click here to access training” it led me to the “” site.

Now it is proved that both sites are owned by one person. Not only one, but almost all of the above-mentioned sites are also owned by one person.

How They Earn and Why They Are Running This website

No one starts and runs a website for free. They are running this website since 2018, which means they are running this website for 2 years.

They will not keep running this website with hosting and domain expenses. It may cost them around $120 per month to run those 5 websites.

Definitely, they are running this website for money. I figured out how they earn and how much they earn a month.

They are using Adsense on all their active sites. Each of their websites has a monthly 150 to 400 unique per month. And they are earning around $10 to $50 per month. If you check their 5 websites then it can be around $100 to $500 per month. And yearly income can be $1,200 to $6,000 per month.

It means aoj work from home jobs review sites are earning this amount (or more) without any work.

They also have YouTube Channel which has 88K total views. This means they are earning from these videos too.


Conclusion: AOJ online jobs or American Online Jobs is a scam site. You will not earn a single penny from it. If you are reading this (I know you are) AOJ online jobs reviews then kindly share it with your friends (on your Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or anywhere) so who don’t know about AOJ so they can stay away from it. AOJ online jobs legitimate? No, it is a scam.

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