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If you are applying for Amazon Jobs then you might be aware of Amazon Written Exam. Amazon’s selection process passes through 3 levels one of them is a written exam.

The second round is the Technical interview and after passing the technical interview you will be going to the HR interview.

If you are not aware of Amazon jobs then you should read this Amazon Work From Home article.

Who Can Apply For Amazon Jobs

There are different Amazon jobs that you can apply for. They have major openings for Legal, Finance & Accounting, HR, Marketing, PR and communications, Supply chain and logistics, IT, Software Development, and Customer Service.

Their average eligibility for education qualification is an MBA or B.Tech.

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Amazon Online Test Questions And Answers With Explanation

The amazon

The Amazon aptitude test lasts for 30-40 minutes with 20 questions on aptitude, programming, data structures, operating systems, networking, and DBMS. Here are the Amazon aptitude test questions answers,

Quantitative aptitude questions

1)  a, b, c, and d are four numbers in arithmetic progression. The mean of these four numbers is 20. The common difference between the numbers is 5. Find the product of the first and last numbers.
Answer: c. 442
Let the four numbers be x, x+y, x+2y and x+3y
The mean of the four numbers = ( x+x+y+x+2y+x+3y) / 4
 = (4x+6y) / 4
 = 20
By substitution of y as 5, the value of x is 13.
Hence the product of first and last numbers is 13*34,
   = 442
2) A shopkeeper has two items A & B. A was sold at a profit of 25% and B was sold at a loss of 15%. If the cost price of A is 15% more than that of B, what is the overall profit/ loss % to the shopkeeper?
Answer: b. 19.65%
Assume the cost price of item A as x and B as 1.15x
Total cost price = 2.15x
Selling price of A = 1.25x
Selling price of B = 1.332x
Total Selling price = 2.5725x
In a comparison of the total cost and selling prices, we understand that the shopkeeper had a profit
Profit = (2.5725x – 2.15x) = 0.4225x
Profit% = (profit / cost price)*100
Profit% = (0.4225 / 2.15) * 100 = 19.65%
Hence profit percentage = 19.65%
3) A set contains all numbers from 1 to 250. If a number is picked at random, what is the probability that it is a multiple of 3?
Answer: a. 83/250
The actual number of multiples of 3 within 250 is 83. Since 3*83 = 249
Hence the probability of picking a number being a multiple of 3 is 83/250
Amazon Online Test Questions And Answers
4) What comes next in the series 8, 15, 12, 19, 16, 23?
Answer: b. 20
Firstly the pattern followed in the series is,
To the first number 7 is added and from the second number 3 is subtracted.
Hence the next number in the series is 20.
5)  From a point A on the ground, the angle of elevation of a tower is 45˚. A ship moving at 20 m/sec started moving from point A to point B in 45 seconds. The angle of elevation from point B is 60˚. Find the height of the tower.
a.1350 +450√3
b.1350√3 + 450
d.None of the above
Answer: a. 1350 +450√3
Consider the height of the tower to be h meters
From the measure of the figure,
AC = 900 + BC ( distance = speed * time )
When the angle of elevation of the tower = 45˚
(h/900 + BC) = tan 45 ˚
(h/ BC) = tan 60 ˚
Solving for h and BC, we get
h = 1350 + 450√3

Logical reasoning questions

6) Today is Sunday. I will be attending an interview 4 days after the day before yesterday. On which day will I be attending the interview?
Answer: a. Tuesday
If today is Sunday, then the day before yesterday is Friday.
Hence, four days after Friday will be Tuesday.
7) How many pencils are in the box?
A. If I subtract four from the total number of pencils, I get a prime number
B. The total number of pencils is a multiple of 3
C.The question can be answered either of the statements alone
D.The question can be answered by statement A alone but not by statement B alone.
c.The question can be answered by statement B alone but not by statement A alone.
d.The question can be answered only by considering both the statements together.
e.The question cannot be answered even after combining both the statements together.
Answer: e. The question cannot be answered even after combining both the statements together
Consider statement A,
The total number of pencils in the box can be 6, 7, 9, 11 and so on. Hence the question cannot be answered by using statement A alone.
Consider statement B,
The total number of pencils in the box can be 3, 6, 9 and so on. The question cannot be answered using statement b alone.
Even after combining both the statements, the total number of pencils can be either 9, 15 , 21 and so on. Hence the correct option is e.
8) Pointing to a photograph, Kiran said, “He is the only son of my grandfather’s sister.” How is the man in the photograph related to Kiran?
Answer: a.Uncle
The man in the photograph pointed is Kiran’s uncle.
9) There are three boxes in which box 1 contains cheese, box 2 contains butter and box 3 contains cheese & butter. Contents of all the three boxes are incorrectly placed. By opening just one bag, you will be able to guess the contents of the other three bags. How many such possibilities exist?
c.More than 2
d.None of the above
Answer: a. 2
2 such possibilities exist from the above table.
Amazon Online Test Questions And Answers
10) bdf, hk, moq,?
a.S U
b.S V
c.S V Y
d.S Y
Answer: b. S V
Hence, the next term in the series would be SV.

Verbal Reasoning Questions

11) The easiest way for prevent stress caused by work or home pressures is to indulge in high levels of physical activity

a.easily way to
b.easier ways for
c.easiest way to
d.easier way from correction required
Answer: c. easiest way to
12) For all sadness, poverty and diseases (1) / in this world (2) / everyone of us (3) / possesses unlimited ways of making a positive difference (4) / no errors (5) ?
Answer: a. 1
13) Excess weight is the result of (1) / unhealthy eating habits (2) / which are inherent risk factors (3) / responsible for many diseases. (4) / no error (5)
Answer: e. No error
14) The therapeutic benefits (1) / at helping others (2) / have long been (3) / recognised by people. (4) / no error (5)
Answer: b. 2
15) Living with compassion and contributing to others lives would helping us add happiness to our lives.
a.will helping us
b.will help us
c.would helped them
d.will helped us
e.No correction required
Answer: b.will help us

Amazon Online Assessment Results

Once you complete the amazon online assessment test you will get the email from team. Which will congratulate you for passing the test and they will mention about next process of test.

How To Crack Amazon Online Assessment (Amazon Online Test Questions)

To crack online Amazon online assessment exam you can use this article to submit your answers perfectly and on time. I suggest to apply for answers instantly.

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