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Have a huge amount of traffic and want to make money online using it? Yes, you should. There are several methods through which you can earn money online.

Most of the publishers that have traffic are using ad network platforms like Adfly are useful for them. If you are planning to use them then you should read this review.

You might have many questions and here you will find answers to all your questions.

Let’s begin our review.

What Is Adfly?

Adfly is the URL shortener website that pays publishers for shortening your link and sharing it. It was founded in the year 2009 and active since then.

Adfly is one of the oldest and highly trusted URL shortener platforms where users are getting paid properly and on time.

They have more than 5.3 million registered users on the Adfly site.

Through this site, you can create a short link from any link and can share it with anyone on the internet and when anyone visits your link you will earn some amount of money.

Adfly Signup and Login

The signup and login process is very simple at Adfly. You can register with them by using Gmail or you can fill out the form using your details like Name, Email, Password, Username, and Captcha.

Click here to register on Adfly.

How Adfly Work?

If you have used URL shortener websites in the past then you can understand how they work. But in case you don’t then here is the simple guide.

First Step

Sign up: First, you have to register on their website. After registration log in.

Second Step

Setup Account: After login, you have to submit account details. Here you can enter your personal details like name and address. Also, you can change your username from the account page.

You can add payment details from the same page as well.

Third Step – Different Ways To Make Money

Adfly shrink your URLs: Want to monetize your URL? After login, you will find an option to shorten your link next to your name. Enter your link and click on Shrink.

You have the option to choose your domain name. Click on “View more options” to choose advertisement methods like Framed and Interstitial, With a custom name like in the demo you can see “MFW” is a custom link.


Easy Link: Don’t want to shorten the link again and again? Then you should use Easy Link. Click on Tools and then easily link and here you will find the link of your own. Make sure you change with your URL.

Add pop ads: Want to earn using pop ads then you can earn with Adfly easily. Just visit Tools and website entry script. Here copy the code and paste it to your website.

Download Adfly App

Adfly app is available on the Play Store. The app size is very small and it is 3.4 MB you can download that within a minute and it is very easy to use as well.

More than 100K users have downloaded their app. Adfly apk can be found on APKPure.

Adfly Is Legit Or Scam

Adfly is a 100% legit platform where users can earn money for shortening links. It is used by millions of active publishers and generates millions of clicks each day.

If you ask me whether they are trusted or scammed then I will say they are trusted.

Even reviews on the internet are positive. You will rarely find any negative feedback regarding them.

How Much Does Adfly Pay?

So how much you can earn from Adfly ads? I used them in the past and below you can see how much I earned from them. How much does adfly pay per click? It depends on the location you are getting clicks.

Below are my Adfly earnings.

adfly earning

From the above image, you can find that Adfly CPM is on average $0.50. It means from 10K views you will earn $5.00. The average earnings are ok at adfly.

I used them on my URL Shortener site but later I stopped using them for some reasons. Want to start your own URL Shortener site? Here is the guide.

Want to know why stopped using adfly? Below is the answer.

Why I Stopped Using Adfly?

There are some reasons why you should not use them and I am not using them because of those reasons.

The first reason is bad ads, yes if you use them on your site then your users are gonna hate them for sure. Because it contains lots of ads and most of the ads contain adult content and viruses.

The second reason, other alternatives can offer you a good CPM rate with proper ads. So why you should choose them? Shrinkearn is one of them.

The third reason, is if you have alternatives where you can receive payment instantly then why someone will use once in monthly payment method? Payments are sent once a month, 1st of each month.

Minimum Withdrawal and Payment Methods

The minimum withdrawal is $5.00 only for PayPal and $10 for Payoneer. You can either withdraw money on a daily basis or monthly. If you fully fulfill their requirements then you will be eligible for their daily withdrawal.

Adfly Payment Proof

As I said I used Adfly on my URL Shortener and I used them for few months. Here you can find how much I earned at Adfly. They are legit and payments are sent on time.

adfly payment proof

Frequently Asked Questions?

Where to post Adfly links?

Anywhere, yes you can post your adfly links anywhere. Like social media, your own site, blog, and any other place.

What is Adfly skipper?

Adfly bypass or skippers are the tools that allow users to bypass the link and reach to destination link without waiting a second.

Where I can find bot for Adfly?

You can search on the internet for such a bot or you can find it on black hat forums.

What to do when Adfly is not working?

I also faced downtime problems on Adfly but don’t worry it happens rarely with them. You can wait for a few minutes.

What is the best adfly decoder or adfly bypass online tool?

One of the best and most widely used apps available on the Chrome Web store is Adfly Skipper by scarlettrobinson0001, it is used by more than 100K users. If you are a Mozilla user then there is Skipper which was downloaded by more than 6K users.


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