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Christmas seems to start earlier and earlier every year. It starts with the music that plays on the radio then retail stores begin to drape their shelves with red and green streamers, followed by Christmas movies on every other channel.

At Christmas we also exchange gifts with friends so, are you also looking forward to gifting your close friend? so, here are some gift ideas you can choose from.

Photo Board

Fill your friend’s home with their favorite people and places, build a photo board with high-quality photo prints, and clip printed photos to a board so when they open their gift all they will need to do is find a blank wall to hang it on

Find Photo Board on Amazon.

Tea Towel

If you are hoping for practical Christmas ideas for your friend look no further. A custom tea towel has a myriad of uses from wrapping baked goods to decorating a guest bathroom. If they are avid bakers take it a step further and include a new bread Pan or custom outlook.

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Phone Cardholders

Stylish, Affordable, and extremely convenient, our custom phone cardholders make excellent gifts for friends who don’t want to carry around a purse or wallet. These functional holders adhere to the back of your smartphone enabling you to keep

Essential items like a credit card, I’d in Slim leather pocket.

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Dinner Party Essential

We all have that friend who hosts the best dinner parties and happy hours. Make their jobs easier with the basics they need to host a crowd. From a bouquet and mixed nuts to a new bottle of something festive, they will be grateful and ready to throw a celebration at any time.

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Pop-Up Canvas Planter

Looking for unique Christmas gift ideas for friends? Consider canvas artwork that mimics a flower vase. Fill it with long-lasting blooms and greenery.

Find Pop Up Canvas Planner on Amazon.

Everywhere Bag

Do you have a friend who’s always on the go, from the office to the gym to the park give them the gift of organization a carry-all custom bag with

Compartments and pouches will keep everything in its right place.

Find Everywhere Bag on Amazon.

Personalized Potholder

Have a friend who loves to bake? Give your favorite chef a potholder that’s designed just for them.

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Deep Rest Eyemask

These eyemasks are shaped to keep light out and Sleep in. After napping with the best sleep masks on the market. This one from Nidra took the top spot in our tests because it stayed in place throughout the night.

Find Eyemask on Amazon.

Mug or glasses

You can never have too many mugs or glasses around. these small gifts are as practical as they are fun, so there is a lot of room for customization consider your friend’s favorite beverage and make your decision there.

Find Mug on Amazon.

Self-care goodies

If your friend needs some self-care, help them put themselves first. Things like bath salts, bath bombs, lip scrubs, and body care are easy to make with things you might already have at your house.

Find Self Care Goodies on Amazon.


Slippers are the ultimate comfort gift they are inexpensive and perfect for those chillier nights at home. They will want to cozy up in no time.

Find Slippers on Amazon.

Face Mask

A face mask is a way to take a few minutes for yourself a few times a week gifting a selection of face masks to serve a variety of purposes makes a simple, thoughtful gift.

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Wireless charger

You can just get them a regular wireless phone charger that can be used anywhere.

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You can gift journals to your friends to make them healthier, happier, and more self-aware. Abound book of empty pages waiting to be filled with thoughts.

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Matching workout sets

Do you have a friend who regularly goes for workouts? You can gift them workout sets. Which can be used daily.

Find Yoga Sets on Amazon.

Mini projector

The mini projector is something which you can gift them, in their free time they can watch movies, series on the wall.

Find a Mini Projector on Amazon.

Lip balm

A moisturizing lip balm for purse-friendly lip care treats smells heavenly and provides amazing hydration.

Lip Balm on Amazon for Christmas Gifts For Friends.

Pajama set

You know she will buy just about everything else before she invests in a fresh pair of PJs. For that reason (and more), give her this stylish short set, available in 25 fun and firstly patterns.

Find Pajama Sets on Amazon.

Personalized Best Friend Sequin Pillow

When she swipes the sequins on this custom pillow, it will reveal one of two looks one that shows your sister-like friendship and another that keeps it under wraps.

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Goal getter

Go-getter? Nope, your best friend is a goal-getter. Give her this lined book that will motivate her to do the best in her life.

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These are the best 20 Christmas Gifts For Friends you can offer.