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Looking for work from home jobs? Closed Captioning Jobs is one of the best work from home jobs. It is one of the flexible, easy, and high-paying jobs you can do.

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Want to learn more about closed captioning jobs and want to know how to become a closed captioner? Then you are in the right place.

You might watch Netflix or Movies and may see subtitles, do you know how it got there? Companies either hire captioners offline or go platform and get their work done.

The more people and companies get into the digital world the more captioning job will increase, in short, closed captioner demands will be always there.

Today we are going to understand more about captioning jobs, how to get in, where to find captioning jobs, requirements, and much more.

What is Captioning?

Captioning is the process of adding text to the video. You might like to watch the video with captions sometimes, and it is also interesting to watch videos or movies with captions. When captioners do caption jobs it gets added to the video.

Do you know what is closed captioning? Captioning and closed captioning are both same, there is nothing different in both of the jobs. There are two types of captioning, offline and online captioning jobs. closed captioning meaning.
Offline captioning is where the user or closed captioner gets a pre-recorded file to put it in proper order.
Online captioning is where you need to listen to the voice and add a caption in real-time so you need to be fast.

Do you know what is a captioner? Captioner is the person who does Closed Captioning work. If you did read the above line then you know what Captioning work means.

Requirements For Closed Captioning Jobs

Each company or site has its own requirements to become a captioner. But they have some basic requirements which every freelancer or closed captioner must fulfill.

  • A computer with high RAM, helps you to run your PC properly.
  • Headphones in good working condition.
  • Fast typing skills, the faster you write the more your chance gets increased.
  • Listening skills, you can’t do this work if you can not listen properly.
  • A peaceful place so no one can disturb you.
  • Certificate, sometimes companies might ask you for some certificate.

These are some basic factors that may affect your work hence you should have these things, but most companies will tell you about the requirements.

Also, must read the safety guide written by me. Closed captioning guidelines.

How To Get a Certificate 

With certificates, you can approach a hirer to give you a job and they may look at your application first. National Court Reporting Association (NCRA) is the best place to get a reputed certificate for your skill.

Another site where you can improve your skill is & If you are really interested in closed captioning jobs then try this site before applying for any captioning jobs.

How Much You Can Earn As Captioners?

It depends on the place you are living in and your experience. Earning varies from person to person. According to various sites and some reports, users are getting paid around $20 to $70 per hour.

Closed captioning jobs for beginners are less paid but when they earn experience their earnings will also get increased.

Let’s find out which company pays, how much.

10 Sites For Closed Captioning Jobs 


Vitac is one of the best and oldest Closed Captioning, Accessibility Services, Audio Description, and Subtitling services, providers. It was founded in the year 1986 by Joe Karlovits. VITAC has more than 750 employees with 1800 clients and did more than 555,000 live & 80000 pre-recorded hours.

Their acquiring journey is quite interesting, VITAC was purchased by Word Wave, Inc in 2000, and then in 2006, Word Wave, Inc. was acquired by Merrill Corporation. In AUG 2012, VITAC acquired Closed Captioning Services. In Aug 2016 The Gores Group acquired VITAC and later the next year 2017, VITAC acquired Caption Colorado. Bit interesting right?

They have worked with big companies such as Discovery Channel, TLC, Animal Planet, Lifetime, and BBC America.

Their pay rate is around $15 to $40 per hour.

Currently, they have 5 openings in different locations.

3Play Media

3PlayMedia was launched in the year 2007. It is a Boston, MA-based company launched as a Closed captioning, Transcription, and Audio description service provider.

CrowdSurfWork (WorkMarket)

Crowdsurfwork is one of those freelancing marketplaces for captioners and transcriptionists who provide captioning jobs daily. Users can sign up by two methods one is as a USA/Canada resident user and the second is as an International user.

The pay rates are the same for every country, as mentioned on site, maybe it will be different from the hirer to the hirer.

The pay is around $0.03-$0.20 per media minute plus additional bonus rates.

The signup process is simple and it doesn’t require any special skill at first. After registration, you will find available jobs but it is recommended to complete a profile and sample test before applying for any work.

Note: You may find very little available work, to get more work use the filter, choose “virtual location” and click on search you may not find any or less work again, now again choose “postal code” and click on search you will find all available jobs.

Rev Transcriptionist

Rev is one of the known platforms in the market. You can earn somewhere between  $1.25 to $7.00 per minute. Normally users make $20 to $70 each day.

Learn more about here. Rev closed captioning app is very user-friendly.

Aberdeen Captioning

If you have knowledge of the Bible or Christian terminology then Aberdeen captioning Jobs is the best-suited platform for you. If you are looking for offline closed captioning jobs from home then this is the best place for you.

They have jobs for Caption Editor, Live Captioning Assistant, and Live Real-time Broadcast Captioner posts. You have to apply with your resume, they will contact you back if they like your resume.

Contractors and employees both can use this platform. The pay rates for real-time captioners are around $75 per hour whereas normal captioners can earn somewhere between $10 to $18.


CaptioningStar is a remote-based captioning job provider. There you can find jobs for Offline captioning, Closed captioning, Open captioning, Broadcast Captioning, Verbatim Captioning, and Video captioning.

Finding video captioning jobs on CaptioningStar is very easy as they have such online video captioning jobs very often and regularly.

They have worked with big names like LinkedIn, Grammy, CSU, Memphis, Harvard, Stilwatter, and many more.

As a captioner, you can easily make $50 to $80 per hour.

AI Media aka Access Innovation Media

AI Media is a very well-known site for transcription but they hire only professionals. If you have a good resume then this is for you. They have worked with big companies like Shopify, Mozilla, and Amazon.

Their pay rates are also high, average users can earn somewhere between $30 to $45 per hour. They also do hire on a salary basis.

Daily Transcription

Another trusted platform for transcriptionists and captioners, they worked with many interesting companies like ABC, HBO, The New York Times, Harvard, RedBull, MTV, US Air Force, and many more.

Daily Transcription hires only experienced users. Their pay rate is $0.75 to $0.95 per minute of audio you translate. And according to the site, their top captioners are earning $250 to $950 per week.

SDI Media

SDI Media has experience of more than 40 years in Dubbing, Subtitling, and Media services to big content creators and media companies. They have over 150 recording rooms from 28 countries.

They support more than 80 languages with 7,000 translators and captioners. Click here to open available jobs and search for your preferred language.

You have to send them an email using email. Anyone can apply as there is nothing mentioned about the certificate.


GoTranscript is one of those sites which has always had some jobs for transcriptions and translators. They are mainly known for translation works but along with that they also allow captioners to join. Beginners do love this platform as it offers captioning jobs for beginners.

Click here to join Go Transcript. After login, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and apply as a worker. You have to pass a small quiz that contains 10 questions and you have to answer 100% correctly.

Earning is quite low in comparison to other sites but it is ok to learn and earn as a side gig. The per-minute pay rate is $0.70 to $0.90. According to the site, their active users are earning around $300 to 600 per month and the top highest paid users are earning $1150 per month.

Some Other Places To Get Closed Captioning Jobs

There are many more places to get closed captioning jobs Above mentioned sites are in the captioning industry for many years and are focused on captioning services only and the below-mentioned sites are sites where captioning jobs are part of many works.


Proz is a New York, USA-based company, that was founded in 1999 and currently has offices in Argentina and Ukraine with 27 employees. They have more than 1,098,000 registered users. Here you can find many captioning jobs for beginners.

There are many jobs available at the current time. Complete your profile to get more jobs. The pay rates are different as it depends on the hirer.


Fiverr is the place where you can create your own captioning gig and employers hire you. You can optimize your gig by adding proper keywords so you can rank at the top of research once you rank at the top of the list people will hire you.


Translators Cafe is another platform that offers many different jobs including captioning jobs. The registration process is a bit tough hence take some time and fill out the form and profile details properly.


These are some of the best and most trusted sites that I can mention. Other Freelancing sites like Guru, Indeed, and Upwork are also the best places to find closed captioning jobs.

Conclusion: Captioning jobs are the best to work from home jobs you can find online. As a closed captioner, you can easily earn somewhere between $5000 to $15000 per month. I am not talking about only one site so yes to earn this much amount you need to spend at least 8 hours per day with more than 5 sites.

Do you know closed captioning jobs at Netflix is also available on their site?

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